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Name: Tasermon's Partner

Birthplace: The Matt and Gabumon Colony of the United Federation of Planets at Utopia Planitia, Mars.

Sex: Who cares?

Age: Old enough to know that age doesn't mean anything.

Religion: If that's all you care about, then I probably don't want to know you.

Digimon Partner: Tasermon, obviously. He's a saurian/dragon rookie-level type whose special attacks include Blue Taser Breath and Taser Electro Shock. He's my best friend and I love him more than anything. He reads over all of my stories and helps me out with them. He also likes pizza...lots and lots and lots of pizza.

Favorites: (In no particular order) Digimon, Metropolis, Teen Titans, Power Rangers, Kim Possible, Cowboy Bebop, Avatar the Last Airbender, Eureka 7, Hamtaro, Star Wars, Star Trek, Sonic, How to Train Your Dragon, Godzilla, anything Miyazaki, and just about anything else that's animated , sci-fi, or fantasy.

Occupations: Landscape Architect, Horticulturalist, (amateur) Ecologist, Environmentalist, Humanitarian, DigiDestined, and Starfleet officer, amongst other things.

Clothing: Starfleet uniform, TNG design, Lt. Commander, Sciences Department. (No, really! I wear a Starfleet uniform every single day! I have like ten pairs of them in my closet. It's pretty much my entire wardrobe.)

Likes: Good food, sleeping, television, internet, writing, reading, drawing, coloring, painting, nature, swimming, laughing, walking, playing, friends, family, dancing, dreaming, imagining...just to name a few.

Dislikes: Pollution (hate that most of all), intolerance towards others, homo/heterophobia, racism, fighting needlessly, greed, people who don't like kids, meat (me be vegetarian), killing animals purely for sport, censorship, and those little thin strips of plastic that they put on my cheese slices that I can never get off.

Hopes: Are many, one of which is that you might like my stories :)

AND I DO TAKE REQUESTS! ESPECIALLY FOR MOST CANNON COUPLINGS! Of course, if you're actually insane enough to ask me to write something for you...I'll do just about anything.

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