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Name: Alex Prower, but my friends just call me Tails (lol!)
Age: Somewhere from 13 to 18. Take a guess
Gender: Genderless. I'm assuming a male identity in my stories, but who says I'm not lying?
Hobbies: Reading, writing, digital art, video games, facing one direction and seeing how far I can walk, Japanese Anime, Scuba diving
Ambitions: I'd be on my way to Japan this year if their language wasn't so damn hard to master, but I'm getting there
Fav bands: Black Eyed Peas, Autopilot Off, Yellowcard, Kelly Clarkson, The Killers, Maroon 5, Simple Plan, Sum 41, Theory Of a Deadman, Train, you get the picture
Things to love: Good writers, positive reviewers, manga, walking, music
Things to hate: Flamers, bad writers, those who read but don't review, not mastering Japanese before grade 12, boring people
Talents: I'm so told that I have a knack for coming up with clever story summaries, and I value it very much thank you
If you weren't a writer: Half human, half fox. Jeez I'm a dreamer
Things you've broken: My own expectations, mother's jaw, father's toe (It was an accident! really!)
Pets: Dog, 3 cats, degus, sisters
Boy or girl: Three words: Go-to-hell ばか
Love life: None of your god damn business
Now listening to: Vitamin R by Chevelle
Looking forward to: Sonic Riders
Now Playing: Super Smash Bros: Melee, Shadow the Hedgehog, Mario Kart DS (sue me), Resident Evil 4 (must... eat... brains...)
MSN: What? Are you blind or something? My fan characters:
Turbo Tails
Species: Fox
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Premiere: The Amazing Race
Older twin brother to Tails. Looks exactly like Tails, except for his tails. Due to a genetic mutation, he has bat-like wings intead of twin tails (they must have had pretty messed up parents). Knows how to use Chaos Control. Is generally a nice fox but can get a little wild under pressure. Doesn't like to be the center of attention. Really, really, really big bitch in the morning. Good swimmer. Has a vast knowledge of many different areas but not quite as much as his brother and has the ability to control air and water flows and currents. Overall, he's a very carefree fox but can be selfish without knowing it.
Turbo Fire
Species: Fox
Gender: Male
Age: 16
When Turbo Tails is in the presence of the Red Chaos Emerald, he sheds his wings, sprouts an extra tail like his brother and gains fire abilities as well as a new color.
Salacia the Echidna
Species: Echidna
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Premiere: The Amazing Race
Younger twin to Knuckles. She and Knuckles were seperated when they were young because Knuckles was assigned by their tribe to guard the Master Emerald. Salacia has not been a very great at defending herself, so when she met Knuckles, he trained her in his martial arts skills. She is now essentially a female version of Knuckles, right down to the spiked gloves. She is a lighter shade of red than her brother and the crecent around her neck is silver. Salacia also has a fondness for running and has shown up her brother many times. Her main weapons are her fists, but she can also use the Chaos Emeralds. Salica is a very nice Echidna and she shares her brother's rock hard attitude (But she's not gullible). She is very much a loner. Leon the Bat
Species: Bat
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Premiere: College of Lunacy
Not much of a story behind this guy. Lifelong friend of Turbo Tails since preschool. Wears a dark blue mid-length t-shirt that falls down to just past his elbows, with a jet-black vest with holes in the back for his wings, and silver-grey jeans with a hole for his tail. Even though he's been mistaken for the brother of Rouge, he has no siblings. He is the result of a crossbred between a fox and bat, but genetics favored him and his genotype remained with the traits of a bat and not a fox. Even though he has a good sense of judgment, he can't turn down alcohol so save his life. Because of the crossbreed, his wings are strengthened (don't know how, don't care) and allow him to fly at the speed of sound. Gets angry and insulted easily, so watch out! He appears to have a crush on Krystal. Krystal the Cat
Species: Cat
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Premiere: College of Lunacy
Like Leon, she's a real mystery. Even though she's 17 years, she came to this world only 3 years ago. She originated from an alternate reality that was in complete turmoil from mass pollution over the past 5000 years. She has rich, light blue fur running all over her body and vermilion eyes. She wears a light red top that covers her extremities and runs behind her back. She doesn't wear anything else because her fur is plentiful enough to conceal her privates, but not too much to make her look too fluffy. Unlike most cats, she has a passion for water and swimming. She enjoys the company of Tails, but also enjoys the antics of Leon to impress her. Her personality is nice most of the time, but she hates people asking about her parents or where she's from. Future stories:
Blessed By a Nightmare: Another of these Sonic lives in my house stories, THIS STORY IS NOT CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT I'm on the favs list of:
shadows and sonic's girl
Turquoise Moonlight Fav game series:
Sonic the Hedgehog (you thought I was going to forget this one didn't you?)
Star Fox (the only characters I like in this series are Fox and Krystal, I can't stand the others)
Super Smash Bros (man I wish that hoax was true) Fav websites:
(I do not own and am not an affiliate of any of these sites)
imdb.com (you gotta love the largest movie database on the net)
speeddemosarchive.com (for those of you addicted to DX, you'll find a speed run here)
tunefind.com (a nice search engine that allows you to search TV shows or movies to find songs featured, it also includes a handy link straight to the iTunes library)
radio.emulationzone.org/chan0/index.php (or just SEGASonic Radio, great radio station)
(and for the strange stuff) www.nekobox.org (a mature site run by some truely great artists, and one of the funniest comics I've found) Fav quotes:
'Gas and cell phones, a match made in heaven.'
~insane older sister Echo (yes that's her name)~
'When I say shotgun, you say wedding. Shotgun, wedding, shotgun, wedding, shotgun wedding.'
~another insane friend~
Charmy: I just finished watching the remake of that movie with the dude with the chainsaw killing all the teenagers. It was so retarded! It was great! KILLING SPREE!
Tails: Let’s get to class before Charmy rips his own head off.
Sonic: Hey, that not a bad…
Sonic: okay...
~my insane little sister Kikki came up with this one~
Shadow was in the bathroom, humming ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', and thinking about how cute potato chips were. It was plain, just white and pale blue tiles for the floor. There was a rectangular mirror hanging on the wall. Five light bulbs were above that, with a white and blue plaid shower curtain covering the bathtub and shower.
Shadow took out a bottle of hair gel he used on his quills. He didn’t have enough left.
Maybe Sonic or Knuckles can lend me some. He thought. First he headed to Sonic’s room.
Shadow giggled and peeked through a crack in the door. Sonic was wearing a fluffy pink hat and standing on his maple wood table while doing the Macarena.
Sonic: “Heeeeeyyyy …Macarena!” he shouted with the music while dancing.
Shadow: “Hi Sonic!” he said while entering the room. “May I join?”
Sonic: “I like wallpaper.”
Shadow: “Like no way! So do I. One day we will rule the world with wallpaper!” Shadow and Sonic laughed darkly.
~Hotel of Insanity~
Twilight on the crapper, murmuring something about cute pickles, and giggling at the thought.
~my own spinoff of the above passage~
Shadow: “That’s right.” Shadow agreed. “Because damn if I’m going to get my ass owned in some hallway by a piece of COTTON CANDY!” He pointed across the arena to Kirby.
~Sonic Zeroes!~
Reporter: “Okay, Sonic. How do you feel about the team winning all of its first round matches?”
Sonic grinned into the camera. “We knew we were going to win.” Sonic held up his thumb and pointed it down. “You’re goin’ down, Mario! Waaaaaaaay down!”
Sonic’s face was then blocked by Knuckles, who popped in from the side, shouting: “Down to the ground, baby!”
Sonic shoved Knuckles out of the way. “Move, damn it! I’m talkin’!”
Knuckles: “Man, (EXPLETIVE DELETED) you!”
“What?”Sonic, forgetting about his interview, tackled Knuckles to the ground.
Reporter: “Uuhhh…” Dianne’s voice was heard as Metal walked in front of the camera. “Hey, Metal Sonic!” Dianne called to him. “What do you think about the team’s victories so far?”
Metal stood in front of the camera and sipped from his flask. “It’s cool. I mean, none of us would even be here if it wasn’t for me. I drove us down here.” Metal pointed to himself. “It’s all because of Metal!” He shouted. “Metal-motherf-(EXPLETIVE DELETED) Sonic!”
“What?” Eggman’s voice came as the doctor walked on camera. “You didn’t do crap!” Eggman turned toward the camera and smiled politely. “It was because of me that we got down here. I built the car that we rode in!”
Metal: “This fat (EXPLETIVE DELETED) just sat back ate food the whole time!” Metal shouted from behind Eggman.
The camera focused on the Eggman as he turned around menacingly and started cussing Metal out. “You rusty piece of (EXPLETIVE DELETED)! I’ll chop your (EXPLETIVE DELETED) off and shove them down your (EXPLETIVE DELETED) throat!”
Dianne stared at the scene for a moment, then turned to the cameraman. “Steve, let’s get out of here. I can’t take this (EXPLETIVE DELETED) any more…”
~Sonic Zeroes!~
Knuckles stood in front of a large oval mirror. His dreadlocks were tied up in to pigtails. He wore a pink and purple striped tank top, and he wore black high heels. His lips were smothered in tickle me pink lipstick. In his hand was a blue hairbrush, in which he used as a microphone while singing to “Barbie Girl”. The song blasted on his boom box.
Knuckles: “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world. Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!” sang the echidna.
Shadow: “Hey Knux, got any hair gel I could borrow?” he asked.
Knuckles turned off the boom box and looked at Shadow. “You invade my shrine to ask for a bottle of hair gel?”
Suddenly Knuckles looked down and noticed he didn’t have on a skirt.
Knuckles: “Oh god, this is so wrong!” he shrieked and blushed as he rushed over to the closet. Over a dozen skirts had been thrown on the floor before he found the perfect one.
Knuckles: “Ta-da!” he squealed in a girly voice. He now wore a wrinkled maroon skirt.
Shadow: “Fabulous,” Shadow murmured sarcastically. “Now may I have a bottle of hair gel?”
Knuckles got angry and threw Shadow out, along with a hair gel bottle that got tossed at his head.
Knuckles: “Keep it, for all I care!”
~Hotel of Insanity~
Eggman is still staring at the house when a bird lands on the roof.
Eggman: “HEY GET OFFA THAT HOUSE YOU FEATHERED SON OF BITCH!” Eggman yells as he pops the poor bird with lead from his combat shotgun.
Announcer: “And now,” the announcer began. “We have Kirby, who’s fighting for his second time, against Shadow. Shadow is actually an experiment that was created fifty years ago by the genius professor Gerald Robotnik. He was cryogenically frozen and released last year by Dr. Eggman in a plot to take over the world.” The announcer paused to look at his note cards. “It also says here that Shadow…likes waffles?”
Shadow grinned as he heard Sonic’s voice ring out behind him. “Bullshit!”
~Sonic Zeroes!~
Instead of patrolling his designated area like he should’ve been doing, Shadow was elsewhere.
The grocery store cashier rang up the total for her customer’s groceries and gave him a receipt. As soon as the guy left, a shopping cart packed and stacked sky high with boxes of waffles came rolling up. Shadow, clad cleanly in his police uniform, smiled at the cashier. “Good afternoon, ma’am. This is an EMERGENCY.”
The cashier, slightly startled, spoke with her own urgency. “Yes, officer. What can I help you with?”
Shadow looked troubled as he explained. “You see, I have gotten word from inside sources that this shipment of waffles contains a deadly virus that could kill thousands of people if consumed. Do you understand?”
Cashier: “I-I think so.”
Shadow continued. “So, as a result, I’ve been ordered to confiscate these waffles and take them back to the station for further analysis. We need to trace the virus back to where it came from.”
The cashier was confused. “Well, I don’t know…”
Shadow: “Look. I don’t know what this virus could do to people.” Shadow said hurriedly. “It could turn people into zombies for all I know. So, if you don’t want Station Square to become the next Raccoon City, I suggest you let me do my job.”
The cashier nodded. “Yes sir. Please go ahead.”
Shadow ran off with the cart full of waffles, snickering to himself. “So stupid!”
~Sonic Zeroes!~
Sonic and Shadow had teleported back inside the house and broke for the kitchen. They slapped at each other’s hands as they battled to open the freezer door of the refrigerator. Shadow managed to get the door open, but Sonic was right there with him. Shadow saw his golden opportunity. He reached in and grabbed a block of frozen peas and, with all his strength, lashed the block across Sonic’s face. Sonic went down with a frustrated cry. Shadow, not wasting a second, snatched a box out of the freezer, tore out the contents, and shoved them into the microwave. The timer was set and activated. Sonic gawked in terror at the microwave. Shadow was victorious.
The waffles were in.
Sonic sounded as if he were about to cry. “Damn you, Shadow! Damn you and your waffles!”
Shadow grinned evilly. “Give in, Sonic! You can’t win! Join me!” He then beckoned Sonic and bellowed: "JOIN THE WAFFLE EMPIRE!"
Sonic stepped back and gritted his teeth. “NEVER! You may have won this time, Shadow. But one day, you’ll come down to the kitchen and your precious waffles will be gone! PANCAKES WILL RULE THIS HOUSE!” he screamed as he ran out the front door.
“Not on my watch, faker.” Shadow said silently. “Not on my watch…”
~Sonic Zeroes!~
An employee put the last frozen turkey in the display case. A lot of people had already bought turkeys despite it being so early in the day. He had just started to walk off when a shopping cart filled with about six boxes of waffles pushed itself toward the counter.
Shadow crossed his arms. “I require the turkey.”
The employee stared at him for minute. “A turkey? Sure.”
Shadow: “No. The turkey.”
Emplyoee: “How…do you mean?”
Shadow walked straight up to the counter and looked the employee dead in the eye. The guy had no idea what was in store for him.
Shadow: “…The ULTIMATE turkey.”
Employee: “I…don’t think we have those.”
Shadow stared at him for a moment with a raised eyebrow. “…Good man, do you know what I am?”
Employee: “What you are?”
Shadow: “Yes.”
Employee: “…Porcupine?”
Shadow chuckled lightly. “Hm. Jokes. I will let that one slide. Good man, I am a hedgehog. Do you know what kind? One guess.”
Employee: “Well, I--”
Shadow: "Wrong. I am the ULTIMATE life form."
The worker, quite scared, didn’t reply.
Shadow: “That means that I require an ULTIMATE turkey. Now, you will prepare this turkey to ULTIMATE perfection. Double glazed and stuffed. With all the fixins’. ”
The worker cowered behind the counter.
Shadow: “And if you don’t…” Shadow pulled out his chaos emerald. “…You will win an involuntary trip to the moon!”
Employee: “Yes, sir!” The employee ran off to prepare the turkey.
~Sonic Zeroes!~
About an hour later, Tails found everybody at the front of the store with all the food. He gawked at Shadow, who was holding a finely cooked and seasoned turkey neatly wrapped up in plastic.
Tails: “Where…no. How did you get that?” Tails asked.
Shadow: “It’s amazing what some people will cook for you when my good friend Mr. Emerald is supervising.” Shadow said, patting the turkey.
~Sonic Zeroes!~
(You can see that I really like this story) Curent Story stats:
The Amazing Race: Completed! Finnished! Finito! Review!
The Writing's On the Wall: Chapter 6 is up.
Chaos Control: Nightmare Chronicles: Chapter 3 is up.
College of Lunacy: Chapter 4 is up.
The Amazing Race 2: Chaos Eclipse: Chapter 1 is up Story percentages:
The Amazing Race: 100/100 completed
The Writing's On the Wall: About 35/100 completed
Chapter 7: 100/100: This chapter's done, but I'm trying to tweak it just a little
Chaos Control: Nightmare Chronicles: 7/100 completed
Chapter 3: 80/100
College of Lunacy: 15/100 completed
Chapter 4: 50/100
The Amazing Race 2: Chaos Eclipse: 2/100 completed
Chapter 2: 60/100: This chapter's not comin any time soon, so get over it! Story descriptions:
The Amazing Race: A spoof of one of the most popular TV reality shows. Sonic and company enter. With a few fan character teams. LET THE INSANITY STOP FOR GOD'S SAKE!
The Writing's On the Wall: Mysterious messages, Chaos Control, war, a recepie for disaster.
Chaos Control: Nightmare Chronicles:
Warped into another demension. 'Wierd', that's what Tails thought when he was testing out a new invention before it went haywire. And he landed, on my bed?
Tails finds himself trapped in our world. It's my job to help restore Tails' invention, and send him back. But someone, or somthing here will do anything to stop that. Something here is hunting Tails, and is growing stronger with every second we wait. Can I get him out of here? Or am I going to be killed in the process?
College of Lunacy: I'm taking a stab at a new genre, complete and utter randomness! Sonic team go to college! Dorm rooms, snoreing roomates, naked pool parties! And best of all! Sugar and booze!
The Amazing Race 2: Chaos Eclipse
The sequal to my most popular story is here! All old fan characters are back as well as a few new ones; submit characters if you wish. LET THE INSANITY START FOR GOD'S SAKE! Curent Author status:
7/28/05: I just got back from vacation and might be taking off for another week on monday but I'm not sure.
8/6/05: I'm back!
8/6/05: Rename and reposting of my second story.
8/19/05: 12:52pm: The Amazing Race is completed!
8/20/05: 10:36pm: College of Lunacy posted!
8/27/05: 1:30 pm: The Amazing Race 2: Chaos Eclipse posted!
9/5/05: School is here again! ONOIES! So it might take EVEN LONGER to get my chapters updated.
11/05/05: Damnit, my hits got deleted!
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1/16/06: Happy New year! -breaks out streamers- Meh, but I'm a little late.
I finally created a website of my own, but it's not very good, slow and has quite a few adverts (since it's tripod and all). I only have one music video, so please download it and don't stream it since that doesn't seem to work. I am making a COL christmas speacial, but it's VERY late.
2/01/06: Could someone tell me where the heck my other stories went?
2/03/06: Apparently my deleted stories were not rated properly, so COL and TAR will be rated M once reposted (when I get arround to it) Fan character's I'm allowed to use:
Turbo Tails, Salacia, Leon and Krystal (Duh)
Turquoise Moonlight's Sunrise, Midday, Twilight and Cascade (Thank you!)
Max Fuchs' Max Fuchs
Saith-Chan's Sally and Crimson Fan character's featured:
Shadowkyzr's Shadowkyzr (The Amazing Race, The Amazing Race 2: Chaos Eclipse)
lilangel12's Starlight and Midnight (The Amazing Race, The Amazing Race 2: Chaos Eclipse)
Saith-Chan's Sally and Crimson (The Amazing Race, College of Lunacy, The Amazing Race 2: Chaos Eclipse)
Turquoise Moonlight's Sunrise, Midday, Twilight and Cascade (The Amazing Race, College of Lunacy, The Amazing Race 2: Chaos Eclipse)
Gahlik the Echidna's Loki and Remi (The Amazing Race 2: Chaos Eclipse)
chaogirl's Chris (The Writing's on the Wall, The Amazing Race 2: Chaos Eclipse, Chaos Conrol: Nightmare Chronicles)
Max Fuchs' Max Fuchs (The Amazing Race 2: Chaos Eclipse, College of Lunacy)
Scorch the Hedgehog's Scorch the Hedgehog (The Amazing Race 2: Chaos Eclipse)
Bluebloodshot's Atomisk, Katie, and Boomer (College of Lunacy)
Thank you all! Authors:
First, thank you to everybody who submitted their fan characters.
Sath-Chan: A really cool girl who writes surprisingly funny stories that can be touching at the same time. Definatly one of the better writer's out there. But she's haveing a really problem with writers block.
Turquoise Moonlight: One of the best hummor stories on the site, and the inspireation of most of my stories. SUGARSUGARSUGARSUGARSUGARSUGAR! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! Meh... eh... just read it
ElectraGirl: Wrote a surprisingly entertaining and intruigeing story called The Girls Hit Back, the sequel is up!
Renz: Author of one of the best fanfiction stories out there, Spyder, so read it damnit!
Shadw: Another briliant author and creator of another of my all time favorite stories, Internal Torment.
Dr. Sipp: Best... damn... paragraph... structure... ever. Consider it a compliment.
chaogirl: Two girls who share the same e-mail? Hmm... A nice cute story, and because I've got a soft spot for newbie writers.
Shadow T Hedgehog: Rather large fan of my stories.
lilangel12: Thanks for the reviews!
Max Fuchs: I've never read anything of his, but no doubt, it's great. Fanfics:
Hotel of Insanity: SUGARSUGARSUGARSUGARSUGARSUGARSUGARSUGARSUGARSUGARSUGAR! Great story to read when your high on the stuff, that or illegal drugs: Sonic and .co check into a hotel on an island where all the food is made of pure sugar! w000000000000000t!
Looooooooooooong Summer: Sonic and his sister Sally, allong with others, the norms and a few fan characters, go to camp. When they get there, brother and sister are shareing the same cabin! Something screwy is going on, what's Eggman got planed this time? THIS STORY HAS BEEN PUT ON HOLD
Cruise of Craziness: Sequel to Hotel of Insanity! Sonic and .co get invited on a cruise, where, you guessed it! All food is made of sugar!
WHY AM I IN THIS HOUSE WITH ALL THESE PEOPLE: Another Sonic cast lives in my house fics, but defiantly one of the better ones. Go Scorch!
Through the Monitor: An amazingly well written and compelling story with a great sense of atmosphere. It's probably so because it appeals to a dream we've all had. Be careful what you wish for. Closing comments:
Now that you're done reading my profile, get to reading my stories. If you don't like them, tough, burn in hell.
-- Review or die!
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