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In the beginning, there were two authors with an insane shared experience. Now they loved to write fanfiction, and they said “Let there be light.” And they blinked at the brightness of the computer screen. They saw that the site was good, and they devised a joint email account and pen name. And they created themightyducks. And it was so. And the authors decided that they must create their first story and that it would be a humor HP fic. They said, “Let the fic have diary entries written in the different hands of the four Marauders, according to their personalities. And there shall be no OOC-ness.” And they saw that it was good. Then the authors said, “Let us write more insane fics according to our likeness—which will scare people badly but perhaps that will make them review—and they will be about Harry Potter, POTO, VH, LOTR, POTC, and many others. Perhaps we will dedicate an entire chapter to the hairstyles of Legolas since he is so easy to make fun of.” So the authors wrote, and the stories increased in number and...well, they did not subdue the earth but that is one of the authors’ goals. The authors saw all that they had made, and it was very good except in the opinions of those who have no sense of humor.

Welcome, ficgoers! I am Star-of-Isis (or Duck Dodgers, depending on the day), the co-author of these insane fics that you are about to enjoy and/or enjoy (flames will be promptly put out unless there is some kind of validity to them, such as major OOC).

A note: Erik belongs to the other Duck (my co-author, come on, people!), and Vladislaus is negotiable, but Sirius is mine.

On with the show!

A note from Charlie.

Welcome to our humble corner! Ok, so maybe not humble...certifiably insane? Yes? Yes. Ok. First of all there will be no silly reviewer wand waving. This is a delicate art. We can post things which can ensare the senses! know. Numb them at the very least.

Flames shall be collected and a bon fire shall be built.:cackle:

Yes yes, Dragula is debatable but Erik, Snape, Darth Vader, and Jack are all mine! MUAHAHA!

I am Charlie-the-Pirate-Sith Lord-Sometimes-Phantom-Sometimes-All-Three-Duck! Phew! That's almost as long as that fop DeChangy's name. HaHA!

:runs from flying objects:

So...since no one really ever reads these things...this is the song that never ends! it goes on and on my friends!

:music is rudely intrupted by a loud clang:

OWW! Star-of-the-freakin'-Isis you FIEND! I shall impale thou with my cutlass! ARRR

:ranting and much raving:

ooh! Shiny!

Have fun y'all!

Another note (from Duck Dodgers aka Star-of-Isis): If Jack is yours, my DEAR FRIEND, then Jareth is undeniably mine. Ha!

Duck Dodgers: Mine!

:slaps Charlie:

Charlie-the-Pirate: Not sure I deserved that. (to D. Dodgers: Ha! Jareth is mine also, you cannot hide him from me!)

:DD slugs Charlie:

Charlie: I may have deserved that.

DD: You. Stole. My. Goblin King!

Charlie: BORROWED! I borrowed your Goblin King!

lol k we'redone, and yes that was pathetic, give us a break, love,we just got back from graduation weekend!

We would like to point out that the authors in reality have NOT killed one another (Charlie would like to insert a 'yet' here though)and so shall stop all nonsense (pfft! In thy dreams, oh slow reader lol jk) and...what were we working on again? Charlie: I dunno...but I vote for coffee!

DD: You always vote for coffee.

D. Dodgers, Esq. (and Darkwing Duck, Java Junkie)

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