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I only very recently discovered the world of FanFiction after the movie Zootopia came out. I was fascinated by the original script and the darker more dystopian view of the world where predators are controlled using shock collars and suffered overt prejudice and pain on a daily basis in order to live in the world that was Zootopia. I read every scrap of story art, rough animations pieces of early script I could find and even was able to finally see a full outline draft of the original story thanks to WillFanofMany on youtube. Thanks so much Will. Anyway I found the fanfiction as I wanted to experience what the Dystopian version of Zootopia would be like and read most every version of this I could find.
I then branched out to reading a lot of the alternate universe versions most of which seem to deal with humans coming to Zootopia.

Unfortunately I have been disastified with most of these as they all seem the same. A young human child and varying ages from a baby to teenager finds their way in Zootopia where they are adopted by Nick, by Judy - by Nick and Judy together, or they are found by Nick and Judy and who help them adapt to life in Zootopia. Most of these seem to be wish fulfillment of people wanting different parents than they have in my opinion. But who am I to judge I sure would love having Nick and Judy as my parents as well.

A few are more creative and I give them more credit as they involve humans suddently appearing in Zootopia not as a human but as an animal usually a fox.

I have read many other types of Zootopia stories as well but I decided I wanted to give back but to do something quite a bit different than all of them.

I wanted to see what happens when Zootopia meets Earth. Our Earth. Will humans be as accepting of Zootopians as Zootopians seem to be of humans in all the fanfiction. I think you know the answer already.

I wanted to do something more adult, more gritty, more powerful. I wanted something to make me FEEL. Back in 1987 Stephen King wrote a Fantasy novel entitled The Eyes of the Dragon. I remember it today still because it was dark and powerful. It was nothing like any of the other fantasy novels I have read because you felt the angst of the characters to your core it brings out anger and tears and sorrow.

I am college and grad school educated. I have never done any real writing but I have always wanted to but was too lazy. I apologize for the story not being polished but I hope you ignore this and actually find something with a more gritty realistic feel to it.

I have written it changing perspectives quite frequently sometimes looking at the same scene from different characters points of view. Sometimes we are in third person then changing to individual characters perspectives. While it is fun to write witty dialog (I have tried to do a bit of that as well) most of the Fan Fiction I have seen seems to be almost ALL dialog or action. I want to know what the character is thinking. Sometimes knowing what they are thinking is more important than what they are actually saying.

I have a background in medicine and computers as well as psychology. But most of all I love animals. All animals big and small, I always have. Well almost all. I do not like hyenas. Call me speciest to hyenas and I will say guilty as charged. Fortunately I didn't see any hyenas in Zootopia. Animals only judge you by how you treat them. I have always wished that humans had more of these animal-like traits.

That said this is not for younger readers. It has bad words but only for the sake of impact and not spammed every other phrase that it loses its meaning. It has death, it has torture, it has pain, it has anguish, it has sexual abuse and that's all in the first few chapters. This is not kiddie Zootopia. Think a bit of Zootopia splashed with some Frank Miller. But it also has humor and joy and a great mystery. The ups are much more impactful when contrasted with the downs.

Anyway I hope you enjoy a more adult read for a change. All comments are highly encouraged whether you like it or not. In fact as long as you actually feel something I will be very happy either way. I just don't want to be mundane or pedestrian.

I want to sincerely and profusely thank the genius that is Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Jared Bush and the rest of the Zootopian team for bringing a true piece of art into this world. One that will have an impact for decades to come and hopefully fingers crossed some sequels and spinoffs. If you guys need any help with these... and I mean ANY please let me know I would be thrilled to help.

David N

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