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Author has written 6 stories for Inuyasha, and Teen Titans.

Love this site ever since i roamed onto it i've never been bored.

My favorite Anime would have to be Naruto though I love Inuyasha to death but I have to give that title to Naruto sinceI look forward to it more, I think SIb loves it more than me Inuyasha that is.

My favorite color is Gray I love it probably because it fits my mood most of the time, ya know sad, a little depressed, but bright at the same time.

I love anime it's like my favorite thing to watch I look forward to seeing it after school, in the mornings, in the middle of the night just like my best friend Darky. Sib and I.M.M.S too lol.

I live far most likely no where near you it's always like that for me over the internet i'm never near the people I associate with weird but then again forunate never know there's creeps.

My eye color is brownish green before I lied about the gray cause ya know it's my fave color but my eyes are mostly green anyway.

My hair is short and light brown with red . ( I dye it alot but that's the true colors).

I have tan skin now since i've grown i'm now really bronze during the summer but terribly pale in the winter but I will be always yellow no matter if i dislike it or not.

age: 18 lol i'm an a adult though i probably don't act like one!

I strongly dislike racist people it's a pointless opinion not to like someone for their skin color and it's rather stupid. And when people kill others for that reason I think their mildly retarded that's why Kagome's probably my fave character in Inuyasha.

My favorite pass time is hanging with my friends mainly Sib, Darky, and I.M.M.S their fun to be around and weird.

I had a hamster named Lex but my mother made me put him in a corn field along with his wife Diega and children. I was pretty sad for a while but my friend still has her dog Boomer...a York Terrior and a miniature Collie mix so cute but really violent when played with.

I'm in a band called Kaijuu in Japanese that means Monster yeah cause that's what we see in the mirror every morning lol...it's true though.

I'm Goth/Punk not to Goth but not to Punk so i'm a mix between the both kind of like how Inuyasha is a mutt lol.

Let me tell you about my friend huh well their a fun/weird bunch, i'm gonna start with my closest friends first meaning my bandmates.

Sib- she's very weird I guess you could say a mix between withdrawn and crazy but I got used to that though. She's dull but then sometimes she's this hyper active person, basically she's my rolemodel I look up to her because she's so strong. She inspires to become an Animator just like her role models Rumiko Takahashi and Hayao Miyazaki! What a dream she just wants people to admire her Anime and write fanfics about it lol that would be sweet.

I.M.M.S- she's the realist out of us all very serious, calm, polite in a way. She likes to think before saying anything and wants to keep us out of trouble yet she gets into it all of the time with out getting caught. Her and Sib are the best of friends yeah they make quite a pair lol. The realist and the big dreamer funny. She wants to be a known Actress so she can pretend to be someone else ya know hide behind a mask. Her dream intrigues me lol.

Dark Painting- She is my best friends and SIb's twin sister. She's the most Gothic out us all I don't know why she's so dark more darker than I something happened to her along time ago I don't know what. She's quiet most of the time, sometimes quirky like her sister, rational, always composed never loses her cool like Sib lol. But theres times when she steps out of character. She wants to be a famous Writer having people read her books and fall in love with them, or maybe have this Director dude want to make a movie of her book.

My other friends include...

Gabby- a very weird girl that so badly wants to be punk and is practically a slave to her mother. Together we have fun by making up weird things and laughing at odd people.

Devon- she's Gabby's cousin and way cooler than Gabby herself...she labels herself as antisocial and stays in the house alot but we share a lot in common like beating up Gabby whenever were together.

Skyler- haven't seen her in a while since she moved to Wyoming I think that's how you spell it, she says she's a hippy weird ya know lol I always thought hippies faded away but I guess not. But sometimes I dislike her because she follows the crowd.

I think i'll add my other friends later i'm tired and don't feel like typing that many people lol.

My favorite Animal is a Wolf the same as Darkies but not for the same reason, I like them because their not at all like the way people say they are like me.

Something I just recently discovered about my self is that I like to think sometimes I just sit back and think about things why I don't know but it comes in handy when I get into a fight.

Phrases I like to say- Yeah Baby! Monkey harness, Freak face, Ding bat, Nutty, Dippy.

Things that make me laugh so hard that I can't breath- Slave Kitten, Hell Puppet, Slap the cat (ask at your own risk), The hand (again ask at your own risk), people who are just plain stupid.

Character I hate not strongly dislike hate on Animes:

Kikyo- I still don't like her but i've learned to tolerate her more so i'm not so much a Kikyo hater anymore.

Ayame- That crazy bitch needs to get off Koga's back if he doesn't remember then back off you loser, I just hate her alot sorry.

Ayeka- What a bitch can't Tenchi see that she treats Ryoko like trash and she's the coolest out of all the girls. That's why I always believe that Tenchi should choose Ryoko. (From Tenchi Muyo).

Julia- I just hate her for being their and like hanging with vicious what the hell was wrong wit this bitty, she had Spike so tied up that he really never realized Faye. (From Cowboy Bebop).

Izumi- Hell another fool in the way and she knew her best friend was in love with Yo wench. (From Princess Nine).

Sakura- Sorry to say but she's the only girl I hate on Naruto, she blew her friendship with Ino over a boy and Ino wasn't going to say anything in the first place because she was her friend. She treats Naruto like trash and she doesn't even mean it what the hell? Bitch Bitch Bitch

Kaname Chidori- I strongly dislike her maybe even hate her...because she's a total jerk why treat poor sweet Sosuke like that when he's just trying to protect you. Then she turns around all two faced might I add and feels offended when Tessa tells her she likes him. That's the true meaning of Bitch! Sosuke can't help that he was in the army for so long. (From Full mental Panic).

Sailor Saturn- Ya know what I don't know why I hate this bitty I think it's because I always felt she tried to out shine Sailor moon who was better in all ways. Like she was trying to be a better version than the true Moon Princess herself.

Sailor Mars- Just a mean bitch, always treating Sailor Moon wrong. Wearing some red high heels like a slut!

ChiChi- Believe it or not I just never liked her I mean come on what's their to like she actually if you never noticed tricked Goku into marrying her I mean come one how desperate can you be or get?

Sasuke- he needs to get over himself hello everyone around you has Issues and they don't act a bitch look at Naruto.

Orochimaru- He's just a weird petaphilic freak...what more can I say?

Ok now that I got that off my chest let's move onto the Character that I love shall we?

Kagome- She just rules ok!

Sesshomaru- It took me a while to realize that he was just the best character always minding his own business.

Koga- He shows his real feelings what more can you ask in a man so don't hate appreciate Kagome sure does she said herself in the episode he kidnapped her.

Bankotsu- He's a better version of Inuyasha lol.

Miroku- What's not to like he's so cute and perverted lol.

Kagura- I don't know why but I always loved her attitude ya know hating Naraku secretly and always trying whenever she could to get someone to kill him lol.

Sota- I just adore him.

Naraku- The hottest villain.

Sosuke- He trys his hardest to protect Kaname even if she is a ungrateful bitch.

Naruto- Awww...what's not to like he's got such great ambitions set in life, and I know deep down under that happy eterior he's not happy but he's trying to be unlike Sasuke the moody bastard.

Tessa- You gotta love her...she set Kaname straight after all.

Hinata- because she likes Naruto i can over look the fact that she's kind of a stalker and that shes plays with her fingers to much.

Ino- I don't know what it is about her but she just rocks, except for the part where she likes Sasuke that's a mistake...try Naruto hunny lol.

TenTen- I just like her hardcore attitude kicks ass.

Gaara- I don't know why but I have this thing for guys with eyeliner even though it's not eyeliner i still find it hot and he's a redhead! i just find panda man adorable.

Iruka- he's awesome and the way he's such a mother hen over Naruto and the others.

Kakashi- though he has his flaws like kissing Sasuke ass like everyone else he can't help but love him.

Itachi- Cause he makes Sasuke miserable and is just ya know so good looking.

Shikamaru- Why do you think? a lazy genius that's hot.

Lee- He makes me laugh

Neji- how do your hair cause it's hot and your hot lol i like him i've always have he just rocks lol

Shino- i've gotten over the bugs in the body thing and have come to like him.

Ok enough with that let's move on to stories i've completed.

Kaijuu- complete twelve chapters.

To See You Again- on hold

Unite- I have to work up the courage to finish that.

Secret- I will finish this when i'm done completely with anything to do with Kaijuu.

Stories I recommend...

Middle Child by Dark Painting

A heart's strangled cry by forgot authors name (Inuyasha)

Passions by forgot authors name (Inuyasha)

Sweettooth by forgot authors name (Naruto)

I'll post the authors names later to lazy right now!

updated 2/11/08

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