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Author has written 5 stories for Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Super Smash Brothers, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFff-... I haven't updated this in a while. . .

And most probably I won't but I edited it so it doesn't look that cringy.

Goodness gracious...

About Stories placed on FF.net

Tsuki no Tenshi ni Ikkimasu!: (TTI)

My first Fanfiction I rather wrote here.

After reading it... I somewhat thought it was crappy... so I'm going to rewrite it and replace it for this original one without meddling the Gs Saga characters so much like I did (which eventually killed the Fanfiction I must confess). They will continue there... but rather they won't be Gs or sorts... so stay tuned for the revamp of this story!

Story status: Edition/revamp /Canceled - Current Chapters 10 - Reviews 2

The Legend of Zelda - The Metroid's Shadow (LoZ:MS / CGA:D)

Oh goddesses BladeSinger!!

This is an actual script of a Doujishin I was inspired to make based on a RP some friends and I are doing on GaiaOnline (former Go-Gaia.. which I never went to meet... I arrived when it was GaiaOnline). Yes! An RP!!

You can ask... how the HECK can you make an FF with an RP.. well... ya see... we are LITERAL, so it's easy for me...

As for some comments/reviews I've recived, some I have taken them... some... not... as I want to keep the line with the original stuff.

Credits and characters go as follow (just because I feel stupid and with concern if I don't do it)

RP Creator: BladeSingerXIV @ Sun Aug 21, 2005 10:33 am (Oh god... 2 years already?... almost...)

Rp characters go as follow:

Ridley and the SP, Drake, Ankokutenshi - BladeSingerXIV

Samus,Charade,the Sentinents (you'll know them later) - Zazabi

Link,Ganondorf,Dark Link, Jaith, Ark, Xion,Dark Samus - Xion Tyran (Link was at the begining, the role was later passed to Dayin)

Zelda: Yoco (however... she disapeared later... mmm... wonder if this will affect the Doujishin/FF)

Cyber Girls Akihabara - GsLucky (your hostess here ;) )

The Children from the Void (Jace, En, Tabias and other 3 more that I won't call for spoiler's sake) - Jace 14

Yes... love them for they have done something awesome!.

Please keep the reviews on this one and do note that although sometimes charries might be somewhat OC, that's what characterizes this FF from the rest: it gives another view of stuff (but.. that doesn't mean Ridley will go and fall in love with Samus... he still wants to chew her...)

Yoshiko: -sparkly eyes- yes!! Make a Ridley x Samus FF later!

OH NO!! I AM NOT DOING SO!! -shoots the blue leader-

Also, hold on tight kiddies: this might be the longest Fanfiction ever made... with up to 70 chapters planned... and probable more to come OwO()

Story status: Complete - Chapters: 31 - Total Reviews: 21 :D

The Legend of Zelda - The Metroid's Shadow: The Tales of the Dark Shadows (LoZ-MS:TDS)

Because the fanfic is SO long, I decided to divide it in small chunks.

So... it's nothing more different nor a sequel... take it as a season. So... this is season 2 8D

You might find your old characters from the original CGA-D/LoZ-MS and... some others that might apeal you.

However, with the darkness lurking, what will it happen? Also there are plenty of surprises that you just GOT to read to get shocked yourself ;)

Story status: Hiatus Chapters: 15 - Total Reviews 15

Tsuki No Tenshi ni Ikkimasu! - Revamp Ver: (TTI-rev)

Now... more mature and.. with a real plot!!

The story will be slow to update, since I really need nice ideas... and although I have them... I can't pretty much sometimes type them... lol. I . . .actually might have to change the name and edit it . . AGAIN.

Status: Hiatus - Chapters: 8 - Reviews so far: 5

Real Twilight Madness! - Your Life with Twilight plus Crack (RTM)

If you read some part of LoZ-MS:TDS, you should have found an example of Real Akihabara Madness (or Crazy Real Akihabara Plotness... who knows...)

So now, upon the Komi series being in Hiatus due school, I prepared a spoof , full of lulz, crossover between Twilight and RAM

Including all your favorite characters from both series (yes, including the LoZ-MS... since... actually, most where pulled to RAM XD) and tons and tons of crack, as seen on RAM

Being a fan or not of either part, you are sure to laugh at this... and get surprised at how far can I go...


Status: CANCELED - Chapters: 2 - Total Reviews: 0.

[NEW Y EN ESPAÑOL!] Historia de Mexico (sPH - /HdM/ )

Mexico's history related in Hetalia version. This is a Historical!Hetalia and a personal challenge for myself. Also, a good way to celebrate my country's 200 year b-day. Hurray!

Also, I'm rather surprised/insulted?/awed at how there aren't stories about him. *sniffles* Part of a greater story I will publish called 'Project Hetalia'

EDITUpdate: I think I'd rather put SoOB in first place. See the next note.

[NEW] Project Hetalia - Sins of Our Brothers. (PH-SoOB)

The first installment on this epic series. While it's OC centered, you will not be disappointed as it goes around your favorite characters (Germany, Italy, EPIC!Prussia, Austria. . .) as some others you might be interested. As with all the PH series, this is a serious semi-professional story which while attaching itself to the Hetalia canon, it has it's own ways of being.

The story will be moved to...somewhere. If you are lucky enough to find it, you can go ahead and subscribe there for updates : P

I find it far more interactive.

Status: Moved - Chapters: 2 - Total Reviews: 0


Something... eventually...

And that's basically all... heh

See ya soon ;)

Updated: November 01 2016 (It appears I have the tendency to update this place every 3 years...)

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