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Author has written 4 stories for Paradise Kiss, Sailor Moon, and Utena.

I'm a twenty-two year old college student making a valiant attempt to balance a rigorous class schedule, half-assed social life, and the occasional deviation into something I love--writing. I had an old account on here under the name drama-nerd016, which was closed without notification, but that is in the past, and I only plan on posting new works from here on out.

I dabble in the Utena, Sailor Moon, and ParaKiss fandoms with rare detours into Fushigi Yugi, Mars, Marmalade Boy, and Ceres fandoms, and tend to go for either the psychological angst or epic, Apocalyptic tragedy angles.

I've been writing since I was 13; hopefully, I've made some sort of journey since then. Enjoy my stuff--and, if you do, please review. Maybe it's crass of me to ask, but they really do reinforce my muses sometimes. Thanks!



11.12.05: Chapter One following the Prologue of Ascension posted. Chapter Two soon to follow.

01.14.07: Prologue of Ascension edited and reposted. Chapters one, two, and three--Versions 2.0--up by the end of the week. Chapter four well on its way to completion--probably up by the end of the week, as well. Been working on a Silver Millennium story focusing on Haruka and Michiru for some time now--once I get a bit ahead in the plot, chapter one should be posted. Thanks for your patience!

05.21.07: Yeah, I've been unexpectedly lazy yet again. Just finished up the semester, though, and the edits have been posted. Chapter 4 is well on its way--I've just got to force myself to get motivated.

07.11.07: Chapter 4 is a bit over halfway finished and should be up within the week. Sorry again to the few readers who have been waiting quite a long time for it!

07.29.07: Chapter 4 of Ascension is finally finished and posted! Chapters 5 and 6 will be coming along quite a bit faster. Please review, thanks.

05.21.08: Summer is here! Expect much writing on a much faster pace. Currently working on Chapter 7 of Ascension (should be up within a week), and I've been doing a lot of planning for forthcoming chapters. It should be exciting--all the plot points are finally beginning to converge--the stakes will very swiftly be raised. I hope to get Chapter 2 of Golden Sky, Silver Sea done in the next two weeks. Also have some short stories for Utena, Peach Girl, Paradise Kiss, and Mars in the works. Keep reviewing--it's been lovely receiving the intermittent ones for Ascension throughout my semester.

05.25.08: Chapter 7 of Ascension will be up sometime tomorrow. I did want to put a request in here for a beta reader, if anyone would be interested, for future chapters, among other stories I'm working through. I'm interested in doing beta reading for others as well (I think all writing benefits from "community work"), so feel free to contact me in either case!

05.26.08: Chapter 7 is up! Working now on Chapter 8--I'd estimate two weeks for that one, but it could be sooner. Keep the reviews coming, plz. Not sure what else is on the board; I was looking over Golden Sky, Silver Sea and not entirely sure I want to continue. Plans are a'brewing for a lengthy ParaKiss drama (post-series) and possibly an AU or post-series (characters in the real-world) Utena novella.

06.22.09: Another summer is here, and I haven't been on in quite a while, due to, you know, getting my bachelors and getting into grad school and other such trivial matters. I was just glancing at the reviews for Ascension and am sad to say that I don't quite know what to do with it in the way of updates. My computer crashed last summer and I lost all of my outlines, drafts, and the two chapters I had been nearly done with. I may start anew, should I have the time to do so, or I may just begin an entirely new story--this time, of course, with backup archives of my work. We shall see, but thanks for the support and the reviews, and I really do hope to continue work on it--it's all dependent on whether or not I have the time to re-plan the story.

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