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Author has written 9 stories for Xiaolin Showdown, and Fairy Tales.

Name- Darth Muad-dib, and the masters of the universe

Age- six hundred and sixty seven

Location- Eternia, Castle Greyskull, Do you get this gag?

Appologies- I'm sorry to say that may computer decided to die on. So unfortunaitly, I wont be able to update any of my stories for a while. At least until I can get a new CPU or get the old one fixed. Rest assured that I WILL continue my active stories, but It may take a little longer than both you and I would like.

Current projects- The Xiaolin Monks travel to a strange island where they enter a martial arts tournament and compete against 31 other teams. The wining team of the tournament will receive one wish the Queen of the Fairfolk.

Upcoming Projects: (Order may vary)

The Next Generation: Fifteen years after the events of “Time After Time” Clay has become the new head master at the Xiaolin temple, training four new elemental dragons: the Dragon of Light, the Dragon of Flora, the Dragon of Fire, and the Dragon of Time. Allison Redfield, the dragon of time, is one of Clay’s best students but she is obsessed with the legend surrounding Raimundo and Alex. Repeated dreams of past Dragons lead her to a dark secret that the order has tried to keep hidden. Embarking on a quest for answers, she seeks to uncover the truth about the disappearance of the previous Dragons of Fire and Fauna, why Omi has hid himself in the mountains living like a hermit, and why is no one willing to talk about the deaths of the Dragons of Wind, and Lightning. Her search for answers leads her to the only remaining Heylin, Jack Spicer. Jack offers to tell her everything in exchange for the use of her powers. Learning the truth, she decides to undo the wrongs the Xiaolin have done, no matter what the effects may be.

One Mans Worth: Hannibal travels back through time and kill’s Dashi before he starts the line of Xiaolin Dragons, creating an alternate timeline in which Wuya rules the world with Hannibal working behind the scenes, Chase is he leader of the resistance, Raimundo and Alex are the heads of Wuya’s termination squads, and the only elemental dragons fighting on the side of good are Clay and Bob. Omi and Allison Redfield (Dragon of Time) are accidentally sent to this alt. world and must find a way to restore the timeline or be trapped in the post apocalyptic timeline where good is all but extinct.

Villains United: Victor Von Deprave returns with a plan to destroy the Xiaolin once and for all. Convincing Chase Young, Wuya, Dai Gui, Pandabubba, Rin Anor, the Heylin Dragons, Hannibal Bean, and Jack Spicer to work together, they systematically attack the forces of good taking out the allies of the monks. With their friends falling against this new alliance, the monks are forced to retreat to a hidden city build by Dashi as a last resort. The monks must quickly find a way to defeat this new alliance before the side of good is crushed beneath the marching boot of the army of evil.

Deception: Fox and Kaname return from a mission to find their home in ruins and their friends missing. Believing them to be dead, Fox and Kaname set out to find the one responsible. Their only clue… is to find the immortal warrior. Believing this warrior to be Chase, Fox seeks to avenge his friends while Kaname plans to steal his secret of immortality for her own use. Tearing a destructive path through china, the monks are forced to help Chase in order to save the people caught in the cross fire, when Raimundo stumbles onto a plot four hundred years in the making that threatens them all.

Gathering of the Faye: 1,000 years ago, a argument between lord and lady resulted in the Faye leaving their home. Now, by order of Lord Oberon, King of the Faye, it is time for them to return… even if some no longer want to. While hanging out with Kimiko, Kaname and Fred are attacked by the Heylin Dragons at the request of Titania. The monks offer to help Fred and Kaname when Titania and Oberon demand they surrender Fred. Angered by their refusal, Oberon destroys the temple and hunts them down as they flee across china. On advice from Master Monk Guan, they seek out Puck, the only Faye to defy Oberon and live in hopes of gaining his help. During their search they learn to origin of the Fairfolk as well as the truth behind Fox’s past and his involvement with the Faye. Dodging mystical hit squads and all-powerful fairies, the monks must find a way to stop the king of the Faye in order to save their friends, home, and themselves from his wrath.

Power of the Dragon: Rin and her Heylin Dragons travel to the ancient castle of the Dragon King, where his most powerful weapons were kept along with the key to resurrecting his ancient army. The Xiaolin Monks attempt to stop them, only to have Chase Young steal the remains and fuse his power with the ancient king. Becoming the new Dragon King, Chase begins a merciless campaign to conquer the world. Growing more and more powerful each day, Chase’s new powers soon threaten to over take the Faye while the monks exhaust every idea and ally they have trying to stop him. Out of ideas, the monks realize that the only one who could stop Chase has been dead for 1,500 years. The monks must find a way to resurrect Grand Master Dashi to put a stop to this final apocalypse (in what will be my final Xiaolin Showdown story).

my Xiaolin Showdown stories in Chronological (read in this order to get the full story, but each can be enjoyed on its own.

(The Fallen Arc)

- Rise of the Fallen

- A Worlds Pain (teaser trailer)

- Rule of the Fallen

(The Fairfolk Arc)

- The Seven Guns

- The Moment (teaser trailer)

- Extinction Agenda (discontinued.)

- Mirror Mirror (prelude to the Wish) - On hold due to CPU problems.-

- The Wish - On hold due to CPU problems.-


Some of you may have noticed that in my disclaimers there is at least one mention of a maimed cat. Well rest assured that I do not have a slight hatred for cats. I despise them, but in my defense they hate me too. Also I feel I should warn you all of a grave threat to the world. Space pigeons, they must be stopped.

By the way I’ve been asked by many what my name means. Well, for those of you who figure it out I'll give you a prize, really. To receive your mystery prize simply read one or more of my stories and I will mail you your prize. If it doesn’t reach you within five business days, wait longer.

So at this time I’ll leave you with a bit of advice given to me by my namesakes. “You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor, take her away!” and, “He who controls the Spice controls everything.”

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