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Welcome to the new, shiny and somewhat uncluttered version of my profile. Be blinded by the light!

What's New: There's a large section featuring the Seven Skulls Gang and a new section of quotes to replace what I took down.

Upcoming: I'm gearing up to post a new story, The Guardian. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten Toki's Satu. They'll actually intersect at some point.

I haven't even started on the next chapter of TS, (sorry!sorry!) but I'll try to answer most questions and clear up all the confusion in it.

Current Distractions: Thisfic as well as this manga

Please tell me if I mispell any name/places/common words in my stories! I can' t catch everything!

(If I could, I'd go out for softball.)

The Seven Skulls Gang

Ordered From Worst Fighter to Best

Hentai- the pervert

Real Name: Chris

Origin: Greece


Height: 5' 6

Eye color: Hazel

Hair style & color: Black, greased into a fohawk

Body Build: Wiry muscles, thin arms and legs with a head to match

Normal dress: Extremely short jean cut-offs, magenta flip-flops

Piercing: Tow skulls in each eyebrow, one in each pec, nose ring and one small tongue stud

Tattoos: You don't want to know. Really, you don't.

Weapon: Hentai prefers not to fight, and isn't very good at it. He'd rather throttle opponents, but rarely gets the chance. Sometimes he'll keep a small pistol.

General Personality: Hentai, well, it's rather self-explaining, isn't it? Sometimes he makes everyone nervous, other times, he's the life of the party. He has a strange and rather unintelligent accent.

True Self: Hentai, much like Rex, wants to be a teenager for life and never face the responsibilities of being an adult. He likes to gross people out and is rash with decision making.

Other Facts: Hentai has a new girlfriend AND a steady boyfriend... as well as several others he calls "good buddies"

Secret Life: Hentai has a knack for drawing things, especially bird and trees.

Favorite song: "I'm too Sexy" ~ Right Said Fred and "Baby got Back"~ Sir Mix Alot

Bones- the runt

Real Name: Danior

Origin: America


Height: 5'2"

Eye color: Bright Blue

Hair style & color: Buzz cut, light brown

Body Build: Extremely skinny, he has hollowed cheeks and you can count each rib. This also makes his eyes look huge. He has a round head, with small jaw.

Normal dress: Tight, black leather pants. Normally girls since most boy sizes are too big for him.

Piercing: Two in each eyebrow

Tattoos: None, Skull won't let him get one

Weapon: Agility and dexterity

General Personality: Bones is the annoying little brat who you wish would just go away... unless he's helping you get revenge. The other members will often use Bones as a scapegoat, sending him off to do their dirty work. He doesn't realize he's being taken advantage of.

True Self: Bones is trying to prove himself to the gang. He can't seem to gain the loyalty that they give to Skull, so he tries to act cool but rarely can back it up. One day he wants to take over the gang.

Other Facts: Bones is Skull's little brother

Secret Life: Bones goes to playgrounds every once in a while just to be a kid. But never when anyone else is there. He's very shy around people his own age.

Favorite quote: "We're family, Danny, and I'm not leaving you. We're all we've got.

Skull- leader of the pack.

Real Name: Daemyn

Origin: America

Age: 20

Height: 6'1"

Eye color: Dark Blue

Hair color: Shaved almost bald, would be brown.

Body Build: Heavily muscled with broad shoulders and narrow hips. A square jaw and head as well as block teeth give him the appearance of either a skull or and ape.

Normal dress: Tight, black leather pants. No shirt.

Piercing : Skull earrings on lower lip, right eyebrow and left pec--did them all himself.

Tattoos: A large skull and crossbones sprawls across his back, MAMA'S BOY written beneath it, and a rose done beneath that.

Weapon: a single Kodachi

General Personality: A well-spoken tough guy who's almost charming. He keeps the others in line with sharp hand signals and code words. They obey him without question, even if they aren't the best fighters.

True Self: Skull is really a softie at heart. He took in the others when he was expelled from college. Skull just wants to have fun, but resorts to robbery to support his friends. He wishes he could go back and live with his mother.

Other Facts: Skull's actually very good with his hands. He actually made all the skull earrings that the gang wears as well as his kodachi. He also plays nurse after one of their fights. Skull wants to be an engineer or metalworker someday.

Secret Life: Skull works a part time job at McDonalds and is saving away to go back to college.

Favorite quote: Anyway, like I was sayin', shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, sauté it. Dey's uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. That- that's about it. ~Bubba, Forest Gump

Lard- the imbecile

Real Name: Kevin

Origin: Germany


Height: 5' 7

Eye color: beady blue

Hair style & color: completely bald, he actually polishes his head

Body Build: Lard is big-boned with plenty of cushion between anything important and his skin. He has a sharp nose, pointy chin and broad forehead

Normal dress: Jeans stretched to the max. Sometimes he pops a button. His belly rolls over the belt line.

Piercing: Upper lip, both pecs

Tattoos: MOTHER in German (Mutter) across his right arm

Weapon: His fat

General Personality: Lard often just stands around, grinning but not comprehending much. His IQ isn't very high. He can be something of a clown but can't stand to see anyone down in the dumps.

True Self: Lard is surprisingly observant and sensitive to other's feelings. He is also amazingly subtle about handling those problems

Other Facts: Lard was actually going to be a model. That is, until he tried a prototype hair dye that made his every last follicle fall out. Since then he gorged himself on junk food, and has forced himself to forget. Now he focuses more on the needs of others. And, believe it or not, Lard is a vegetarian.

Secret Life: Lard has been trying to get a job as a ramen vendor, but his weight makes the employers suspicious.

Favorite movie: Remember the Titians

Chains- all brawn, no brain

Real Name: Goro

Origin: Pacific Islands


Height: 5'5"

Eye color: gray

Hair style & color: Wiry, springy and hasn't seen a brush or comb for years. But he keeps his beard nicely trimmed. All black

Body Build: Short and squat with broad shoulders and hips. He's heavier muscled than Skull, but no matter what he does, he can't get rid of his small potbelly. He also has a very square jaw, but his forehead is wider

Normal dress: faded blue jeans, his chains draped over his chest and back

Piercing: Nose, two in left eyebrow, three on lower lip as well as one tongue stud

Tattoos: BAD TO THE BONE on a banner wrapped around his left upper arm. Done professionally before he joined the gang

Weapon: several chains with various attachments including a spearhead, a large iron ball and a smaller spiked ball that he rarely uses

General Personality: Quiet, because he doesn't have much to say.

True Self: His greatest joy is his weapons, which he polishes regularly. He also loves wrestling. Otherwise, not much excites him. As a child he dreamed of singing opera

Other Facts: He's actually quite good at karaoke

Secret Life: He doesn't have much of one. When he's not with the gang, he hits the bars.

Common Phrase: Well, well, well

Rex- the snake man

Real Name: Julio

Origin: Mexico

Age: 16

Height: 5'8

Eye color: Green

Hair style & color: dark brown and moosed up into little spikes all over his head. He wants to get the points dyed different colors

Body Build: Medium shoulders with slightly narrow hips. He's muscled, but not beefed out like Chains and Skull

Normal dress: Black jeans and black cowboy boots with a green-eyed copper head on each

Piercing: Left eyebrow, right pec, and belly button

Tattoos: One spiraling snake around his left forearm

Weapon: Twin snake sais (daggers with three prongs) He also like to freak his opponents out

General Personality: Rex is a playful tease who'd rather be playing pranks and goofing-off than anything else

True Self: Rex is a typical teenager. Not much stays in his brain before it comes out his mouth.

Other Facts: Rex spilt his tongue when he licked barbed wire as a child on a dare.

Secret Life: Rex has a pet boa named Squeezie that he keeps in the sewers and back allies. He loves Squeezie more than anything and pampers her to death. He also has a girlfriend at the pet store that he bought Squeezie from, and she's just as much a punk as he is.

Favorite Band: The Black Eyed Peas

Bat- the right hand man

Real Name: Keitaro


Origin: Japan

Height: 5'11

Eye color: Black

Hair style & color: One bald stripe going down the middle of his head, black hair about 5" long, gelled up to look like bat wings

Body Build: Thin shoulders and hips, long scrawny legs. He shaves all his hair but on the sides of his head. Has a pointy chin with broad forehead.

Normal dress: Short blue jean cutoffs

Peircings: A skull in each eyebrow

Tatoos: Badly done black bats with bloody fangs all over his body. The gang cut them, then traced over with red & black permanent markers

Weapon: A beloved aluminum bat and some darts every now and then

General Personality: Cold and dangerous. His gaze is peircing, but he gets little respect from his fellow gang members.

True Self: Bat wants to race motorcycles and finally earn some respect. He is exasperated and embarrassed when with the gang. But he's loyal beyond measure to Skull.

Other Facts: Bat is very street smart and often keeps the gang out of trouble. He handles break-ins since he's the sneakiest.

Secret Life: Bat loves baseball. On weekends he puts on sweats and baseball cap and heads out to a field where he coaches little kids.

Least Favorite Quote: "Duna nana nananana nana BATMAN!" ~Bones


Featured Author Quote

Besides, if you're going to be bad at writing, at least be bad in a special way, it has at least some unintentional entertainment value.
~KowaretaTsubasa, how I adore thee so.

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ShadowWolven04: Ah...good plan my friend. I say we take Canada then Mexico.
Lunarwind Fairy: I'll prepare the squirrels, you got the lawn knomes?
Lunarwind Fairy: You DID parely with them
Lunarwind Fairy: So they're with us?
ShadowWolven04: Of course!

ShadowWolven04: I just hope you have the right offerings to the squirrle God.
Lunarwind Fairy: Well, actually...
ShadowWolven04: You forgot the offerings! WERE DOOMED!
Lunarwind Fairy: The mice were out, so all we had was this giant round of cheese...
ShadowWolven04: Their evil squirrle tye wrath will rain from the heveans!
Lunarwind Fairy: So I kinda... fudged it?
ShadowWolven04: Yes...Yes you did.
ShadowWolven04: The entire destruction of humanity is entirely your fault...
Lunarwind Fairy: -.-
Lunarwind Fairy: dagnabbit

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