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Name: Hisoka Hiwatari

Nicknames: Haruka Kurosaki and Puppy

Age: 15

Gender: Female or am I !

I was looking through Fanfiction.net yesterday and I noticed how few Noah/Mokuba stories there are. I thought this was an outrage so I checked AdultFanfiction.net and found even less!

So, now I have made it my goal in life to make the world a more NoahMokie filled place. My next few stories will be dedicated to that pairing and a few others. Just so you all know...

Favorite series is of course Yugioh, my favorite character are very starnge I know but I love them anyways. I don't know why but the first Yugioh fic I read was Seto/Mokuba and the author wrote about Mokuba perfectly. He instantly became my favorite character and always will be, Noah happened to be in this fic too and I loved how he was so pompous and arrogant. So here are my favorite characters.

Mokuba Kaiba

Noah Kaiba

Seto Kaiba

Yami no Bakura

Yami no Malik

Next up would be my least favorite characters, it took me a little while to develop a severe hate for some of these characters and most of them I hate just because they are so annoying! My least favorite characters list is probablythe most thought out part of this entire profile. Here we are.

Anzu Mazaki

Gouzaburou Kaiba

Pegasus J. Crawford

Kujaku Mai

Rebecca Hopkins

So here we are, my favorite pairings. I like Yugioh the best lately so that will be my fetish of the day.These are my absolute favorite Yugioh pairings, in chronological order no less.







Next of caurse are the many pairings that I dispise, there are quite a few so i'm only putting 6. These were very hard to choose because I hate a lot of pairings so much that I can't stand it. So I decided to put on of my least favorite pairings with each one of my favorite characters.







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