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name:Just call me by my username.

age: that's really no concern for yours, now, is it? :3

sign: Pisces

So. Hi.

Yeah, now that that awkwardness is over, I guess I'll write a quick little thing:

I don't really write fan fics that much(Though I did write one Degrassi one, just look down below. But I swear that will be the only one a wrote! It had been a idea and I thought of writing it also because I wanted to explain my thoughts on the Boilding Point since so many people were disappointed with it.) Though don't get me wrong: I LOVE TO WRITE. I have a lot of ideas--my imagination and creativity are always at work and if I didn't get those ideas out some way(via art, writing, performing, etc) then my head would explode. And I don't know about you, but I'd like my head to NOT explode.

Some day, I'd love to publish my stories that I'm working on(YES!) and then I'll come to fanfiction and see what kind of weird pairings fans have cooked up for my characters. ;)

And I will admit it proudly: it is a guilty pleasure of mine to still sometimes read fanfics...especially recently, since I'm going through a total ELCARE phase, one I plan to never grow out of. THEY ARE THE CUTEST COUPLE ON DEGRASSI! And while I won't be writing anymore fan fics, I WILL, however, still be reading. Don't know why you'd be interested in that, though, because unless I'm reading YOUR fanfics(which I will if you ask NICELY and I have the TIME) then I don't see why you'd care what I do...O.o

Anyways, my point? Please enjoy the one fic I have written, if you want, check out the short stories I WILL be posing on my fictionpress site, and if you have a elcare fanfic(or one about any of the shows below with said couple) that you think I'll enjoy, I'll read it! And review...if I'm not too lazy. lol

Always Writing and Creative,
-Black Cat Bastet

Fav T.V. shows(along with fav couples/characters from that show):

Fav couple: BonesXBooth of course! Those two are MEANT TO BE. Swear to bob. And if they don't end up together when the show is done...someone is going to get hurt.
Fav Character: This is really a tie. I love all the characters, but my top fav are Booth, Bones and Hogins. But then there of course, is Angela, Cam, Sweets, Zack, The other interns of the Smithsonian, and Caroline...too many to choose a favorite from...

Fav Couple: NateXSophie--I LOVE LEVERAGE! That show KICKS SO MUCH ASS, if you haven't watched it, do it. They keep you on your toes. And Nate and Sophie are so cute! I don't know if I'm a Parker/Hardison fan, honestly, I kind of like Elliot and her together...
Fav Character: PARKER! OMG! She makes me laugh in every episode!!! If I could be any person on that team, I would want to be Parker...even if she is a little crazy...XD lol WWPD: What Would Parker Do? Well, she'd bungee jump off of a building and enjoy every minute of it! XD And by far, my favorite episode of this awsome show is The Rashomon Job--pure comedy GOLD, pure KICK ASS, and all the way, pure LEVERAGE AWSOMENESS! "What? I'm a theif!"

Fav Couple: This one should be so obvious: CLAREXELI FOREVER!!!(it is the couple I'm obssessed with right now) I LOVE them to death and I swear, like Booth and Bones, THEY ARE FUDGIN MEANT TO BE! And, once again, if they don't end up together forever, someone is going to get hurt.
Fav Character: Once again, tie, top fav now: Eli(and NO, it's NOT just because he's HOT...which he is...but I also like Eli's character. His mystery and his multi layers...he's danger, you know that you shouldn't cross him, yet--when he's with Clare, he's so gentle and soft...and after the boiling point you realize that he was a victium of bullying, and though I do believe that he should let it go, I understand why he kept the vendetta going on...but Clare is right, he should just burry the hatch...it is SO not worth it. He has Clare! And Adam! He doesn't need to prove anything with those two at his side!), Clare(I was a Clare fan before she got with Eli, and I always got defensive when people called her boring...honestly, I think she is the character I can most relate too, out of all the Degrassi characters[she loves to write, like me, she likes to read fantasy fiction, she likes guys like Eli, she's smart...I'm smart, maybe not uber smart like her, but I'm smart when I need to be]. And she really grows in the show, so I'm glad she wasn't written off because of mere boredum that some fans, like my sister, thought her to be.), Adam(I love his character! And he is the first Trans on the show! XD Jordan T. does a great job with Adam! Bravo!), Anya(I actually start to like her once she is not attached to Sav and can make her own story lines. Like fighting with her mother and her mother's cancer...), Ali(I love her style and even though she can be annoying sometimes, Melinda is a great actress and Ali is just a character you can't really get rid of!), Fiona(Also love her style, and really liked her when she became friends with Holly J! And I can't wait to see if the rumors are true of her and Adam...), Holly J.(Eh, though she was a bitch in the beinning, but she grew on me. But seriously, Sav? No.), Delcan(What can I say? His flirting with Holly J made me giggle, but not as much as ECLARE, however...he started to tick me off when he was trying to buy Holly J's time and love. He needs to learn not to just throw money around like it solves everything...), Zane(LOVE HIM! Don't know why he keeps giving Reily chances, but I can't really see him without Zane, so I guess it works. And even though the homosexutual jokes bother him, he dishes it back! A character they better keep around! XD)...and from the older Degrassi: Manny, Emma, J.t., Elli, Sean, Marco...

Fav Couple: I have two mainly: ColeXPhoebe and LeoXPiper, however, I do like the guy Paige ends up with...oddly enough, I liked them together, they were o.k. by my book, unlike the guy Phoebe ends up! WTF? CUPID? SERIOUSLY?
Fav Character: Piper's powers were always my fav, but Phoebe was always my fav because she was also so free spirited. Then I really took a likeing to Leo and of course, CHRIS! :D And oddly enough, like I said in the couple part...I REALLY liked Henry...Idk, he just...was o.k. with me. And I actually wanted to see more of him and Paige. And the fact that he was cool with her being a witch was just another point! :D

-Gilmore Girls
Fav Couple: LorileiXLuke, they were also meant to be, and by the end of the show, they got it right! Yes! Now hopefully, Bones and Degrassi will follow the same path...to foreverness!
Fav Charater: Lorilei always makes me laugh, along with Rory...and then there is something about Michelle that you just want to smack the lights out of him, then hang out with him because you can't get enough of that French accent ranting on. XD And of course, I will never get enough of Luke! Oh, and pratically all the residence of Stars Hallow. If I had ever grown up in a small town, Stars Hallows is what I would want it to be like.

Fav Couple(s): Offically, ShannonXGibbs are my fav NCIS couple, ever since I saw the episode when they meet Gibbs's father...that ending made me CRY, and it totally made me realized that Gibbs and Shannon's love was to epic for him to find someone quite like her again...I want to list my second fav couples for further explaing: AbbyXMcgee, because I CRINGE at the pairings of Abby and Gibbs...they, in my oppnion, have a FATHER/DAUGHTER realsionship...and Abby and Mcgee are adorable! And I USE to be a TonyXKate shipper, and if Kate had ever been kept alive, I'd still keep it alive, but I'm really warming up to TonyXZiva...and besides: ZIVA KICKS ASS! :D
Fav Character: Once again, NCIS is a show in which I can not pic a favorite character, so I will just basically list the entire cast because they are all too epic to choose one: Ziva(did I not say she kicks ass? And she's so funny when she gets the american saynings wrong...), Tony(because he is hot and who doesn't love the horny frat cop that loves movies? I swear, I'd watch a movie marathone with him! XD He loves all the movies I do!), Abby(Seriously...does she need explaining? ABBY IS EPIC! She is my favorite goth character(sorry Eli, your totally second! :D), and I would so want her as a best friend! XD), Gibbs(Swear to bob--if I needed help, I'd go to this man because he gets the job done. EPIC...just EPIC), Ducky(If you don't love Ducky, then you just have no heart! Who doesn't love a corner who is a part time profiler and talks to the dead bodies he opens up?), Mcgee(Ahh Probie...he has evolved from being the lovable dork-nerd to being a even more lovable dork-nerd who knows how to dish it back!), Kate(Don't worry, I'm still pissed about Twilight Pts 1&2...RIP Kate,).

-The 4400
Fav Couple: Don't really have one...I actually stopped watching the show, but I still like it.
Fav Character: Once again, forgot a little bit of it...it isn't shown on USA anymore...but I'll still watch re-runs if they are on. A very intersting story line.

Fav Couple: ShawnXJuliet...come on, they are also meant to be! I love them!
Fav Character: DUDE! This is another, 'I can't choose', all the characters are epic! Shawn(Oh dear bob Shawn...you make me laugh, your cute, and you are a genius pretending to be pyschic...what more could you want in a amazing character?) Gus(OMFG! Gus! I'm SO Team Gus! I LOVE him just like I love Shawn. And the two of them together are just...PURE. AMAZMENT!) Lassie(Who doesn't love a obssessive cop who tries to be numba one? And the little banter that goes back and forth between Shawn and Lassie is CLASSIC! "Thunder stick!" XD LMAO!) Juliet(She kicks ass and she also has a level head...and she's funny when she wants to be!)

Fav Couple: TrudyXMonk, because they were really the only true couple on the show.
Fav Character: MONK! You can't watch Monk and NOT like Monk! XD He makes phobias cool! And he makes them kick ass by solving crimes with them! While at the same time, making us laugh!

Fav Couple: SarahXNick, because honestly, I can't see her with Grissum. And it has nothing to do with age. I just see him with Katherine...o.O
Fav Character: Grissum! Dude kicks ass and is as wise as a wiseman. Who doesn't love the bug man? He reminds me of Hogins from Bones, only less horny...

Fav Couple: TurkXCarla, bromance between Turk and JD is cute tho, I love them as best friends! Seriously, "Guy Love"? Classic...guys really need to get over the homo-phobia and lova brotha!
Fav Character: Turk and JD, though, once again...I just can't choose a true fav...all the cast of Scrubs is just...too...epic...for...me...to...choose...ONE! XD

-Law and Order
Fav Couple: None.
Fav Character: None.

-Grace Under Fire
Fav Couple: None.
Fav Character: None.

Fav Couple: None.
Fav Character: None.

-Full Metal Alcheimist(this also counts towards my fav Manga too)
Fav Couple: Dude...seriously: EDXWINRY ALL THE FUGING WAY!!!! ANOTHER MEANT TO BE COUPLE! However, I'm also a totally supporter of RoyXRiza!
Fav Character: My TOP fav is, of course, Ed(DON'T CALL ME SHORT!), Al(He is the perfect younger sibling...if only all younger siblings were so polite and nice like Alphonse...), Roy(Come on! You have to love that perverted Coronel!), Winry(because she is a kick ass mechanic that goes crazy around any kind of automail...).

Fav Couple: InuYashaXKagome
Fav Character: InuYasha!

-Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Fav Couple: BuffyXSpike, because I really can't see her with Angel...sorry.

-The Closer

Fav Couple: BrendaXFritz...come on, they are meant to be as well, and they are MARRIED. I want to see them with kids now damit! XD
Fav Character: Cheif Brenda Lee Jonhson of the LAPD! XD She closes cases like it's no-ones bussiness!

-The Office
Fav Couple: PamXJim! COME ON! They are SO obvious, and they made it offical and got married! XD Now if only Clare and Eli would follow this road...when they are out of high school of course...
Fav Character: Dwight. Because he makes it too easy to laught at him...my fav episode is when Jim is listing the different ways he pranks Dwight...pure comic GOLD right there!

Fav Couple: SakuraXSasuke, I still hold onto hope for these two!
Fav Character: Sasuke, and yes...I'm one of those fan girls, but I also like him because he kicks ass!

-The Simpsons

-VH1's I LOVE_(fill in the blank...80's, 90's, etc.)

-Criminal Minds
Fav Couple: I don't care what people say, I love MorganXGarcia, and I want to see them together! :D
Fav Character: Garcia is awsome! I love her workstation and how she is always a ray of sunshine for the team...but I also love Morgan and his swaveness...then there is Reed, the dorky genius who I just can't help by love! :D

-Best Week Ever!
and lots more...

My Favorite Anime/Manga:
-Zodiac P.I.
Fav Couple: LiliXHiro, two words: SO ADORABLE!
Fav Character: Hiro

-Card Captor Sakura
Fav Couple: SakuraXLi, I think I'm overusing 'meant to be', so I'll say these two are destined for each other. It's obvious.
Fav Character: Li and Sakura

-Fruits Basket
Fav Couple: TohruXKyo...supported them from the beginning, and was satisfied to see them get together finally in the end! :D
Fav Character: Oh great gumdropps...can't choose, but my Top fav are Kyo, Tohru, Hiro, Momoji, Kangura, Haru, Shirgure...

-Kodocha:Sana's Stage
Fav Couple: SanaXAkito, so perfect for each other. And so entertaining to read.
Fav Character: Sana...I can relate to her, and she's just as crazy as me! XD

Fav Couple: DaisukeXRiza
Fav Character: Dark

-Full Metal Alchemist(Stated above in 'shows', same thing for Naruto)

-Cresent Moon
Fav Couple: MahiruXMitsuru, Love them! I even wrote a little fan fic about them...but I kinda lost it...maybe if I find it I'll post it. Maybe.
Fav Character: Mitsuru and Akira!

O.K.! In the moral words of Elvis Presley...Thank you, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

update it soon! ; )

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