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Author has written 14 stories for Inuyasha, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy IX, D N Angel, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

AS OF JULY 05, 2007:

I've completely lost interest in fanfiction. I'm sorry that this announcement was so long in coming. If you want to read my writing still, I write fiction/fantasy stories Here. Also, you can email me at akana_the_fire_user@hotmail.com, or come visit my awesome site: Shattered Illusions

July 22, 2009: I randomly decided to glance around here today, and now I feel kind of bad for the people who actually read my stories that are unfinished, because they're going to remain unfinished forever. If you want, though, here's how those stories were supposed to turn out:

Unsweet Sixteen (Inuyasha): Everyone passes Kagome around for a while, stealing from each other over and over until finally Inuyasha catches up with her and she gets fed up of everyone. She starts telling them to back off, then her watch beeps at midnight, making her realize that her birthday is over. She throws things at everyone until they leave, then sobs into Inuyasha's arms. The next morning she wakes up peaceful, feeling much better, decides to run home to see her family real quick... only to find out that she had her dates mixed up. TODAY is her birthday, not yesterday, the day she thought. OH THE IRONY

No End In Sight (Kingdom Hearts): I never figured out just how I wanted to end it all, but eventually there's a big battle against the current Forces of Evil. There's a little scene right before the battle as Sora and Tara are looking out over a field of Heartless, and Sora admits he's kind of scared. Tara realizes that even her hero is a real person, she admits that she's terrified, and they fight their way through. At the end of the story, she finds Riku and finally gets to thank him before getting transported back to her home world to be with her family - but she at least gets to keep her memories of their great adventure.

A Dangerous Game (Inuyasha): Another one I wasn't quite sure how to end. Naraku's plan involves trading Kagome and Shippou for the shards and Inuyasha's life, but Kagome convinces him to take her captive along with the jewels. Kagome convinces everyone else to not worry about her (somehow), Naraku takes Inuyasha's memories so he won't come after her, and the two of them leave and start their dangerous little game. Naraku wants to kill her but needs her to find and get all the shards, and Kagome tries to make Naraku agree to some of her terms without pushing him to the point of wanting to kill her. When they get the shards from Kouga, Kagome gets him to hand them over without fuss and tells him not to worry about her, but of course he does. He finds Inuyasha, he helps him get his memory back, and everyone comes together and somehow manage to save Kagome, possibly killing Naraku in the process.

Dominoes Sequel (Inuyasha): No part of it is actually posted on here, but I wanted to do a sequel with Shippou as the MC. It starts a few months after the events in Dominoes, with Shippou waiting in Kaede's village for Inuyasha to return from killing Hatsuki. He comes back wounded but alive, then leaves for good, abandoning Shippou who feels too young to follow him. Years later, after Kaede's funeral, Shippou decides to set out in search of Inuyasha. It becomes a tale of growing up; Shippou meets friends old and new (including a girl he falls in love with who's unfortunately sick and dies later on), and finally he nearly sees Inuyasha again. Inuyasha comes to him one night when he's asleep and covers him with the fire rat cloak, then runs away because he doesn't want to face all those painful memories ever again. When Shippou wakes up, he realizes what happened and chases down Inuyasha. He gets to a cliff, doesn't see him, stands there for a minute, and then realizes Inuyasha doesn't want to see him and gives up. There's an epilogue briefly running over his trip back, and he winds up staying at the village where he'd fallen in love with the sick girl, adopting a new name to reflect how much he's changed. He becomes a big brother figure/storyteller for the village kids, and that's where he is in the epilogue of Dominoes.

One Last Note (DN Angel): Again, no part's posted, but it was supposed to be a fic with Rika Harada and Dark from DN Angel. It was supposed to tell about the past, how they first met (she thought he was a pervert, reacting much like Riku in the series) to how they gradually fell in love. One of the conflicts is that she's friends with the Hikari guy who's carrying Krad and refuses to renounce their friendship no matter how much Dark warns her against it. Dark eventually cuts his ties with Rika to protect her, because he knows Krad would try to use her to get to him. That's more or less the ending, but there might've been an epilogue or something that shows Rika moved on but never forgot him - probably with the Hikari guy (! preposterous!). She would've kept her last name as a tribute to the woman Dark loved, and they would've had two kids - one to carry on the Hikari line, one to sprout the Harada twins.

Unnamed Avatar TLA fanfic: Nothing of it posted, again. I wanted to do one where Katara helps Zuko find his mom after the end of the series. On the way, they reflect on how Mai and Aang just don't seem to understand them - but then Katara helps him with his Mai problems, Zuko helps her with her Aang ones, they bond, etc. Zuko finds his mom and they all return. Katara's happy to see Aang, and Zuko's happy to see Mai, but they share a glance, and Katara (it's told from her perspective) wonders if, in another time, under different circumstances... Then shakes it off and is happy with Aang. A Zutara story that doesn't divert from cannon.

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