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The instant after your finger clicks the mouse to click on the username link you find yourself transported to a forest, lush and green with every kind of vegetation imaginable. There is the sound of rushing waterfalls and creeks, twittering birds, and whistling wind in the atmosphere. You're stationed in a small clearing of this forest that you see opens up into a narrow path that leads off deep into the wood. Without knowing why, you choose to take this path.

After several moments pass, you come to the end and see the waterfall you've heard. But the path doesn't stop here, it only breaks off into raised boulders in the lake that go through it. As you step from one to another, then finally step through the waterfall, you find yourself in a warm den. By some miracle, the clothes that were once wet by stepping under the waterfall are dry and you find yourself feeling more pleasant than you've ever felt in your life by just being in this den.

Looking around, you observe that the den in actuality resembles more of an ancient library. The walls are for the most part covered by rows and rows of bookshelves. Some shelves contain books, authored by many men and women you've heard of--Austen, Dickens, Gaskell, Hugo, Leroux--while others contain scrolls that appear to be aged by their yellow shade. By the bookshelves are large, plush divans and sofas that look irresistably comfortable and seem to invite you onto them. You see a warm fireplace crackling softly in one corner of the den that has yet another sofa in front of it and also a low table with a tray of tea and cakes on it. Your stomach growls at the sight of the icing spread on the petit fours, but nevertheless, you walk on. Finally you come to the end of the den, and see what it is you have sought.

Sitting behind a large desk covered with books and scrolls pulled from a shelf, you see a young woman writing. A quill pen is in her hand as she scribbles away on a piece of paper furiously, and though she is hard at work, a smile of calm satisfaction is on her face as she does so. After several moments, she looks up and notices you for the first time.

"Ah, there you are, I've been expecting you!" Setting down her pen, she continues, "Since you obviously found my hidden sanctum, you too like myself must have that special passion that only true lovers of books can have; an imagination. Let me introduce myself; I am Jasmine, Scribe for the Classics. What does a Scribe for the Classics do, you ask? Why they read and relish the classics, weaving them into their imaginations to craft creations of their own!"

Standing up, she comes over to you and ushers you over to the fireplace sofa. "Sit down, please. Tea and cake?" When you readily agree, she pours the steaming tea into a porcelain china cup and hands you a small plate of the delicious cake. As you enjoy your food, she sits back and continues, "While you're here please be my guest to help yourself to the collection of masterpieces I have here in my den, they are the works of many generations and I have every expectation that you will enjoy yourself with them just as much as I have.

"Also you might enjoy digesting the story I myself am writing at the moment, Masque of Dance and Music. In it I am expressing my love for the haunting stories The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Phantom of the Opera by two of the greatest authors of all time Gaston Leroux and Victor Hugo. Though it is the only work of mine you will find in my library at the moment, in actuality I have scrolls and scrolls of stories I have yet to make available to you But rest assured they will be soon."

As you finish your food, she stands back up and smiles, "May you find joy in all your literary endeavors while here. If you need anything, I'll be at my desk." With that she goes back over to desk and resumes writing. Looking around in silence, you contemplate on how and where to start. Your gaze goes back to the coffee table and you notice for the first time that a leather-bound book is resting next to the tea tray. Picking it up, you see that it has the picture of a raised bell on it's cover with the shadow of a mask in the surface. There are also inscribed gold letters across the top; 'Masque of Dance and Music'. Realizing this must be the story Jasmine spoke of, you are instantly intrigued. So taking one last look at the picture on the cover, you open the book and begin;

"The candle light flickered dimly, casting large shadows against the walls of the bedroom..."

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