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Poll: In my new fic I'm going to give Sasuke a different team for plot/character development purposes. Which team would you prefer? Vote Now!
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8/13/12: Anyone want me to update The Dragon in Her Heart again? I have a few chapters that I wrote for it years and years ago that I never posted. Of course, by now, the actual Naruto manga storyline has advanced so far that I feel that so many of my characterizations within this story no longer fit. And at this point, I don't even have the intention of ever finishing the story. All I can say is that I have some really outdated, but unpublished stuff. So, if anyone who was following it is still using the site and if you want to read more, just send me a PM and I'll see what I can do

Also, I REALLY need a new user name.

I have too many things going on right now and just don't have the time for this site. Sorry to all of my wonderful fans.

My name is _

My age is _

My gender is male

The Dragon in Her Heart Status Report

Chapters posted: Six

All of chapters three through tweny are finished. I'm just waiting for my beta to do her thing. Expect chapter three to be posted Monday. Chapter four will be posted the following Friday.

Completion for chapter twenty-one: 0 percent

Question for all you people: Should I create a forum? If so, I could take a lot of different directions. I could make a nejiXtenten forum, just a general forum, or one primarily (though not entirely) focused on 'The Dragon in Her Heart'. If the last one, this would be where I could reply to my reviews, answer any questions you might have, explain some things maybe, or just talk about things in general like suggesting good fanfics to read and ect. I could also help anyone out with their fics and give advice and that stuff. You might also get deleted scenes for my fics or learn the basic knowledge about my next ones. Advertise for your stories as well. Discuss about the manga... By now you should get the picture. Anyway, let me know what you think.

My Favorite anime/manga characters:

#2 Kurama from Yu Yu Hakasho

#1 Tokiko from Buso Renkin (also spelled Busou Renkin)

Future Projects:

I plan on sometime writing a Sasuke-centered fic. And after just watching the entire 26-episode Busou Renkin anime series, I really want to write a Buso Renkin fic. It will be my first non-Naruto fic ever.

Things that describe me:

A kid that loves to write

A kid that loves to read manga

A kid that loves to draw manga

A kid who isn't the standard anime club member

A kid who loves heavy metal

A kid whose favorite band is System of a Down

A kid whose favorite solo musical artist is Serj Tankian

A kid who recently listened to the Bands ‘Dream Theater', ‘Biomechanical', and ‘Meshuggah' and found them to be completely awesome

A kid who helps others

A kid with a life worth living despite any minor problems (A kid who is NOT emo nor ever will be and can't understand why someone would just complain about how crappy their life is and decide to end it all.)

A kid who has found many friends on fanfiction

A kid that is determined

A kid that loves martial arts and can't go a day without thinking ‘I want to fight' (martial arts related, of course) or ‘what does it take to fight in this world?'

A kid who wants to have fun

I'm currently working on several stories, some I am more focused on then others. My beta is ‘tenjichan' and she's just so awesome.

The story that I'm putting the most effort into right now is ‘The Dragon in Her Heart'. I've recently started to re-write it and I love any second of doing so. Quite a few (AKA a lot) of people have been asking me why I decided to re-write it. Here are the reasons:

I wish to clarify some of the details

I made some stupid plot mistakes

I started this fic a long time ago and since starting it my writing skills have improved. With these new and improved skills, I believe that I can make it loads better.

Neji's personality in the beginning was somewhat bizarre

I wish to clarify/shift slightly the main mission of the story

I made Itachi enter at a stupid moment and do stupid things

All in all, the re-write will make things a ton better. My beta, tenjichan, is helping quite a bit with organizing the details.

The pairings that I like/support:

nejiXtenten. This is my favorite pairing due the fact how it actually fits into my love life. I'm somewhat like Neji and he is my favorite character while my former girlfriend is much like Tenten and her name is even similar to the kunoichi's. Truth behold, we're just friends as of now, though. I also like this pairing because it's popular but not everywhere you look so it is hard to get bored of. NejiXtenten authors also have unique ways of expressing the pairing, making it even more original and fresh.

sasuXsaku. Fanfiction is littered with this pairing, with most of the stories with it being quite awful. However, some of the best-written stories are sasuXsaku, despite the vast majority of this pairing having crappy stories. It also seems somewhat possible for it to happen in the manga/anime.

naruXhina. Not exactly my favorite pairing, but it is possible. The pairing is starting to bore me, though

sasuXhina. It's probably never going to happen in the series, and I have yet to find a fic with this pairing in it that I actually like, but still... They both do have similar personalities... This is far from my favorite pairing, but I'm still willing to give it a shot

naruXsaku. I'm finding this pairing increasingly more interesting and plausible. I have to say that it is a good pairing in my opinion.

kakaXsaku. It just seems interesting. Not at all possible in the series, but interesting nonetheless. I must admit that I am drawn to this pairing.

shikaXtem. Just seems right.

gaaraXhina. They both seem misunderstood yet complete opposites at the same time. The pairing just seems to have a lot of depth.

kakaXanko. Makes a lot of sense and yet no sense at all.

Parings that I will never support:

All yaoi. Wow, that was short.

My views on flames/flamers:

In all truth, there are a lot of crappy stories on this site. Sometimes, it motivates a writer to learn how to get better when they get a flame. I do believe that constructive criticism is much more effective than destructive criticism, but I think that it is unfair that some people are getting banned for being destructive. As long a person doesn't say that the author sucks or the author is retarded or makes fun of the author in anyway then I'm okay with it. Destructive criticism so only focus upon the story and not the writer.

That being said however, I personally use constructive criticism purely because it can help the writer out a lot more.

When I'm not writing or reading fanfiction, I'm probably hanging out with my metal-loving friends, practicing martial arts (I'm trying to start a new style but it is really quite hard to do so), in school, or doing homework just ‘cause I have a lot of it to do.

In Conclusion

I entered fanfiction as a crack-fic writer, hence my user name (crack = randomness, so to that technicality my user name means Randomness God). However, my true self showed in the end and I started writing my serious fic ‘The Dragon in Her Heart', which is by far my favorite fic that I wrote. However, when I need a break from stress in general I'll write more of my crack fics. But my priority right now is not them, but my much my serious-toned fics. Hopefully in the near future I will start my new serous fic called ‘Elect the Dead' in which Sasuke is the main character. Sometime after I finish the Dragon in Her Heart (which may take quite a while) I will then start on a new serious fic. The pairing for this will be the winning pairing on my poll above, so let your voices be heard and vote!

-Crack God

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The Dragon in Her Heart reviews
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