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Hi I'm Victoria

Here's a bit of stuff about me although I'm not sure why you want to know and why you could even be bothered to read, but...

Age: 15

Gender: I'm a girl in case you didn't guess!


Shaman King, InuYasha, Full Moon Wo sagashite, CardCaptor Sakura, Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, Naruto, PowerPuff Girls Z, Utawareumono, Bleach, KIBA, Sonic X, Karin, Canvas 2, AIR TV, School Rumble, Soul Link, Night Head Genesis, Chobits, Wolf's Rain, Fruits Basket, I used to like Digimon 01 and 02, 03 was ok, watching Digimon Savers, Code Lyoko's alright, I liked Pokemon when it was the rage,the hamsters from Hamtaro were cute, Fairly Odd Parents are cool, Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, chocolate, ice cream the list goes on...


Homework, waking up in the mornings, but not much else, I'm a pretty happy person in general.

Favourite anime characters:

Shaman King: Anna, Mari, Macchi, Ren, Horo Horo, Lyserg, Yoh, Hao, Pirika, Tamao, Nichrome,Chocolove... basically the whole shaman king cast! I love 'em all.

Hamtaro: my fave ham-ham was Pashmina, awww adorable scarf.

Pokemon: Misty from Pokemon, loved all the pokemon.

Digimon: The Digimon all rocked, and Kari and Sora were my favourite humans.

Fruits Basket: Kisa and of course Momiji.

Chobits: Chii was sooo sweet.

InuYasha: I kinda can't choose...they were all cool and special in their own way.

Sonic X: Cream the bunny, and Tails.

Powerpuff Girls Z: Blossom, but i like all the powerpuffs.

Utawarerumono: Eruruu, Aruruu, Benawi, well they're all ok.

Bleach: Hitsugaya, Rukia, Kon, Ririn.

Naruto: Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto, Kakashi, this is another anime where i love all the characters, so there's no point going on.

Full Moon: Mitsuki, Meroko, Takuto, Izumi.

Gundam Wing: Heero, Duo, Quatra, Zechs, Tres.

CardCaptor Sakura: Sakura, Kero, Spinel (Suppie!), Tomoyo, Li.

AIR TV: Misuzu, Potato

Soul Link: Aki Nitta, Shuuhei Aizawa.

KIBA: Roia, Miki.

Wolf's Rain: Kiba, Toboe.

Canvas 2: Ellis.

School Rumble: Totally can't choose, theyre all hilarious =D

Current fics being worked on:

Mari the Doll Master - A shaman King fanfiction about a pretty cool doll master...i know i haven't updated in ages...i blame homework, GCSEs and ummm I dunno people who think writer's block is a good thing.

Lightning Truths - this is new, at the moment, I had this sudden urge to write about Pokemon, go figure.I'm not sure where it's going to lead, but please feel free to read and review, let me know what you think of the first chapter.

Here's a link to my site which may help you with my fiction "Mari the Doll Master".
Feel free to browse the rest of the site if you wish.

I also have a account please visit my channel and see some of the music videos i've made =D

That's just a bit about me! Love you all! Peace and love dudes (no, I'm not a hippie!)

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