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Hi there!

Let' see, i don't think i'll tell you allot about me... i have a name... but you can call me Ryan. i'm 16(ok well... almost), ijust started my junior year of high school.

ok here's the deal about 6 months ago maybe i read the GREATEST fanfic i've EVER read. it was a Harry/Ginny romance fic. the first chapter was Ginny asking Harry what could possibly happen if they did it. the second chapter is Harry and Ginny leaving their infant w/ the weasleys for the next school yr. it has stuff like Harry trying to push Ginny and James (their baby) away so Voldie thinks he doesnt care and might leave them alone. also the weasleys have to go someplace so harry and ginny have to take care of their baby at school and admit that they got married cuz ginny was pregnant. it was around 30 chapters and ended w/ of course harry defeating Voldemort. if ANYONE can give me a story title of link that fits this description plz email me at THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

Why do i love HarryPotterFanFiction? Well i like reading it because i am impatient and can't stand waiting around for the next book. Plus i like that it focuses on other characters besides Harry. Don't get me wrong i love Harry but the constant "oh woe is me let's go fight Voldemort" thing gets on my nerves every once in a while. Plus i like the romance fics because it doesn't have all the serious stuff in it most of the time... And i like writing it because i enjoy writing and i enjoy the characters, plus i am a control freak and want the story to work out the way i want.

What don't i love about HarryPotterFanFiction? Authors who don't put enough detail into their stories, and then the story ends up being confusing. Also it drives me insane if there are too many spelling mistakes, i mean one or three is ok but any thing above five every couple of paragraphs... arrgh you might as well just shoot me now.

MY PROMISE! I 'Ryan' promise that no matter what, any story that i write and post will be finished. I will never leave a story incomplete, NO MATTER WHAT! so you don't have to worry if you start reading one of my stories and it isn't finished i swear i willtry as hard as humanly possibletoupdate at least every week until it is done; unless stated otherwise.

Ships that i know are supposed to be together...

Harry/Ginny: They are meant for each other. Enough said. -- my favoritestories are the one's where they get married and have a baby while still in school. ionno why but i really enjoy those.

Ron/Hermione: They fight but love each other more than anyone. -- i hate when authors make Ron an insensitive idiotic immature git while Harry knows everything to say and the exact times to say it. It also drives me insane when they make Harry better than Ron at everything. It's just not natural.

Twins and Lee/Gryffindor Chasers: No matter which pairs, i think that Fred, George, and Lee, each belong with Angelina, Alicia, and Katie.

Percy/Penelope: We don't know much about them but it's kind of a given.

Charlie/Cho or Charlie/Tonks or Charlie/OC: i am for any of these pairs, i got the Charlie/Cho thing from a fic i read once and i really thought it was good. Charlie/Tonks seems like an ok match too, if it happens i won't be upset. However i do think he'll just end up with an OC. which is fine.

Bill/Fleur: that's just the way it is.

Remus/Tonks: i think this pair has alot of potential. In some ways it reminds me of Harry/Ginny because Remus like Harry has lost many people who are dear to him, they are both very introverted and depressed. Tonks like Ginny has seen horrible things in their lives; experienced horrible things, but both have an undeniable joy for life. I think both have the power to draw the two depressed men out of their funks and teach them how once again to live.

Neville/Luna: both are very strange characters and i also think Neville deserves a happy ending. i always feel sorry for underdogs.

Ships that are NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES meant to be...

Harry/Hermione: this is 100 PERCENT WRONG! they are like brother and sister. They don't mesh well, and both are way too intense to work well together.

Harry/Luna: while this pairing does warrant some merit i don't think they would work well either, their level of thinking is completely different and they would not be able to connect.

Harry/Anyone who isn't Ginny: i'm sorry but Harry is meant to be with Ginny. That's it. Enough said.

Ginny/Draco: just wrong... too unnatural.

Ginny/Anyone who isn't Harry: see above reasons for Harry/Anyone who isn't Ginny!


Ships that will never happen but i still enjoy reading...

Hermione/Weasley Twin: I LOVE THESE STORIES! i have only recently discovered them... oh how cute they are.

Hermione/Draco: the stories are a little forced but i am drawn to them nonetheless.

Hermione/Bill or Charlie: i have read only a few but they can still be cute.

Story lines i hate...

When they make Ron an imbecile. I hate it when he is made to be soo... neanderthalish... that is why in all my stories he is very kind and perceptive... I LOVE YOU RONNIKINS! muahahahahaha!

Yep 'nough said... i'm outty

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