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am The Ultimate Night Owl! (Somewhere off in the distance an owl starts hooting.) Okay... That just really creeped me out. Anywho, as my pename states- I am one of the biggest Zelda Fans out there, WOOT! WOOT! YEAH! L.O.Z. ROX MY SOX OFF!

Now before any of you start thinkin' that I stupid 'cause I'm a guy, I am very, very, very, very serious about what I write. I will rewrite a story 16 times if I have to, and yes, I have a small case of O.C.D. (Obbesive Compulsive Disorder) or maybe I'm just a perfectionist... Oh, well. So read my fics before you start flaming me. Oh, yeah, and as a simple side note: all Flamers will be shot on sight. Thank you and have a nice day. (The Owl starts hooting again, I pull out from under my desk, an M-16, and plug 30 rounds into it. I smile, holding the smoking M-16.) Owl season is now officially open! (Runs off into the nearby forest.)

My policy on reviews: 'FREAKING SWEET!' and any other reviews will very much appreciated. Any advice... I would like, so thank you for reviewing. So you better review.(Tosses corpse of Non-reviewer into a Lake.) Or else...

Information on me:

Name: Twilight-Link.

Also Known As: T.L.

Nickname: The Zombie Expert.

Age: An 18 year old minus 3 years.

Hair Color: Red.

Eye Color: Blue.

Gender: Male.

Race: 1/3 Chozo, 1/3 Irish, 1/3 chocobo, don't ask how.

Birthday: Nov 15.

Place I Call Home: Okie Land! (Oklahoma.)

GaiaOnline: Twilight-Link

Favorite Games:

L.O.Z.: O.O.T., M.M., W.W. (And T.P., whenever it comes out.) S.S.B.M., Metroid Prime 1 and 2. Skies of Arcadia, R.E. series, Freedom Fighters, F.F.VII, F.F. X, Rise Of Nations, Roller Coaster Tycoon. New and Old Mario Tennis, Golf, Basketball games. Luigi's Mansion, Max Payne, Halo I and II, and Star Fox 64.

Favorite Characters:

Adult Link: The coolest badass in the whole world!

Adult Zelda: She's got a series of video games named after her! How can she not be cool?

Leon S. Kennedy: The second coolest badass on Earth!

Ada Wong: Enjoys inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on poor Leon, but eitherwise she's freaking awesome... And hot. ;)

Fox McCloud: He's freaking awesome!

Samus: She is the coolest bounty hunter I have ever laid eyes on.

Mario Bros: The best duo the world will ever have!

Bowser: Always kidnapping poor Peach, funny as hell!

Rikku: She's so freaking adorable! My type of girl.;)

Lulu: Quiet, mysterious... And hot.:)

Auron: Big-ass sword ready to cleave you in two... Hell yeah! He rocks!

Dante Sparda: The coolest devil hunter ever! Guns and swords, what else does a man need? (ALOT!)

Bahamut: The coolest Aeon, ever!

Shiva: (Shivers) Damn, she's cold.

Vincent Valentine: He is so freaking cool!

Cid Highwind: The coolest foul-mouthed pilot ever!

Favorite Pairings: Link x Zelda,Tidus x Rikku, Auron x Lulu, Cloud x Aeris, Cid xTifa, Vincent x Yuffie, Leon x Ada, Chris x Jill, Rebecca x Billy, Claire x Steve, Vash x Meryl, Wolfwood x Millie, Roy x Hawkeye, Sonic x Amy, Tails x Cream, Shadow x OC, Knuckles x Rouge, and Mario x Peach.

Odd Fav. Pairing: Me x Rikku, no one goes near her! Or else. (Cocks Shotgun). Savvy?

Non - Gamer Favorites:

Colors: Orange, Navy, Purple and Red.

Food & Drink: Bowtie Pasta, and any Red Wine.

Favorite Branch Of The Military: The Marines. (Ooohra!)

Music: Techno, Rock, Crooner.

Bands: Godsmack, Modest Mouse, Beck, The White Stripes, The Killers, Green Day, The Caesars, My Chemical Romance, Alice In Chains, Rolling Stones, Franz Ferdinand, Metallica, Gorillaz, ACDC, Disturbed,Beethoven, Queens Of The Stone Age, Lunatic Calm, Weezer, U2, Apollo 440, Ozzy Osbourne, Spiderbait, Dave Matthew's Band, Embrace, Paul Oakenfold, Moby, Pearl Jam, System Of A Down, The Bravery, Creed, Hot Hot Heat, War, Muse, Queen, Nickelback, Jimi Hendrix, 3 Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Tommy Lee, 3 Doors Down, Trapt, Santana, Nine Inch Nails, Moody Blues, and Frank Sinatra.

FavoriteTV Shows: Full Metal Alchemist,Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Codename: K.N.D.,Teen Titans, Family Guy, Futurama, Cops, Reno 911, Trigun, C.S.I., Pimp My Ride, Viva La Bam, King Of The Hill, and Friends.

Movies: Indiana Jones Series, The Incredibles, Harry Potter, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The James Bond Series, Signs, Bringing Down The House, The 'Burbs, What About Bob, Gone In 60 Seconds, What Women Want, The Day After Tomorrow, Ocean's 11 & 12, Die Hard, Spiderman 1 & 2, Shrek 1 & 2, Conspiracy Theory, Bourne Identity& Supremacy, and last, but certainly not least: Jurassic Park.

Actors/Actresses: Harrison Ford, Holly Hunter, Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Mel Gibson, Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, Bill Murray, Nicholas Cage, Helen Hunt, Dennis Quad, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Bruce Willis, Mike Myers, Clint Eastwood, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum.

Animals: Dachshunds, Golden Retriever, Macaw, Octopus, Cats, Bobcats, and Pumas.

Books: Resident Evil, Redwall Series, Things Not Seen, Harry Potter, The Zombie Survival Guide, Pendragon, The Thief Lord, and The Michael Chrichton series and some of Stephen King's books.

Store: Hot Topic, Element, and The MTV Store.(They all have freakin' sweet shirts!)

Favorite Quotes:

Resident Evil,

RE 0,

Billy Coen: Clue in girl, or maybe you like being wormbait?


Barry Burton: I sure hope this blood isn't Chris'.


Luis Sera: I see that the President has equipped his Daughter with Ballistics too.

Grand Theft Auto,


Luigi's Note: Go and introduce a bat to his face!


Tommy Vercetti: I'll get the money, Sonny.


Wu Zi Mu: You're bad luck for me! When I play the other guys, I always win!

More Pending.

Hottest Celeb ever: Jessica Simpson. Yeah, she may be a blonde, but you have to love that southern twang in her voice.

Celeb That Must Die: Paris Hilton. What a BLEEP!

I can't kill her though, the law forbids it...Damn! (Mutters a few choice words, and makes some rude hand gestures.)

Auron & Dante: We can kill the broad!

Oh, go right ahead.

Auron & Dante: (Smile, run over, and starts chopping Ms. BLEEP to pieces.)

Good job. (Gives them both 10 dollars.) Now go have some fun.

Bodyguard/Lackey: Vash the Stampede. Yeah that's right. I hired Vash! Beat that!

Age: 26

Birthday: July 18

Usual Attire: No coat (except when we go clubbin'), Spiked hair, A red t-shirt, leather pilot's jacket, trademark glasses, jeans and his revolver at his hip.

Purpose: Basically to protect me and to help me write, review and play poker with, also greet the occasional guest who come to my humble abode. (A pissed Author, who I flamed is running towards me, gripping a knife in his righthand, Vash quickly draws his revolver and shoots the knife out of his hand. The man runs off, clutching his hand.)

Me: Thanks.

Vash: No prob. (Holsters Colt)

A thirty minutes later...

Me: (Running my hand frantically through my hair) I'll beat you someday Vash!

Vash: (Takes all my money) I win again! HA, HA, I'm on a winning streak!


My Personal Arsenal Of Destruction: M-16, Striker Shotgun, 45., Rocket Launcher, some Grenades and a pair of Dusagges, (German Sabers)dubbed: Apotheosis & Depredation, (Glory and Havoc.) (Whirls the sabers about and accidentally decapitates someone.)

Ooops... (Runs.)

Stop that guy! (The Cops)

(I pull the pin off of a grenade and throw it behind me.) BOOOM!


Good thing I got Flash Bangs. (I say smiling as I leap down a flight of stairs.)

3 Things I hate entirely:

1. TheWar In Iraq: we're losin' too many of our boys over there, to those Taliban bastards.

2. Men Who Hit Women: can't beat a man, so they beat up a woman, rather kill myself.

3. Mary Sues, and/or Gary Stus. I have actually written a shortspeech about the plague of Mary Sues and Gary Stus.

Here it is:

They are everywhere, encompassing every aspect of our existence in Fanfiction. The most horrific of all the plagues that torments the world of Fanfiction...a Mary Sue. A Mary Sue (or Gary Stu) is usually a character created by the author to make them feel better. They are inserted into our favorite worlds, seemingly innocent, but in fact, they wreak havoc across known fandom, destroying order, creating mass chaos and hatred of the said Sue creater's.

You cannot really get your hands on a Sue, to help or to hinder, but you can help in stopping the creation of a Sue or Stu, before you get the regular fan world to hate you. I am not an expert on the subject, but I know someone who does.

Click here:

This might help you authors who are on the verge of creating a Sue or Stu, might being a key word here. You have to help yourselves, stop the creation of Mary Sues, save us from the horrific torment from overused character concepts, and by doing so save your reputation as author who hasn't created a Sue.

A Quote of Mine:

'Of course, their numbers will never dwindle,they will never give in and they will keep appearing until we can put a stop to them. May the blood of many Mary Sues be spilt in the effort to erase their pestilence from our fair fandoms. Many will die for the cause, but it will be worth it!'

Works In Progress:

1.What Happened? R.E. Currently rewriting.

2. Final Fantasy: The War To End All Wars. 4th Chappie up soon!

There WILL be a Zelda fic sooner or later, might be some FLCL, FullMetal Alchemist and/or Trigun fics later. (Looks at Vash who has fixed him with a death glare).Vash-sama just be patient! I'll have a Trigun fic up in a jiffy. (Starts shooting at me.) Hey, you're supposed to be my bodyguard! (Vash shrugs and keeps firing.)

I will probably have more-(dodges bullet)-so, just be patient.Any help would be greatly appreciated. And so this is Twilight-Link signing off. Stop shooting at ME! ( I shout pulling out my M-16. A firefight commences and we both disarm each other. After a tense moment, I salute Vash, who nods quietly.)

Semper Fi, Carry On.

Always Faithful, Marine Motto.

Updated August 11!

Holy Crap! Have you guys seen the FFVII Tech Demo For The PS3? Its fucking awesome! (Watches it for the umpteenth time, and faints, gets back up.) Hopefully they'll revamp FFVII! Making it even cooler!

Updated August 21!

I have just heard... LOZ Twilight Princess has been delayed...NOOOOOOOOO! (Extremely depressed.)

Updated August 28!

Chris Redfield will be staring in RE5, YEAH BABY! YEAH!

Updated October 31!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Updated November 27!

Happy Thanksgiving, peeps!

Updated December 30!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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