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Author has written 16 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Mario, Full Moon wo Sagashite, and Xenosaga.

Nickname: Emi, Sammie

Age: 19

Likes: Reviews, writing, playing vg

Dislikes: Flamers, OC, mary-sues, typos, yaoi pairings

Fav Game/Other Series:

Mario, Sonic, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Soul Calibur, FMWS, Yu-Gi-Oh, Vocaloid, Brawl, and Xenosaga.

Fav Mario characters:

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, and Dry Bowser.

Fav Sonic characters:

Rouge and Knuckles.

Fav Metal Gear characters:

Snake and Meryl

Fav FF characters:

Yuffie, Lulu, Rikku (FFX only), RedXIII, and Auron.

Fav Soul Calibur characters:

Setsuka, Ivy, Tira, and Cassandra.

Fav FMWS characters:

Meroko, Madoka, and Izumi.

Fav YGO characters:

Yami Yugi/Atemu, Yami Bakura, Mai Valentine, and Shizuka

Fav Brawl characters to use:

Mario, Olimar, ZSS, Zelda, Peach, Ness, Kirby, Marth, and Falco.

Fav Xenosaga characters:

chaos, KOS-MOS (ep I only), MOMO, and Ziggy.

Fav Vocaloids:

Miku, Len and Rin Kagamine, Luka, and Meiko.

Fav Teen Titan characters:

Raven, Cyborg, Robin, Starfire, and Beast Boy

Least Fav Metal Gear characters:

Vamp, Naomi, and Johnny.

Least Fav FF characters:

Yuna and Seymour.

Least Fav Soul Calibur characters:

Xianghua and Mitsurugi.

Least Fav FMWS characters:

Mitsuki and Takuto.

Least Fav YGO characters:

Ryou and Mokuba

Least Fav Xenosaga characters:

Shion and Jr.

Least Fav Teen Titans characters:

Terra, the Brain, Madame Rouge, and the gorrilla dude I forget his name.

Fav Mario Pairings:

Mario/Peach, Luigi/Daisy B. Mario/B. Peach, B. Luigi/B. Daisy, Bowser/Peach (one-sided ONLY), and Luigi/Rosalina.

Fav Sonic Pairings:

Knuckles/Rouge, Sonic/Amy (only in Sonic X), Tails/Amy, and Tails/Cream.

Fav Metal Gear Pairings:


Fav FF Pairings:

Vincent/Yuffie, Zack/Aerith, Cloud/Tifa, Zack/Tifa, Tidus/Rikku, Seymour/Yuna, Shuyen/Lenne, Hope/Vanille, Wario/Yuna (crossover), and Noctis/Lightning (crossover).

Fav FMWS pairings:

Takuto/Meroko, Izumi/Meroko, and Wakaouji/Oshige

Fav YGO pairings:

Jonouchi/Mai, Seto/Shizuka, Akefia/Kisara, Seto/Kisara, and Ryou/Anzu

Fav Vocaloid pairings:

KAITO/Miku, Gakupo/Rin, Len/Luka, and MEIKO/Luka.

Fav Brawl Pairings:

Marth/Zelda, Link/Samus, Sonic/Samus (one-sided ONLY), Meta Knight/Jigglypuff, Kirby/Meta Knight, Lucas/Nana, CF/Samus, and Mario/Zelda.

Fav Xenosaga Pairings:

chaos/KOS-MOS, Yeshua/Mary, chaos/T-elos, Allen/Shion, Kevin/Shion, Jr./Shion, Jr./Mary, Gaignun/Shelley, Albedo/Sakura, Rubedo/Sakura, Allen/KOS-MOS, and Shion/black hole.

Fav Teen Titans Pairings:

Beast Boy/Raven, Robin/Raven, and Kid Flash/Jinx.

Least Fav Sonic Pairings:

Shadow/Amy, Shadow/Rouge, Tails/Cosmo, and Knuckles/Julie-Su.

Least Fav Metal Gear Pairings:


Least Fav FF Pairings:

Cloud/Aerith, Reno/Yuffie, Tidus/Yuna, Shuyen/Yuna, Gippal/Rikku, Hope/Lightning, Snow/Sera, and Fang/Vanille.

Least Fav FMWS pairings:

Izumi/Mitsuki, Takuto/Mitsuki, and Eichi/Mitsuki.

Least Fav YGO pairings:

Any shounen-ai and shojo-ai couple, Yami Bakura/Anzu, and any OC/*insert hot YGO guy*

Least Fav Vocaloid pairings:

Kaito/MEIKO, Len/Miku, Gakupo/Luka, and Miku/Luka.

Least Fav Brawl Pairings:

Marth/Samus, any "hot" bishounen-looking guy/Peach, Sonic/Zelda, and Snake/Samus.

Least Fav Xenosaga pairings:

Shion/KOS-MOS, chaos/Shion, Shion/T-elos, and Jr./MOMO.

Least Fav Teen Titans pairings:

Beast Boy/Terra and Robin/Starfire (in the Tokyo movie, hella cheesy).


Yaoi/Yuri: I can stand a bit of shoujo-ai and shounen-ai, and will occassionally write it, but NOT YAOI OR YURI.

Brawl pairings: I admit, I love writing/reading them a lot. But if there's too much swordsmen/girls pairings, then I won't read it. It's so boring and typical. Admit it girls, you're only sticking Marth, Roy, Pit, Ike, etc, into a lot of your stories not because you like their character, but because they're good-looking. I suggest writers try to add other characters into their stories, you know, to spice things up a bit. I have not read a single fanfic involving Diddy Kong in the Brawl community. Maybe I should be the one doing it, lol.

Total Crack Brawl Pairings: None of the Brawl pairings that exist in the fandom, other than Mario/Peach and Link/Zelda are possible. Which is why I am fine with crack pairings, since almost all are. I think it's irritating when people fight over SSB pairings, act as if his/her favorite is better than the other. But I do agree there needs to be some sort of boundaries. Unless you're a really good, intricate writer, I don't think Snake and Kirby are gonna be making love with each other. Same goes for CF x Olimar or Pit x Samus. I will only read pairings that I think are possible if they were to meet or if it's written very well.

Anti-Mario Rant: I'm not expecting everyone to like Mario, but some of the reasons to not like him are really pathetic. The ones I hear are: 1) He's fat. 2) He's not good-looking like Link. 3) He's overrated. 4) He's a douche to Bowser. 5) He's an attention whore. First off, Mario isn't even that chubby. It's just we see so many anorexic bitches around so he appears that way. Secondly, you're completely shallow for judging a character based on appearance. Thirdly, if you actually play his games, they're a lot of fun, and so no, I don't think he's overrated. I think this is a matter of opinion though so I kinda can't blame you or anyone else who thinks this. Fourthly, he's a douche to Bowser? Maybe if Bowser doesn't go around kidnapping princesses and stealing things then Mario doesn't have to be so mean. Bowser IS the one that started it (I like Bowser btw). And lastly, how can he be an attention whore when he can hardly even talk? Blame the producers. The only reason I'm writing this is because people have been going around writing stories bashing Mario and making him the bad guy and it's starting to get on my nerves.

Which Brawl Pairings I like and Why:

Marth/Zelda - I like this pairing because I think if they happen to be in the same game as each other, it could happen. I know Zelda is a Hylian, Marth has Sheeda, etc., but their personalities would most likely blend. They're so cute together and as sad as it is, I even like it more than Link/Zelda. Ack! Don't hurt me! *dodges tomatoes*

Mario/Peach and Link/Zelda - I stuck these two couples together because they're very alike. I like them both. Mario/Peach are a classic pair and I love the two to death! Unfortunately I don't see too many of this going around in the Brawl section. Well I guess that's why there's a Mario section... For Link/Zelda, they're cute and all, but majority of the fans need to calm down. They bash every single Zelda/other guy pairing that someone makes and it's like chill, if you think Link/Zelda is most sensible and the others aren't, then you wouldn't be complaining in the first place. If you think Link/Zelda will happen, then why bother wasting your time flaming other people's different preferences?

Captain Falcon/Samus and Sonic/Samus - I doubt Samus would want to be with CF or a blue hedgehog, but who knows? CF is a funny character, and ever since I played the first SSB, I've always thought they shared a lot in common. I even had a dream with the two being a possible couple one time. Maybe it can work out, haha! Sonic/Samus on the other hand will never work out. But I think it'd be more one-sided. I think Sonic is capable of liking a human, and I can just imagine him liking Samus which I think would be funny~

Meta Knight/Jigglypuff and Kirby/Meta Knight - Jigglypuff seems cute, sweet, yet hot-tempered, while Meta Knight is mysterious, cold, and dark. I think it's adorable! Same with Kirby/Meta Knight, that is, if they are gay. I think this is the only shoujo-ai pairing I like in SSB. I used to also support Lucas and Ness since I think the fanart is so adorable, but when someone brought up about them having sex, ehh, I stopped shipping... ._.;

Lucas/Nana - The reason why I pair these two up instead of Popo/Nana is because I'm unsure of Popo and Nana's relationship, if they're related or not. I think Lucas and Nana would make a nice pair nonetheless, though they're still children, so I don't ship them that much.

Link/Samus - My favorite! They're stories seem very similar, and if they ever interacted, I'm pretty sure they'd be best friends. Veterans ftw! :)

Mario/Zelda - This pairing isn't very possible, but cute nonetheless. Their personalities would make them good friends, though. I like the scene in Brawl when Mario is about to punch Bowser, but when he raises up the Zelda trophy, Mario doesn't punch her. :)

Which Brawl Pairings I Don't Like and Why:

Peach/Any other guy - I guess the fangirls' reasons to pair Peach with what they refer to as a better looking guy irks me. I don't like how majority bash Mario and say he's ugly. That's just messed up. I can't imagine Peach with any one else other than Mario. I even have issues with Bowser/Peach and Luigi/Peach, too.

Marth/Samus - This is actually my most disliked hetero pairing in SSB. Mostly because their personalities just don't go well together. Imagine, Marth and Samus in a room together. They're both quiet people. Their conversation: *crickets chirp* I just don't see them ever getting together. The first time I heard this pair I was like wow, most awkward pairing ever. XD ...

Snake/Samus - I used to like this pairing until people (mostly guys) started assembling clips of Snake/Samus porn. Snake is NOT just a pervert. If you played his games, he has one of the saddest stories ever. Snake and Samus share a lot in common, and if someone writes a really good fanfiction rather than simply Snake hitting on her, maybe you can convert me into a Snake/Samus fan again. Otherwise the fandom has tainted my opinion towards them.

Snake/Anyone else - Snake wouldn't look good with anyone else in Brawl. Whether it be straight or shoujo-ai, no, just no. Especially that Kirby/Snake fanfic I passed by. *shudders*

Shounen-ai pairings with the swordsmen - Girls only pair them up because they're "good looking." I don't enjoy Ike/Marth, Link/Pit, Roy/Marth, etc. I dunno, it's just not my kinda taste. I don't really like Shoujo-ai either, because I can only imagine the girls as good friends.


I know I've stated which pairings I dislike and why, but I will never bash someone's fanfic or put down other people's opinion just because they aren't like mine. I expect everyone else to do the same for me. We are all different, unique people who have interest in different things but let's just get along, okay?

If you love Mario and hate to see him bashed in fanfictions, copy and paste this onto your profile.

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