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Hey everyone. I'm known here as Archangelina, but my friends call me by my real name, which is Veronica. I do love anime, and Tad Williams' The War of the Flowers, and very recently a series of books called "Stravaganza." That's how I picked my name, actually. In the Stravaganza book City of Stars there was this race horse called "Archangelo" so...I feminized it. I didn't much like the sound of Archangela, it just came up a bit short for me. (I realize now that there is another user by that name, and I think it's lovely, but not for me, is all. I just liked the way Archangelina flowed. _) I have a friend on the site known as o0_Miss_Koaru_0o who writes very well and already had a ravely reviewed Story up called "Love Hurts" before she even let me know she likes to write.

Anyway, I'm from Louisiana. That's right, Louisiana. WE don't wear shoeses or brushes our hairs or nothin'. Okay, so I'm joking with you. People just say that about us b/c they're jealous of our cooking skills. BAM! Actually, some of us are very smart. (I say "some" because the LSU football team has the collective intellect of dryer lent. just kidding, guys.)

I'm very picky about adding stories to my fav's list. Only stories that I consider to be the absolute epitomy of entertainment can be found there. All the others that I enjoy reading only make it to my alert list. In other words, only stories I rank "9.5-10.0" make it.So basically, all the stories on my list have high recommendations.

Well, that's my small profile. Also, if you happen to be in the Elfwood community, look me up! Full name's Veronica Lea Bordelon. And if you're deviantart, you can catch me at !

Have fun you crazy kids!

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The following unsigned review was submitted to my story by some using the alias of "snowball and haniko()".

Get on with the fucking ending and put some damn action is infernal thing yeesh!
She's sleepy, I hate your story, we have twin telepathy and I can hear her annoying bitching about your fucking story. So you know what you can take this god damn story and shove it so far up your ass you choke on it DO YOU FUCKING HEAR ME YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH!

If you have any idea who this coward is, please send me an e-mail so I can alert the admin on I am outraged and I am not going to let this slide with anyone. I have a feeling I know, but I don't want to jump to conclusions. I want to be friendly with everyone on this sight, but this is going too far to be solved with such kindness.

This review will be erased, as I don't like seeing such filth on my reviews page.

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The Sound of a Falling Star reviews
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Where were You? reviews
It's Winry's birthday. And when she's supposed to be happy, she isn't. Her mind drifts to Edward in longing in sorrow. If he finds the Philosipher's stone, he won't need her anymore and it's killing her. Oneshot.
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