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Author has written 8 stories for Hellsing, Final Fantasy VII, King of Fighters, Tsubasa Chronicle, Teen Idol, Kingdom Hearts, Punch-Out!!, and Your lie in April/四月は君の嘘.

Name: Amelia

Former pen name: gr.8chibiangels2

Age: Old enough

Strengths: I love to start writing stories and the middle part of it is somthing I do look forward to writing

Weakness: Endings. I hate endings because it's like another piece of you is gone and over. No matter how silly that sounds.

Bio: Another creeper who occasional posts stories here. There are a few that need to really be updated and well this year seems like a great start to pick up where I left off. I decided that a new pen name would be a great idea just because my older one was something that I just shared with my friend but she never did use this account so I just took over really. This is pretty much the rebirth for me in a away because from now on I will try and finish what I have started since I now have the time to think and type it out. After awhile you start to have a better grasp of what it is you need to do and where you want to lead the story towards.

Dislikes: People who hate without reason. If you don't like what you read at l east give me some tips to get better instead of a full on flame, that just seems senseless.

Looking: To improve my writing skills.

Preferred reading sections


Card Captor Sakura
Dragonball Z
Gundam Wing and occasionally seed
Initial D
One piece
Rurouni Kenshin
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Tsubasa Chronicles


Jane Austen
Little Women
Catcher in the Rye
Jane Eyre


Avatar: Last Airbender




Assassin's Creed
Dead or Alive
Devil May cry
FinalFantasy VII
Jak & Daxter
Jet Grind Radio
King of Fighters
Kingdom Hearts
Metal gear
Legend of Zelda
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Punch out!!
Resident Evil





Chasing the sun- Tsubasa Chronicles

Fleeting thought- Teen Idol

Never to be seen- Kingdom Hearts


Miss Independent- King of Fighters

Plain Jane- Punch out!!

To Speak the heart's desire is to fall- Final fantasy VII

Under the pale moon- Hellsing


If there's anyone out there who still reads my stories I just want to say I'm so sorry. And no I'm not dead and these stories are not abandoned, I will finish them and my goal is to start writing more. I know that all of you must hear this a lot and it probably seems like me beating a dead horse now but I really mean it now. Starting this month, things are definitely going to change

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Waking the sleepy dragon by shadowanime1 reviews
My 3rd AXS story. It takes place in Transylvania where Alucard is summoned to attend a vampire gathering, the reason you might ask? Well you'll just have to read and see. The main point, he'll be making sure Seras is his and his alone alone for all time.
Hellsing - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 21 - Words: 38,956 - Reviews: 170 - Favs: 241 - Follows: 95 - Updated: 6/18/2010 - Published: 9/30/2009 - Alucard, Seras - Complete
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When Roxas is forced to volunteer at the psych ward he befriends a pyromaniac, a sadist, a musician who can 'see' sounds and an artist with a mysterious past. As he spends more time with them he begins to realize everything isn't as it seems...
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Heated Tenacity by Ornamental Nonsense reviews
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A Yuffie and Cloud fic. She confesses and he doesn't respond. This is how she copes and learns more about herself and just maybe a chance to show that she's not just a typical brat. Summary changed but it's still the same story. Back after long hiatus.
Crossover - Final Fantasy VII & Kingdom Hearts - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 13,387 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 3/10/2012 - Published: 12/14/2005 - Cloud S., Yuffie K.
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Cheating boyfriends equals heart break, Yuri just went through this. Now good friends Mai Shiranui and King are forcing her to find a new boyfriend! And the fact that Yuri keeps bumping into her ex. doesn't help
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Plain Jane reviews
Ever wondered about the people in the audience who watched the fights during punch out! Well this story is about one face in the crowd who loved Mac from the start. Her problem. How do you get a rising star to notice you? especially when you're plain.
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Never to be seen reviews
Namine the girl who was always alone. They saved her. She was just apart of the deal though. She tries to figure out the truth and faults of her life. Her real feelings about everything that she just wants to hide. "The witch is all alone."
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Seras sits in the park and reflects about her life as a vampire and how she's fallen in love with her master believing she must be insane for allowing her heart to feel this way
Hellsing - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 5,367 - Reviews: 26 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 13 - Updated: 8/20/2007 - Published: 12/8/2005
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Jen visits a cafe after she and Scott had split up, despite the cirmustances she couldn't help but agree with him and with the help a stranger she finds out the truth that she doesn't believe is true.
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someone once said 'no matter how dark the night dawn will always break' I wanted to believe him so much but I knew it was a foolish to give myself hope that he'll ever come back ChixFai
Tsubasa Chronicle - Rated: K - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 988 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 10/22/2006 - Complete
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