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I made a message board about writing... not that anyone posts. -Sniff-


So anyway, hello folks! I am Fluffysilver from deviantArt. :)

Firstly, STORY STATS! Sauron's Bombshell - I'll update it when I feel like it.
This isn't Middle Earth! - on hold, it's really crappy right now. Might redo it, actually.
Death takes over the Bar - DONE.
Fluffy's Movie - On hold.
Family Wars - Also on hold.
The Life of Pika, a Melee Participant - On hold too.
Gollum's Pie - DONE.

Finally, quotes!

"No shit, sherlock." ~ Maddox ( - it's not a positive site, he uses it to rant, just telling you.)

"BACK OFF! It's MY tuna fish!" ~ Ken (

"100 chickens in the coop! 100 chickens in the coop! Then a duck, what the f--, 99 chickens and a duck!" ~ Best friend (not saying which) singing along to "100 bottles of beer on the wall".

"Aww! She's so cute!" ~ Ley whenever I pretend to be offended.

"You've got the worst timing ever." ~ Ley again, when I used her ruler to catapult my lip stuff across the room just as my science teacher was telling my class off... Oops...

I didn't get in trouble, by the way. Back to the quotes!

"Brain capacity... cheese... brain capacity... slugs... shower... brain capacity..." ~ Me in the shower after getting up in the morning.

"NononononononononoNO!" ~ Me cutely objecting to something. Being deliberately cute. Usually before 4th quote.

"Hmm... how come the bible tells you to love your enemies AND "not suffer a witch to live". The hell?" ~ Me during Christian Studies. (Not meaing to spark any religion fights, but it's true.)

"OK, so two barks means go ahead, one bark means come to me, or whoever's barked once, and a howl means they're near you, got it?"

"OK, whatever. What was two howls again?"

"They're near you."

"Wasn't that one howl?"

"Oh crap, it was. Damn, I forgot now. Just... grr..." ~ Me and Fyre playing war games with my brother and his friend (us being one team).

"I'll give you 5 bucks if you can find a four leaf clover!"

"... OK, I'm not giving you five bucks!" ~ Me and Fyre, we came across a patch of clovers, she said the first bit... then I stooped down and picked up a four leaf clover. I've still got it. AND IT'S A HUGE ONE TOO! Much bigger than the usual ones I see. Not huge, but big.

"Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once!"

"Why do you always say it only once?"

"Because I'm clinging onto a drainpipe that's about to fall ooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOVER! AAAAHHH!" ~ (Allo Allo) Rene asking Michelle about her famous quote.

"Helga! How did you get up there?"

"I'm standing on a peasant. STAND STILL!" ~ (Allo Allo) Colenel Von Strohm in jail asking how Helga got up to the window.

"She has pissed out!" ~ (Allo Allo), Officer Crabtree the Englishman who speaks very bad French. ("She has passed out")

"Gid moaning!" ~ Crabtree again. ("Good morning")

Also -

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