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Yes, this is the former tokengirl.

Well, first off - just call me tokengirl. After I had had an unfortunate run in with my parents about the content of these stories, I decided to change my penname to something a little more abstract. So yes, this is still tokengirl, but hiding in plain sight, if you know what I mean.

I live in Hong Kong - my beloved, stinking rock that sits there in the sea - but I go to boarding school in New England, USA. The East Coast, in other words. Or, at least, I used to. I graduated last year, and I now attend college. Still on the East Coast.

On the topic of fanfiction: I never knew about this addicting world of stories until my best friend - and beta, actually - came along. She was more for the Harry Potter stuff - but my interest was rather torn away at that time when I discovered, more or less, that there was a Mediator category. Of course, I do take quite an interest in Harry Potter - MWPP era, of course - and now, after the Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End movie, I can't help but take a liking to some of the Sparrabeth stories. Oh, and now that I have a huge obsession with Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, I'll be taking a shot at that genre as well. I find that Tamora Pierce fanfiction is just lacking in general (here and out on the world wide web), so, although I'd love to read some Tortall stories, I'm out of luck.

You can also follow me on Twitter now. I'm xxbutterflaii on there, too. Hope to see some Potterfans / Twilighters there. I'll be posting more regular updates on statuses of my fics, and some fics that are on the way.

But enough drabble about me - I'm sure you would like to be entertained by my not-so-well-written stories. Have fun!


12/7/09 -

As promised. There you have it: OMAS 12. Hope you enjoy.

PS: You can follow me on twitter. twitter dot com / xxbutterflaii . I'll be posting updates there. :)

06/7/09 -

So... Yeah. I really haven't had alot of time my senior year to write any fics. Really. I'm not kidding. However, for those who are interested, I finally started the MWPP Project this past May, and I have the first chapter on my site, intothepensieve.net . So if you want to check that out, feel free. It's by no means finished yet (it has barely started, actually), so don't expect too much! I'll see what my schedule's like in the school year, but I'm sure I'll have more free time now that I've entered college.

Exciting: I'll be updating OMAS soon. After not updating in 2 years, the fact that I still get about 30 hits a day on that story has caved me in. Expect a new chapter in the next few days, and... well. A different writing style. Thanks everyone who has supported OMAS!

22/8/08 -

Okay, I come with a peace offering, Frustration, Anticipation, Satisfaction. Debut in the Twlight fandom. Enjoy the smut.

26/7/08 -

Aw, crap. Again with the lack of updates. I really need to get better at this.

Unfortunately, I've been slightly plagued with college applications, studying for the ACTs and SATs, and the like. There is probably no chance of me writing updates for anything for a good... well. Half a year. I'm so sorry everyone!

I'll probably write several oneshots though, when my fingers are itching to write something that isn't related to college... Dang. But yeah. I apologize, but college really does have alot more at stake than my sporadic fanfiction updates. I love you all!

28/3/08 -
Oh god, another half a year. I really need to find some time in my schedule to write some more...

Ordinary is a really short oneshot, much shorter than If Only For A Moment. It's been posted, and if you want lots of lovely fluff, you should check it out. LJ, again.

Well, Switching Roles is definitely on hiatus now, and I will probably never update it. Sorry. The brainwave I had when I started it was reviewed and I realized I don't have enough inspiration to really write this story well. Apologies to the readers who are waiting for me to start.

Ghostly Magick and Of Mudbloods and Sex are definitely on. I just need to figure out a time to update. Apologies again! My junior year is turning out to be a killer one.

17/8/07 -

Damn, it's been a year. Anyway -

Ghostly Magick will be updated soon. Sorry for the delay. Just got a new brain wave, so I think I have ideas for this one.

Switching Roles is undergoing debate. I'm not sure if I want to continue it as of yet, but will inform at next update (whenever that is).

Of Mudbloods and Sex is most definitely going to be updated more regularly. Just a forewarning - things are about to get M-rated.

If Only For A Moment is a oneshot and has been posted. Companion piece to MWPP Project. Enjoy. It's long.

I've decided to discontinue Mediator : Curtains Up. The plot and the way I developed Suze as a character really isn't cutting it for me. I even had the entire plot for the next two sequels all figured out. But I didn't really have any motivation for this story anymore, and I haven't even updated it for nearly a year. Perhaps if I still have chapters I've written and never posted, I will post it up. Otherwise, sorry to those who actually liked my story - I've decided to stop it. Thanks for people's support.

Also, Switching Roles is on hiatus. I haven't written a single thing after the first two chapters I've posted. Or one. I'm not sure whether or not to continue this, so... Maybe I'll find inspiration and start writing again. So sorry.

Ghostly Magick is undergoing heavy editing and plot development. I really want at least one of my Mediator fanfictions to work out - looking back, I realize that all the stories that really need work on are my Mediator fictions. When I say that, I mean urgently - my sole Harry Potter one seems to be doing fairly well. But I'm determined to make this one work, even if it isn't a real Mediator story. Thanks for all your support.

My Stories

1) I'd Do Anything - oneshot
My first fanfiction. It's a songfic placed in the fifth book (Haunted) when Jesse is about to move out.

2) The Mediator : Curtains Up - discontinued
This is my version of the Mediator. Starts when Suze just moves to Carmel.
Is her new life going to be too much for our Suze?

3) The Beginning of The End - oneshot
I wrote this at my summer camp. We had to keep a journal and I dedicated ten pages to this story.
JS heartbreak. When Suze discovers that Jesse brings an unexpected someone home, can she forgive him before it's too late?

4) The Mediator : Switching Roles- on hiatus
Just started it after I had a brainwave.
Has nothing to do with 'Curtains Up'. My first fantasy fanfiction for Mediator!
Identical babies - different lives, different upbringings. What happens when their worlds are forced to collide?

5) Ghostly Magick - on hiatus and under heavy editing
A Mediator x Harry Potter crossover.
Hopefully all the good plots haven't been taken yet! Not a Suze - Harry twin thing.
When tragedy hits the Ackerman household, Suze is shipped off to London. What adventures and surprises await her there?

6) Of Mudbloods and Sex - updated irregularly
Warning: Rated M. I expect you know what you're getting into.
A LilyJames fanfiction. Marauder's Era. (MWPP.) Very AU.
My debut in the Harry Potter fanfiction world. Currently my most popular fanfiction.
A summer after their sixth year, Lily and her friends return to Hogwarts completely and utterly changed.
What mischief and adventure will these girls and the Marauders find during their final school year?

7) If Only For A Moment - oneshot
Post Deathly Hallows. Spoilers galore. Do not read unless you've read HP: DH yourself.
Based on a little theory on the Patronuses of three particular people in the MWPP era. AU.
Drama/Romance. Angsty as well, if you like that. Rated T because of some language and sexual ideas.
It's seventh year, and Professor Scarbrough thought it'd be fun to teach a little bit of advanced magic.
No one thought the discoveries that could be made during this little project would be so revealing... and shocking.

8) Ordinary - oneshot
Rated T for slight sexuality.
A LilyJames oneshot. Marauder's Era. (MWPP.)
Romance. Extremely fluffy. Although T-Rated, should be okay for those aged or over 13.
Lily and James had decided to make love for the first time. In the after-sex conversation,
Lily's insecurities are revealed and James finds one definite cure of reassurance as both plunge into the world of adulthood.

9) Frustration, Anticipation, Satisfaction - oneshot
A BellaEdward oneshot. My debut in the Twilight fandom.
Rated M for smut. Lots of it. LEMONS.
Bella is getting extremely frustrated with Edward. I mean, post-marital sex is good and all, but not when
you're a hormonal teenage girl. So what does she do? Try to relieve the frustration, of course.
However, she doesn't anticipate an intrusion... a very welcome intrusion...

10) When Words Aren't Enough - oneshot
A James/Lily oneshot. Marauder's Era. (MWPP.)
Romance. A little angst and lots of lemon-y goodness. Definitely M-Rated.
Lily and James get into an argument about trust and love... Will James be able to convince Lily that he truly loves her?
Or will James realize that sometimes, in your moment of need... words aren't enough?

11) Till Death Do Us Part - drabble
A James/Lily drabble. Post-Hogwarts.
Romance. Not really T, but there is some reference to sex.
James reflects on their love, their marriage, and their promises.
A small collection of memories.

Thanks to Jam C:
Best friend and beta.
She is the reason to my 'good' writing.
... yeah briticising.



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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Till Death Do Us Part reviews
- rated T - James/Lily - drabble - He remembers the way her red hair always shone. He remembers her love, her smile, her warmth. He remembers her whisper, and he remembers their promise: till death do us part.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 892 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 3 - Published: 4/18/2010 - James P., Lily Evans P.
Of Mudbloods and Sex reviews
[ ModernDay AU ] [ rating for later chapters ] When Lily leaves for the summer of sixth year, she comes back completely transformed. Presenting the new Lily Evans: sexy, dangerous, and utterly scandalous.
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 50,535 - Reviews: 668 - Favs: 290 - Follows: 423 - Updated: 7/12/2009 - Published: 1/26/2006 - Lily Evans P., James P.
When Words Aren't Enough reviews
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Ordinary reviews
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If Only For a Moment reviews
AU. [ postDH ] 'Patronuses are affected by the ones you love.' One stag, two does, three people entwined. What will they do now?
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