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Name: My name is none of the importance

Age: 18

Birthday: October 7th, 1999

I like: Sonic the Hedgehog, Transformers Animated, Resident Evil, Watch Dogs, Rick and Morty, Regular Show, Star Wars, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Five Nights at Freddy's, Dead Rising, Ted Movies, Scream MTV series, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Netflix, DC Cinematic Universe, the DC CW produced shows, and Injustice Gods Among Us.

I don't like: Racism, Frozen, bad endings (unless it's a good one, of course), Cliffhangers that are never to be shown, Ken Penders, and pickles.

Make sure to stay tuned for more Transformers Animated, and also don't forget to check out Season 4 and 5 on my AO3 account on the link below.

Oh, and don't worry, I'll still leave the Season 4 Episode Summary up as well for Season 5, just for you guys!

Transformers Animated Season 4 Episode Summary.

Episode 1: The Trail of Megatron.

Even behind bars, Megatron proves a formidable opponent in the 4th season opener. With the group split after the passing of Prowl, Sari seeks to learn more about her mysterious origin, Bulkhead finds his hometown a Decepticon target, all in the while Megatron uses the distraction of his trail to relocate the prison city of Koan to Earth in a spectacular prison break. Now it's up to Optimus Prime to reassemble his team and find Megatron and all the other escaped Decepticons.

Episode 2: Freaky Friday.

The Autobots return back to Earth along with two new teammates, both new and old allies, as they and the Decepticons find a Allspark Fragment signature and both sides go to find it, while on the behind the scenes, an average teenage boy in his high school year is not only about to have the craziest, unforgettable Friday, but also a new team of friends that will not only be memorable but will the biggest change of his entire life!

Episode 3: Meltdown's Revenge.

Prometheus Black, AKA, Meltdown, was believed to be dead by the Autobots and everyone in Detroit, only to be proved wrong as he has come back to not only targets the Autobots for his past failures but also Professor Sumdac and the electoral candidate for mayor, Porter C. Powell. Meanwhile, Ironhide comes to terms with adapting in his life on Earth while trying to see if he can defend those in need, without the use of violence.

Episode 4: Gamemaster.

Prowl comes back from the dead as a voice inside of Jazz's head as Professor Sumdac's former employee and wanted fugitive, Henry Masterson returns, now naming himself the "Gamemaster" as he was given an offer he couldn't refuse by the Decepticon Soundwave, to destroy the Autobots by using one of the only things that no one in the universe would ever expect... Bumblebee's favorite video game, Ninja Gladiator.

Episode 5: Homecoming.

It's Homecoming at Detroit High School, as Cade and his human friends prepare for the Homecoming Dance, they have to deal with an annoying femme fatale hostile that likes to take away boyfriends, and speaking of femme fatales, Blackarachnia comes back along with Waspinator to take the Energon hidden inside the school. Bumblebee struggles with the task of telling Ironhide of the fate of Wasp while Optimus Prime has his own struggling secret that is hidden from everyone... Especially Bumblebee!

Episode 6: S.T.E.A.M.

Cliffjumper, Minerva, and Chromia make an appearance as the radical Luddites of Save The Earth and Mankind run afoul of Soundwave with their steampunk tools and anti-technological agenda. Now the Autobots have no choice but to save their most vocal detractors, while Cade struggles to tell his mother the truth of his daily night activities with his friends, while she, on the other hand, has already gotten a tip from an unknown woman in black.

Episode 7: Home Away From Home.

Bulkhead, Arcee, and Sari Sumdac are introduced to their new team, Athenia, consisting of the remaining members of Rodimus Prime, Brawn, and Red Alert, along with the new member, Kup, as they are tasked with liberating one of Bulkhead's hometowns from the wrath of General Strika and her group of Decepticons, including her reunited lovely and destructive Bondmate, none other than Lugnut himself!

Episode 8: Prank-a-Thon.

Bumblebee and Ironhide somewhat bond together in the latest episode as the Prankster makes an appearance in the screen, making what looked like a fun place to hang out in, only for the day to be turned into a living nightmare of deadly toys and machines, as Tessa is kidnapped for one of his "Fun Pranks", it is up for the Autobots and their human companions, including Captain Fanzone himself, to take on the Prankster before he causes more harm!

Episode 9: Aunt Lena.

Professor Isaac Sumdac is found kidnapped by S.T.E.A.M. as they hunt down for those that have assisted the Autobots before, putting the Autobots in a mission of a search and rescue to find the Robotics genius, while Maggie Madsen learns a terrible truth in her family about what her Aunt truly is, and what she has been really working for.

Episode 10: Allspark-Alypse Now!

Sentinel travels to Earth, determined to use all the AllSpark to defeat Megatron. The ghost of Prowl must inhabit the bodies of Cybertronians powered by the AllSpark fragments to warn Optimus of the potentially dire consequence of Sentinel's actions.

Episode 11: Grimlock Homesick.

Minerva has seen an opportunity not only to impress Ratchet and the rest of the Autobots of her Empathic skills but also to get the Dinobots to finally make peace with the Autobots and join them officially as Grimlock comes to them utterly sick from one of Swindle's poisons.

Episode 12: Vortex Unleashed.

Blurr gets kidnapped and is forced to endure experimentations inflicted by the sinister Shockwave, resulting in him into becoming the Decepticon Vortex! Now it is up to Team Athenia, with help from the renounced former Decepticon, Drift, along with Blurr's friends, Dug Base and Wheelie, to help Blurr get into his senses while trying to deal with the real intention behind Project Vortex, which led to an assault by Barricade into the Cybertronian Archive.

Episode 13: Night of the Living Space Barnacle.

It's Halloween, and the Autobots find themselves in trouble since the Space Barnacle returns and wreaks havoc on the Decepticons, leaving them affected by its touch and they come to taunt the Autobots on this very night! Will they be able to survive the night, or will their fates turn out the same as the Decepticons?

Episode 14: Election Year.

Michael Bay's Transformers characters Lennox and Epps make an appearance as the Autobots have been seeking help by the U.S. Government since their own technology was stolen by the Bounty Hunter Lockdown, forced to work for S.T.E.A.M. due to brutal and extreme force on him if he does not comply. Now they must work together and uncover a plot that is meant to be the fate of all of Detroit as Election day draws nearer...

Episode 15: Awakening.

The fate of Ultra Magnus rests in the balance as Megatron targets him for an assassination mission exclusively for General Strika and Lugnut, and now Team Athenia is tasked with protecting the comatose Magnus while trying to help him wake up and heal his wounds, and the other hand, Sari Sumdac struggles to figure out her past, and her ever-growing powers.

Episode 16: Mirror, Mirror.

A routine trip to Earth becomes an exercise in shattered preconceptions when Bulkhead and Sari find themselves in a universe inhabited by the heroic Decepticons and Evil Autobots.

Episode 17: Wrath of the Devastator.

The Constructicons return along with some new ones as Dirtboss wants revenge against the Autobots for messing with them in the previous Season, and they happen to have a lot more than just numbers, but a very big one that is Devastating!

Episode 18: Blackbird.

The Autobots face a more grave threat that none could ever forsee... Their Health! After Sentinel Prime starts to get sick, Optimus also gets sick, as a mysterious contamination of Energon is spread through their systems, and with all Primes down, and most of the Autobots at bay, the few standing left must find the cure in an abandoned asylum, where lie a key secret that Bumblebee will find out about his own.

Episode 19: MegaSound of Doom.

Soundwave's latest plot against the Autobots will have them facing the music as all of Detroit starts getting mind controlled by his schemes, using the App he installed. Now Jazz needs get his musical vibes on if he wants to be able to save his comrades and the rest of Detroit.

Episode 20: Invincible.

When Bumblebee is injected with a powerful dose of Energon, he gives the Decepticons a run for their money, but things take a turn when the Energon takes an effect on the Young Bot's mind, leaving the Autobots to find him before he takes on Megatron all by himself!

Episode 21: A Sentinel, a Spider, and a Carol.

It's Christmas time, and all of the Autobots are excited about the holiday tradition, all except for Sentinel, who refuses to take part of the human custom tradition or hang out with the rest of the Autobots, but perhaps a being with the definition of the impossible may help him get his spirit lifted through a Christmas Carol! And he'll need to get them lifted soon unless he wants to face Blackarachnia and her army of Predacons hunting him down.

Episode 22: This Is Why I Hate Organics.

Rattrap finds himself on Earth, surrounded by nothing but (eek!) organics. He manages to find a suitable "Bodyguard", but finds himself a target by both Autobots and Decepticons!

Episode 23: Evolve.

Sari Sumdac's Techno-Organic abilities start to go stronger as she is being hunted down by Decepticons! Now the Autobots must hurry to the rescue before the Decepticons find and capture her.

Episode 24: Gremlins in the Gears.

Minicons are loose and causing all kinds of havoc in Detroit, sabotaging and disassembling all machinery they come across-including Autobots! Now it's up to Ratchet and Fanzone to find a way to end the madness before the Minicons find victory in numbers!

Episode 25: What A Tangled Web We Weave.

On this Episode, we get to learn a more detailed background on Blackarachnia, on how she fell in with the Decepticons in the past, how she was responsible for Blitzwing's Triple Changer Mode, and how she adds to her Predacons in the present.

Episode 26: Turf War.

The Decepticons and Constructicons fight against each other for the planet's Energon, as they found out another possible way for them to be the big Bots in town, while the Autobots must get the Energon first before either of them get to it first!

Episode 27: It Came From Cybertron.

Autobot Cosmos is tasked with delivering an important item of value as he journeys his way to Earth, but then he spotted a B-Movie Set on his way and scanned an alien ship, which only resulted in getting no memories to who he is! Hilarity is ensured.

Episode 28: Triple Threat.

Megatron's Upgrade to a Triple Changer results in a panic of fear, as Decepticons begin to double-cross him and attempt to take him down, and it's up the Decepticon Tyrant to remind them why he is the leader of them all...

Episode 29: Race Night.

A boy from Tessa's school starts to emerge once more as Street Demon criminal, Master Disaster comes back to the fray, with his goals to create more street races, unaware that S.T.E.A.M. has other plans in store, prompting the Autobots to have a race to never forget!

Episode 30: Process of Elimination.

A mysterious assailant makes a series of deadly attacks upon Ironhide, Bulkhead, Sentinel Prime, and Bumblebee himself! All fingers lead to Waspinator and Shockwave, but when it is revealed they have both been attacked, that prompts the mystery to be harder to solve for them.

Episode 31: Cause and Effect.

Megan Swift is the Autobot's least favorite radio talk show person, but when an accident occurred to her, causing her to have abilities that are considered extraordinary, she prompts revenge against Autobot Elite Guard Safeguard, prompting fellow Autobots to protect the Jet Twins.

Episode 32: Family Matters.

The Autobots are pitted against a threat that has the run of their money when S.T.E.A.M. unleashes a new biological weapon against them, invincible to any kind of attacks that they threw at it, and the only hope they have is Cade Yeager to convince his Father that he's on the wrong side.

Episode 33: The Last Secret.

The Autobots are having a massive field day, as one of their own was suddenly taken by the Decepticons, and to make matters worse, all of Detriot is suffering from Traffic! As the Autobots attempt to find their missing friend and help civilians, we get to see some light into Megatron's plan of domination.

Episode 34,35,36: Megatron Must Be Destroyed!

The Season Finale of Transformers Animated has come, as Megatron's plan to destroy Earth and Cybertron comes to pass, the Autobots must do everything they can to stop the threat from happening to both worlds, while Sari gets a visit from a familiar face that will help save Earth and Cybertron, as the climactic battle between Autobots and Decepticons are raged together in this epic finale of Transformers!

Transformers Animated Season 5: Live Like Legends Episode Summary

Episode 1: Live Like Legends Part 1.

In the aftermath of Season 4, Bumblebee, now a part of the Elite Guard, leads his team to hunt down the remaining Decepticons and put them in the Autobot Stockades as he is trying to mourn, as he and with the help of Rodimus Prime and his team, along with many Autobots, protect Cybertron from an impending invasion committed by Starscream, while he is trying to overthrow the Autobots, a new threat looms behind the scenes...

Episode 2: Live Like Legends Part 2.

The Autobots return to Earth to deal with a political issue involving the aftermath of the Invasion of Detroit, while the Decepticons are plotting revenge, their Civil War is ended abruptly by a Decepticon of seemingly unknown origins.

Episode 3: Live Like Legends Part 3.

The Autobots, both Bumblebee's and Rodimus Prime's groups return to Cybertron to hang out with friends and family at a Celebration, but all that will be soon interrupted by the new threat that will soon come to reveal himself.

Episode 4: The Prime Who Died.

When Sentinel Minor's group found Optimus Prime floating around the KVI Cluster next to a ship of unknown origins, they would have thought it was a miracle, but when Optimus wakes up acting in a violent behavior, the group are pitted in a challenging situation when Bludgeon and his Pirates attempt to take over their ship with the help of Swindle and his own batch of Starscream Clones.

Episode 5: A Musical First Date.

Bumblebee and Minerva are on their first date to a Cybertronian Concert held by Rosanna, but when the team discovers a sudden plot conspiracy, they must put a stop to it before people get hurt.

Episode 6: Cult of Primus.

When the Autobots discover a religious group that worships Primus, they seemed to be very harmless, until innocent people start putting themselves in grave danger, this prompts the Autobots to question this Cult's true motives behind their ideal belief of Primus.

Episode 7: Escape From Terminus.

With Optimus Prime back in the game, the Autobots must find a way off the Planet Terminus with a help from Drift's contact on the planet while avoiding Bludgeon and his Pirates, along with the help of Swindle and his Bodyguards, and the Junkions that inhabit the Planet to themselves.

Episode 8: Brothers and Sisters.

Sideswipe is forced to confront with his past as the Autobots are placed on Velocitron to investigate the possible Decepticon activity.

Episode 9 Holiday Mayhem.

Rodimus Prime and his group of Autobots are in a battle of the local gang in Detroit while the kids are stuck at the base with Barricade.

Episode 10: The Scars We Leave.

Optimus Prime's group was flying the Xantium as usual when they received a transmission from the Planet Dabola, which Drift did not like to go to at all. All seemed well when it turned out to be a trap, and now the Autobots must get out of this situation while Drift is having a very bad trip down to Memory Lane.

Episode 11: Shadow of Megatron.

The transformation from Megatron into Galvatron is near completion, as Bumblebee's team has learned of the recent Decepticon plan while pursuing a target, they will do everything in their hardest to never let that happen, while Sideswipe meets a familiar face along the way.

Episode 12: Allspark Unbound.

Cade's life as a normal human being and with the Autobots come to a collision course going terribly wrong when his headaches start getting worse, and people start finding out what he has, the Autobots are set to find their friend safety as they plan to avoid Decepticons, all while they meet up with a familiar face again.

Episode 13: So Far, Yet So Close.

Optimus and his new team of Autobots are on the cusp of returning back to their homeworld of Cybertron when they are attacked by Lockdown and a new Predacon with abilities similar to the late Blackarachnia. Now placed on the Icey World of Pova, they will need to fight the two if they ever proceed to go back.

Episode 14: Happy New Stellar Cycle!

The Autobots on Cybertron tend to Cade on the extent of his connection to the Allspark while Optimus nears back to Cybertron, Galvatron and the Fallen go at each other in a Deathmatch, and Sari wonders about her previous life...

Episode 15: Of Two Worlds Part 1.

When Sari Sumdac has seemingly returned to the Autobots, all seems to be a sound victory when things start to become suspicious, and a new plot is soon to follow...

Episode 16: Of Two Worlds Part 2.

The Evil Autobots of an alternate reality have returned, intent on claiming the Good Autobots' Universe as their own! When all seems to at a dire situation, Optimus Prime returns to make sure the crisis does not come to pass, with help of an old, and unexpected ally

Episode 17: The Old Game of Sport.

Lord Chumley from the G1 Universe appears in this Episode, as he sets his sights on Optimus Prime, hoping to claim him as a trophy, and Prime is forced to compete after Chumley has managed to capture some of the Autobots, the Dinobots, and Predacons as a part of making him play along.

Episode 18: Forming Alliances.

The Earth is placed in at a tipping point when the Humans are questioned to tolerate the Autobots, when they propose an Alliance between the two races while Cade and Bumblebee discover something that would never make them think the same for one particular Autobot.

Episode 19: The Forgotten Legacy.


Episode 20: COMING SOON!

Episode 21: COMING SOON!

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