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I'm a huge Phantom of the Opera buff, and Michael Crawford IS Erik. Don't try to argue with me, you know I'm right. I really hate though, when people only see the movie, think Gerard Butler is great and don't even know who Michael Crawford is. Just a heads up.

I just want to say a few things about the story I have up right now:
1. It does not take place in the 1800's. If you notice, it's 200 years later.
2. I chose names for either personal reasons in my life and/or because of their meanings. Also, not everyone in France has a French name, same as here in the US.
3. If somethings seem stupid or unclear right now, it's because I haven't posted the whole story. It's all written I'm just posting it in chunk, you'll understand at the end, there's a thing called foreshadowing hints.
4. There is some slang/bad grammar in there. Come on, how many of you speak in proper english all the time?
5. Pay attention to the roses and The Phantom's name. There's symbolism.
6. I am totally understanding of constructive criticism and I welcome it, but just keep in mind that everyone has their own style of writing and respect that. Some of the greatest authors of their time were great because they didn't write like everyone else.
7. Also, I don't expect you to like some of my characters. Some of them you're not supposed to like from the very begining if at all. I know Jeslyn seems like Miss Goody Two Shoes, but I never saw Christine really fight back for anything, she seemed miss prim and proper too.
8. It's fan FICTION! It's a story that's in my head and came from my imagination. Therefore, you may picture it differently then I originally did in my head because no one's imagination is the same.
9. About Erik, everyone sees Erik a different way because of their own personal experiences in their life and according too which actor they saw play him. Please, please, please keep this in mind. This is the way that I see Erik in my mind because of the way that I relate to him because of stuff that's happening in my life right now, as I'm writing this. Erik is a LONELY, TORTURED, SHUNNED, individual who has been hurt terribly by Christine. Society has shunned him his whole life because of his face and this is how he reacts. Yes some of this stuff about Erik is probably way false to you because we don't know exactly how he would have acted had he been in a serious relationship, but that's because this is fiction. It's my story.
Thank you!

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