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Mwahhahhah! You have just entered a world of completely terrifying insanity, you foolish mammals!

As you can probably tell, I am a HUGE fan of Donkey Kong's King K. Rool, but I will write about anything and everything. Whether writing from childhood nostalgia (Power Rangers, Lion King, the cartoon GI Joe movie vhs, the 1986 Transformers movie vhs, and TMNT), video games (mostly Nintendo) - an interest in language and biology combined in the form of alien lifeforms (Star Trek/Wars, AVP, or Halo), an appreciation for Tolkien, or about comics that have recently been made into movies whether humor, angst, or anything in between, I always try to make my stories enjoyable. I do not have the means to collect classic issues of comics, nor do I buy contemporary comics, so most of my information comes from internet summaries. I got interested in GI Joe comics through the Devil's Due series (which I did buy a lot) which has now been "disavowed". I've finally become more consistent in how I interpret cannon, having seen timeline alterations in Star Trek and Mortal Kombat, and the "each interpretation is part of the multiverse" take in TMNT: Turtles Forever. I tend to write about villains but occasionally write about heroes or anti-heroes.

12: I'm currently two semesters into an MLA program. I'm ashamed to admit that I kept up with Alaer Kino, Roy Olsen, and CII's stories on the one hand, but lost track of many others on the other hand and didn't bother to check my review history to see when they updated. I blamed college, a computer crash that only lasted a few days one time, and similar things. I was trying to deny favoritism even to myself. Some stories just struck something with me deeper in my psyche that others didn't to varying degrees. But as a human, er, Kremling, should I deny that personal favoritism made me keep up with some stories and not others? I regret loosing track of them, as I deprived myself of some good reads. I had favorite authors, but not favorite stories, so was I being inconsistent? Better move on before I get into a philosophical spiral.


I will be starting a Ph.D. Program in English this fall.

Despite writing about ALL of these things, I still have a real life. I'm a 29-year-old male Type-1 Diabetic with Asperger's Syndrome and OCD and about to once again be a full time grad student. I like to hang with friends or chat on Facebook. Expect updates to be slow, once fall gets here.


I have recently become a fan of Legend of Zelda thanks to Youtube let's plays.


I believe in the God of Israel; his Son, Lord Yeshua (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit.


1. What about the New Testament? It is made up by different books written by different authors at different times. Seven letters of Paul are universally considered genuine: Romans, 1-2 Corinthians, Galatians, Philippians, 1 Thessalonians, and Philemon. We know from the language and style that they are by the same author. 1 Cor 15 possibly contains an early creed with Aramaisms that dates back to the year of the Crucifixion. The creed includes Resurrection appearances. Even without the creed 1 Cor 15 emphasizes the physical nature of the Resurrection. "Spiritual resurrection" does not make sense, for the spirit never stopped existing to be "resurrected." One can attempt to explain the appearances as lies or as group hallucinations.

2. Group Hallucinations: Hallucinations result from the chemistry in an individual’s brain. No two individuals can share the same hallucination. Furthermore, a single hallucination couldn't explain the empty tomb or the fact that first-century Jews had a concept of spirits being glorified and ascending to heaven immediately after death and before the general resurrection of all believers which would come at the end of history. If a disciple saw a vision of Yeshua, they would not automatically assume resurrection.

3. Were the Disciples liars? If they were then they were also masochists. Paul admits to persecuting the Church violently.

4. Enemy attestation: The earliest Jewish anti-Christian polemics acknowledge an empty tomb: “Those country bumpkin Galilean Disciples stole the body!”

5. Joseph of Arimathea's role in the burial: He's mentioned in every tradition about Yeshua's burial. If he were fictional we could expect to find traditons with someone else. However, it's Yosef in every tradition. This indicates that he was a real person. He would know if the tomb was empty or not.

6. I believe that Yeshua died on the cross for the sins of the world, and was resurrected. Something had to have happened on the first Sunday after Pe that caused the Disciples to proclaim the Resurrection.


I believe that the nation of Israel has a special destiny that has never been recalled, or given to the Church. I'm what you would call a "Messianic Gentile."


Ethnic Background:

English, Irish, Muskogee, French, Welsh, German, Dutch

Political Views: I'm registered as a Republican. I agree with Democrats that the government should play a role in social welfare, but I'm a conservative on abortion and gay marriage, due to my religious views.

Stupid Things I've Said in Reviews:

Some of these are hilariously funny.

1. Misreading "Goodbye, Jane" as "Goodbye, James" in Roy Oleson's "The Matrix Canon".

2. Only slightly less funny, not getting that "Miranda's New Pet" referred to a dragon in "The Voi Assessment".

3. Not knowing that Siobhan was already married in Asterik78's "Color My World and Erase Yourself".

4. Acting like a self-impressed wiki a. Telling Alaer Kino that Chinese New Year is in March. b. Telling Half Jaw that Sangheili would have DNA in common with earth reptiles. c. Arguing with an author I can't remember about the relationship between Elven kings in the published Silmarillion vs. the unpublished later drafts. d. Accusing another author I can't remember of calling Naga Sadow the first Sith Lord when that author had done no such thing.

4. I once responded angrily to a reviewer who rightly pointed out that a story of mine needed more description. I am ashamed of this. Fox The Cave II, I'm sorry. You tried to help me and I was rude to you.

5. There are probably, no, certainly, many more that I have forgotten.

Stupid Things I've done or said on Forums:

I'm also rather embarrassed by some fanboy ranting on my part in my forums. I deleted two of my forums because of my own partially misinformed ranting.

A. A story and a forum about Mewtwo. I liked him better as a villain and thought there was basis for still writing him that way based on the Japanese version of Mewtwo Returns. Having seen parts of it with subtitles, I do think he still hated humans at the bus scene but was reevaluating things after Ash saved him at the end. I kinda had an unhealthy obsession with this character.

B. The Halo movie: I read the worst possible outcome into a disjointed string of comments and became a fear monger. A witter has a script for three Halo movies but they're The Fall of Reach, Halo 1, and Halo3:--where is the Arbiter without Halo2?!? Oh no! And I don't know how I came up with this--probably because he said the Covenant doesn't show up until Halfway through the first film--that the alien characters would be unable to talk and would basically indistinguishable from the Flood characterwise. But having seen said writer's work on other films, he probably would have worked Arby in somehow and done right by fans of the Covenant species.

I probably shouldn't have deleted them but explained my mistakes and apologized for the rants, but I acted in the heat of the moment, much like when I first posted them.

Thankfully I still have one forum I'm ashamed of still up. My biased(which I now recognize), ranting, fanboy opinions about "Why Scarlett and Snake-Eyes should be a couple" on my G.I. Joe forum are still up for everyone to see and may be entertaining to some.




Self-Loathing Fanboy

People who think "British" and "English" are synonyms.

MacDonalds and Burger King

Toilet Humor


Favorite Song: "Scarborough Fair"

Favorite Movie: Dinosaur (2000)

Favorite Fiction Book: The Silmarillion

Favorite Animals: 1. Any cephalopod 2. Any crocodilian 3. Any dinosaur 4.penguins

I also like Pterosaurs and Sharks

Favorite Alien Species: The Quintessons

Favorite Characters:


Donkey Kong:K. Rool (My all-time fave PERIOD!)

Mario: Anyone from the Shy Guy species

Star Fox: General Scales (Leon Powalski is a close second)

Transformers: Quintesson Judge Diliberata

Star Wars Legends: Xizor (he can still be used in canon and is my all time favorite Star Wars bad guy)

Star Wars Canon: Darth Maul and Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious (in that order)

Star Treck DS9:Dukat

Tolkien: Feanor, Thingol, Denethor II of Gondor

Digimon: MetalSeadramon

Gargoyles: Thailog

Street Sharks: Killamari

Power Rangers:

(Mighty Morphin')-Zedd


(Turbo)-General Havoc


(Lost Galaxy)-Deviot

(Lightspeed Rescue)-Olympius

(Time Force)-Frax

(Wild Force)-Master Org

(Ninja Storm)-Vexacus


(SPD)-Emperor Grumm

X-Men:Mr. Sinister (Sauron is a close second)

Avengers: Ultron

Dinosaur (2000 film): Kron

GI Joe:Cobra Commander

TMNT: Prime Leader Zanramon of the Triceratons

Mortal Kombat: Sektor


Mario: Kooper

Zelda: Teba

Dinosaurs (1990s TV show): Robbie Sinclair

Bionicle: Toa Metru Onewa

Star Fox: Falco Lombardi

GI Joe: Snake-Eyes or Scarlett

Halo: Thel 'Vadam

Gargoyels: Brooklyn


Star Wars: Boba Fett

Pokemon: Mewtwo

Digimon: Blackwargreymon

Watchmen: Rorschach

Legend of Zelda: Revali of the Rito


Dinosaurs: Robbie Sinclair/Wendy Richfield

Gargoyles: Brooklyn/Katana

GI Joe: Scarlett/Snake-Eyes

Bionicle: Tahu/Gali (with a Gali/Kopaka triangle that doesn't work out)

Power Rangers: Rita/Zedd, Goldar/Scorpina, Jindrax/Toxica, Trakeena/Olympius

Pokemon: Male Mewtwo from The First Movie and Mewtwo Returns/Female Mewtwo from Genesect and the Legend Awakened

Star Wars: Darth Maul (canon character)/Savan (Main Bad Gal from Shadows of the Empire: Evolution)

Legend of Zelda: Link/Zelda (I can only see this working in Skyward Sword or Breath of the Wild) and alternate timeline Ganondorf/Midna

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