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September 11: My poor, poor beta is taking a break for a while; so if any of you read Tecna's stuff, just understand that she's a little busy right now. We all need some time off, you know? She'll be back eventually, and then we can all rejoice about her wonderful friend! Yay! Party:ahem: Anyway, just thought you should know... Oh, and I posted a new story. Yeah...


Colors: purple, black, and silver

Shows: Teen Titans, sometimes Code Lyoko, and I'm still develoing a taste for Inuyasha. Oh, and Family Guy. (I love Stewie!)

Pairings: Raven/Robin (uh, DUH!), Raven/Red X (depends on the story, though I'm pretty lenient on this one), Raven/Speedy (this is alena's fault; she got me onto it, but I'm still not very devoted to it, meaning it has to be a pretty good story for me to like it at that moment), Star/Speedy (just a little more accepting of this than I am of Rae/Speedy), Cy/Jinx (I just think it's cute!), Cy/Bee (it's even more cute!)

Bands/Artists: All American Rejects, Ayumi Hamasaki, Big & Rich, Do As Infinity, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Gretchen Wilson, High and Mighty Color, JoDee Messina, L'Arc-En-Ciel, Norah Jones, Prince, Queen, Utada Hikaru

Songs: (right now)"Simple and Clean"- Utada Hikaru, "How You Remind Me"- Nickelback, "Kryptonite"- 3 Doors Down, "Tourniquet"- Evanescence, "Minority"- Green Day, "Move Along"- All American Rejects

Author(ess)s: for real life- Meg Cabot, Holly Black; here- uh, duh, just check the list in between my stories and my favorite stories

Least Favorite-

Pairings: Robin/Star, Raven/Beast Boy, Cy/Raven, Star/Red X. Okay, even though I myself don't really support these pairings, I don't look down on the people who do. I just don't see the point in bashing other pairings; everyone has a right to their own opinion, and I respect that. I'm not going to leave flames on your story just because you're writing about Robin falling in love with Star, and I would hope to receive the same curtesy. However, if you want to flame me for it, that is your prerogative, I suppose...

Foods: tomatoes, ketchup, spaggheti sauce, pretty much anything involving a tomato, American cheese, spinach, peppers, mushrooms, bananas, beef, french fries from places other than McDonalds and Steak-n-Shake, diet Coke, and regular potato chips

Shows: Paranoia Agent, Dexter's Lab, and Fear Factor

My AIM screen name is ElmoAbuseHotline. If ya wanna talk, then I'm here for you.

Ok, I've got a few fics that are sort of floating around in my head, so I figured that I'd sort of summarize them on here. I've put them in order of when I'll write them, but they probably won't be out real soon because my teachers are trying to drown me in homework and I think I might need to finish a story or two before I start another one.

Hush, Little Baby

After the Titans battle against a pair of extremely talented spies, Robin starts to feel strange. But it isn't until a stray spell of Mumbo's hits him that they all find out why. As the teens try to cope with fitting in normal activities between crime-fighting sprees, how can they handle a Boy Wonder who hasn't even learned to crawl? Romance/Humor


"Wait, what?" Raven asked again.

"Rae, I just told you three times. Star isn't from this planet, right?" Cyborg questioned. She nodded. "And Robin is apparently less than four months old. So what do you think he needs that only a human female can give him?"

"Uh... TLC?" she guessed hopefully.

"Sorry, Rae, but you know that's not what I'm getting at," he told her apologetically.

"But... but... but..." she weakly protested.

"But nothing. I pulled you out of the room to save you from humiliation. Now go feed him," her mechanical friend ordered. With that, he plopped the small bundle into her arms and walked away briskly.

She sighed and turned to go to her room. If she was really going to do this, it would be someplace she had privacy. When she finally got to her door, she punched in the access code and walked in. She set him down on the carpet and sat down a couple of paces away. Turning to look at him, she had the sinking suspicion that seventeen-year-old Robin's brain was still functioning perfectly, and this baby was rather enjoying her dilemma. Then again, that could just be her conscious trying to think up any reason not to go through with it. After a few minutes, the staring contest ended when the green eyed baby started to wail like there was was no tomorrow. She quickly scooped him up, amazed at how she instintually knew what to do. Was this the demon or the human in her? She had a feeling she knew the answer.

"Sh... sh... sh... It's okay, Robin, it's okay." she murmured, though it did little good. This would be so much easier if I knew his name... Wait, that's it! Despite that fact that her conversations with Batman had always been brief, she had listened every time and picked up on some interesting information, mostly concerning the baby in her arms. "Sh, it's okay Richard... It's okay..." Now that baby Grayson heard his name, he responded eagerly; his silence was instantaneous.

She set him down on her bed and looked at him for a moment. He looked back for a moment before gigling and rolling onto his back. He covered his eyes with his fingers, peeking at her through them and gigling every time. Her suspicions heightened, she frowned at the laughing boy. "If you remember any of this, I'll have your head on a silver platter..." she muttered.

Still Just Us(title uncertain)

The Titans are powerless, mostly jobless, and going to college.Raven and Robin have been best friends since grade school. Now they're beginning to discover that some feeling are best left undisturbed. When Robin finally admits his crush on his gothic friend, will she reject him or will the rest of the gang get her to kiss and make up? Romance


Raven and Richard looked around the hallways with the refreshed vitality that only summer can bring. It was the start of another year, and it looked like their expectations for another dorm-partying, hallway-sliding, McDonalds-eating year was going to be even more than they had dared to hope for. They saw Kori and Victor chatting away in the hall before they were joined by Terra and Roy. As per usual, Terra was glancing up and down the hallway until her long time boyfriend, Garfield Logan, or Gar, appeared almost magically by her side. A quick kiss on the cheek later, Roy was standing by Kori's side in order to make room for yet another member of their group of friends, Beatrice Adams, or Bee as Victor liked to call her. Raven and Richard grinned at each other as they watched the group subconsciously manuever their way around so that they were all by their 'special friends'. Raven sighed deeply with satisfaction.

"Here it is, Dick. Another year, another chance for me to show you how much better I am than you at every one of our classes. Sounds fun doesn't it?" she smirked at her companion. He nudged her playfully in the ribs with his elbow before replying.

"Yeah, seems just like last year, doesn't it? Except that instead of tying you for valedictorian, I'll be coming out on top this year," he boasted jokingly.

"It is a lot like last year, isn't it? Except new people, new classes, new dorms..." she murmured.

"But what about us? Are we still the same?" he asked her. She grinned up at him.

"Don't be stupid. Of course we're still friends," she hollered at him as she made her way to the group of girls beconing her over. Just before Kori and co. dragged her off to their new dorms, she gave him one last smile and then let herself be taken to her room.

"Right, we're still just friends..." Richard sighed as he turned around slowly. Suddenly two arms were draped across his shoulders, one from his right side and one from his left.

"Don't worry, man, she'll come around eventually," Victor tried to cheer him up.

"Yeah, and if she doesn't, you know you can have your pick of pretty much all the other girls in this school," Roy added, spreading his other arm across the hallway, as if to point out all the other girls in the hall.

"Thanks guys, but I think I can handle my own problems," he assured them.

"Sure doesn't sound like it," Gar snickered. He received a whack across the back of his head for the comment, but surprisingly, it wasn't from any of the guys.

"Leave him alone, Gar," Terra commanded, "She's not the easiest girl to talk to and you know it. I'm surprised he's even been able to stay friends with her so long. Look, Dick, you're going to have to tell her eventually. She's the only one who doesn't know, and there are certain people here who won't be able to keep it quiet for ever. It would be best if you were the one to tell her."

"Thanks, Terra, but I think I'll wait a little bit longer. Who knows, maybe I'll even get over this..." he sighed. They all looked at him pityingly, though he didn't notice. He was head over heels for his best friend, and she didn't even know...

Baptized by Fire

Okay, if I attempt to write this, it will be my first M rated fic. For me, that means my first attempt at a lemon, or at least some sort of citrusy content. Raven has been kidnapped by Slade, who has her for three weeks. When the Titans get her back, they find out that he raped her. To her surprise, Robin begins to show an interest in in her as well. Will these feelings develop into something more? Drama/Romance


Robin carried the unconscious figure into the living room as Cyborg, at his leaders command, ushered both Beast Boy and Starfire out. When he turned around, he realized just why Robin had told him to do this. The masked wonder was holding a very nude Raven in his arms, with nothing but his own cape covering her up.

"Robin, what the hell happened?" the metal man yelled in anger. He wanted to know exactly what Robin had done to his "little sister".

"Slade. Now get her a blanket. The cape hardly does anything," came the curt, but worried response.

When they had her situated on the couch, Cyborg spoke again. "I swear man, if you did anything to her..."

"I didn't. You know, I figured you'd be thanking me for saving her, not accusing me of violating her. I don't see what you're problem is."

"You walk in the Tower holding a naked Raven, and you don't see what my problem is? What is wrong with you?"

"I think I see your point..."

Adiuvo Me Nunc

Remember that story I mentioned at the bottom of my profile? The one with some Greek mythology mixed in? The one that I said would have a description up soon, even though it's been months and this is the first you've seen of any sort of description? Guess what? Yep, you got it. I'm about to tell you about it. Not that I know much, so you'll just get what I've figured out from the few scenes I've got mapped out in my head. Anyway, Raven and Robin have been in a secret relationship for a little while now, and they've recently decided to take it to the next level, despite Raven's better judgement and former protests. The only requirement is that they can't tell anyone about it, though Robin has no idea why. Things get even fuzzier when one night someone claiming to be an extremely old friend of Raven's flies through the door- almostliterally- and tries to kill her, with Robin just barely managing to keep her vicious hounds at bay. Wait, hounds? And to top it off, the woman seems to have multiple personalities, because she switches moods faster than she switches names... and Robin starts to notice that she switches names a lot... And he's starting to get the feeling only Raven will be able to explain this one to him... but will she? Sorry, no excerpt just yet, but you get an extra long summary to make up for it... right? Kudos to those of you who figure out who the mystery guest is before I put up the story. Sadly, I don't know if I put in enough clues to be all that helpful... But fear not, gentle readers, I have other secrets that you know not about. That way I can shock the crap out of you when you read it. Can't let you have all the fun, what with the secret-sharing I've done already... I'm considering posting this before some of the things higher up on this list, but I don't feel like moving it up. Probably a Romance/Drama but can't be sure till I've got it written...

Okay, some of these should be out anywhere between now and... oh, say... end of the year? Maybe? Keep in mind that I've got a lot on my plate, and I really need to finish a couple of stories I've got out now before I take on more work. I've also got vague ideas about a story where Raven is a masseuse (don't know how to spell that) and Robin is client, though probably an unwilling one... (The description will be up shortly. Maybe.) Don't give up on me, and look for these within a few months! Ciao!
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