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Hi! I'm Moonbear37, but you can call me Moon. I'm an avid reader and writer, and have been reading fanfiction on this site for awhile. I finally got an account, so that means I can finally write things on here myself. I'm writing a selection fanfiction called Red Roses, Gray Skies, about a set of triplet princes who live in an AU where Kriss became queen instead of America. The SYOC is closed.

Red Roses, Gray Skies Summary

It's time for another Selection. The three triplet princes have turned 19, and a new kind of selection has been announced, with 70 girls taking the palace by storm. Can Fitz, Luke, and Sam find true love, or will a path of tragedy and tears play out? SYOC Closed.

Next Chapter Comes Out: Soon, hopefully. Just got around to proofreading it. Preparation for exams has slowed me down.

RRGS Updates and Important things:

It's been so long since I've updated this! I've decided to go ahead and have a few trivia questions that I'll post on here every week or chapter. If you think you know the answer, send me a PM marked "RRGS Trivia Answers" and I'll be sure to list you in on here if you get it right!

Question One: What is the name of Katelin's father?

Question Two: Why is Fitz keeping a secret from Luke, and who told him to do so?

Question Three: Which selected girls ended up with the clarinets at the airport?

Question Four: How many libraries are located in the palace, and what are they called?

The Hawaii Trip-

Hawaii Trip Seating Charts (Traveling)

Plane Ride to Labrador-

All of the girls will be mixed in among another traveling group that will be revealed in chapter 52.

(Note- this list is ridiculously long, but I'm doing it this way for writing purposes!) (-- are aisles)

























Bus Ride to Hansport Regional Airport

Bus One- Albany, Sophea, Ianthe, Sterling, Chiara, Kira, Evangeline

Bus Two- Willow, Neaera, Illonie, Cosette, Abrielle, Maisynn, Cameron

Bus Three- Ashla, Mae, Avriella, Taylor, Jessica, Aurelia, Cila

Bus Four- Renalie, Gloria, Maizie, Adalacia, Elia, Pandora, Elizabeth

Bus Five- Stella, Dakota, Isa, Ianthe, Kinsey, Scarlet, Alexis

Bus Six- Kayleigh, Flavia, Alette, Averian, Lisbeth, Larkin, Katelin

Plane Ride To Maui

Wherever they want to sit!


Each condo/apartment thing has two rooms, so the girls in #a will be in the first and the girls in #b will be in the second for that apartment.

1a- Scarlet, Cila 1b- Alette, Aurelia

2a- Chiara, Jessica 2b- Jillian, Lark

3a- Taylor, Kayleigh 3b- Flavia, Sterling

4a- Illonie, Kinsey 4b- Kira

5a- Alexis, Dakota 5b- Elia, Maisynn

6a- Isa, Abrielle 6b- Avriella

7a- Cosette, Ianthe 7b- Neaera, Mae

8a- Stella, Atlantis 8b- Adalacia, Cameron

9a- Lisbeth, Ashla 9b- Albany, Averian

10a- Pandora, Willow 10b- Elizabeth, Mazie

11a- Sophea, Evangeline 11b- Gloria, Katelin

As you might be able to tell, there are a lot of questions for this. You might be panicking if you submitted more than one character, or if you don't have any time to do things in the foreseeable future, but never fear! I posted these extra-early so everyone would have enough to get them done before the actual trip starts. You can always send me a few at a time in a PM labelled "*Your Character's (s') name here: Hawaii Trip Questions" whenever you have time. Try to make them detailed, but I don't need paragraphs upon paragraphs for just one question. Still, no one word answers. Some activities will be more prominent than others in the story. Everyone will do some form of them, it's just hard for me to write about 44 girls biking down a mountain with Sam. Make sure to check out the roommate and condo groups before you get started!

(Important- A swap meet is a farmers market type of thing where the locals sell handmade goods and other things. The dare days are an idea that will later be made up by Sam where the participating girls and him randomly draw dares from a bag and the first one to complete as many as possible within the two days will be the winner. Do research online if you have other questions!)

What are their feelings towards the trip?

What do they think of Hawaii in general? What about Maui, the island they’ll be going to?

What do they think of long plane rides?

What do they pack on their carry-on and for the actual trip?

What do they do during the long flight (4 hours to Labrador, 11 going to Hawaii)?

What will they wear on the plane?

What will they do at the two airport connections?

Can they drive? What’s their skill level for that?

What do they think of cats?

What do they think of their roommates?

What do they do during the time they have alone with their roommates?

What do they do at the pool?

What do they do at the beach?

What do their swimsuits look like? (Make at least two!)

What’s their favorite shave ice flavor combination?

What do they think of long car rides?

Who would they like to be in a car with on an all-day drive around the island?

Do they get carsick easily?

What outfits would they wear on the island? (Give me options!)

How do they fare with high altitudes?

Do they enjoy hiking and walking?

Would they bike down a mountain?

What are their go-to car snacks?

What kind of food would they eat on the trip?

What would they do at a lavender plantation?

How well can they swim?

Would they participate in the two dare days?

How much sightseeing would they want to do?

What would their favorite part of the trip be?

Do they get sunburned easily?

Would they enjoy going to a swap meet?

What souvenirs would they buy for themselves and their friends/family back home?

Casting List for The America Singer Center Performance: (Is not final and is currently not anywhere near complete. Expect many changes. Scroll Down to the Currently Writing and Coming Soon Section to see other very important things. Choreography groups will be mentioned in chapter 27, but PM me if you have questions!)

Advanced Jazz/Hip-Hop Piece: Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes

--Isa Johnson, Kira Hewitt, Adalacia Moreau, Mazie O'Keeffe.

Intermediate Jazz/Hip-Hop Piece: Victorious by Panic! At the Disco

--Isa Johnson, Kira Hewitt, Adalacia Moreau, Mazie O'Keeffe, Elizabeth Morey, Katelin Flores-Lee, Averian Dunbar, Alexis Kingsley.

Mediocre Jazz/Hip-Hop Piece: Bulletproof by La Roux

--Alexis Kingsley, Albany Harding, Elizabeth Morey, Averian Dunbar, Cila Naoumov, Stella Writer.

Beginning Jazz/Hip-Hop Piece: The Walker By Fitz and The Tantrums

--Mae Fleur, Neaera Deveraux, Dakota Winters, Willow Reinhart, Poppy O'Hare, Jillian Oxford.

Ballet Group Dance: The Cygnets from Swan Lake

--Isa Johnson, Kira Hewitt, Adalacia Moreau, Guest Dancer.

Ballet Solos: Songs to be chosen by dancers. (Originally did not mean the creators of the characters would chose the songs, but that happened, so...)

--Isa Johnson, Kira Hewitt, Adalacia Moreau.

Acrobat/Gymnast/? Piece: You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring

--Katelin Flores-Lee, Mazie O'Keeffe, Pandora D'Aboville, Aurelia Coralie, Maisynn Ingenium.

Orchestra: Various Songs to be Chosen Later.

--Sterling Everett, Cosette Wagner, Illonie Everill, Jillian Oxford, Averian Dunbar, Adalacia Moreau, Mazie O'Keeffe, Elia Mike.

Concert Band: Various Songs to be Chosen Later.

--Albany Harding, Flavia Beaufort, Willow Reinhart, Katelin Flores-Lee.

Orchestra Solos: Songs to be chosen by musicians.

--Sterling Everett, Cosette Wagner, Elia Mike.

Choir: Songs still being Chosen.

Cila Naoumov, Kira Hewitt, Illonie Everill, Albany Harding, Jillian Oxford, Averian Dunbar, Adalacia Moreau, Scarlet Bronzine.

Musical Theatre Group Routine: The Schyler Sisters from Hamilton.

--Cila Naoumov, Scarlet Bronzine, Cosette Wagner.

Musical Theatre Solos with Assistance from other soloist: Defying Gravity from Wicked and Satisfied from Hamilton.

--Scarlet Bronzine (defying gravity), Cila Naoumov (Satisfied)

Irish Dancing Solo: Some Irish Dancing Music that I looked up and now can't find anymore.

--Mazie O'Keeffe.

Paintings and Visual Art Creation: For the Art Gallery Showing.

--Pandora D'Aboville, Averian Dunbar, Dakota Winters.

Photography Exhibit: For the Art Gallery Showing

--Cameron Vienna.

Fashion Designing: For the Fashion Show

--Abrielle Crossdale, Kayleigh Hayes, Avriella Rhys, Flavia Beaufort.

Outfit Creation: Sewing, etc. For the Fashion Show

--Abrielle Crossdale, Kayleigh Hayes, Avriella Rhys, Flavia Beaufort, Lisbeth Stewart.


--Atlantis Washington, Neaera Deveraux, Jessica Carter.

Skit Writing, Speech Writing, etc.: For Skit Actors and Guest Actors to perform.

--Atlantis Washington, Jessica Carter, Elizabeth Morey, Willow Reinhart, Ianthe Delacroix.

Skit Acting: Guest actors will also perform.

--Sophea Vaughn, Cila Naoumov, Scarlet Bronzine.

Poetry Reading: (Some poem by Robert Frost or Shell Silverstein)

--Chiara Garcia.

Beginners Tap:

--Kinsey Crawford, Maisynn Ingenium, Taylor Bray, Renalie Stark, Ashla Corden, Alette Salem, Lark Thatcher, Jessica Carter.

Choreography Group One:

--Sterling Everett, Aurelia Coralie, Mae Fleur, Elia Mike, Abrielle Crossdale, Maisynn Ingenium, Dakota Winters.

Choreography Group Two:

--Poppy O'hare, Gloria Saylor, Atlantis Washington, Scarlet Bronzine, Pandora D'Aboville, Kira Hewitt, Averian Dunbar.

Choreography Group Three:

--Ianthe Delacroix, Cila Naoumov, Cosette Wagner, Alette Salem, Neaera Deveraux, Adalacia Moreau.

Choreography Group Four:

--Sophea Vaughn, Katelin Flores-Lee, Avriella Rhys, Evangeline Montgomery, Albany Harding, Alexis Kingsley.

Choreography Group Five:

--Mazie O'Keeffe, Willow Reinhart, Kayleigh Hayes, Chiara Garcia, Taylor Bray, Renalie Stark.

Choreography Group Six:

--Larkin Thatcher, Elizabeth Morey, Lisbeth Stewart, Flavia Beaufort, Kinsey Crawford, Stella Writer.

Choreography Group Seven:

--Isa Johnson, Cameron Vienna, Jessica Carter, Illonie Everill, Jillian Oxford, Ashla Corden.

Backstage Jobs and Positions

Hairstylist: Mae Fleur

Makeup Artist: Sophea Vaughn, Evangeline Montgomery

Costume Adjustment: Lisbeth Stewart

Set Painting: Pandora D'Aboville, Averian Dunbar

Snack Distributer: Kinsey Crawford

Other Assorted Positions that will be revealed later on: Everyone.

Everything Else Coming Soon!

RRGS Characters

King Maxon-

Everyone knows who this is. No explanation needed.

Queen Kriss-

In RRGS, America died in the last rebel attack of Maxon's selection, and Kriss became Queen. Her personality is pretty such the same, except she now has three troublesome triplets to watch out for.

Prince Fitz-

The oldest, and probably the most mature out of the three, though that isn't really saying much. His full name is Fitz Clarkson Schreave, his middle name after his grandfather. Out of the three boys, he takes the most interest in the politics of Illea and often shadows his father in meetings. He pays more attention to his education than the others do, and will often be found with a book in hand. In appearance, he has tanned skin, light brown hair, and pale brown eyes that are almost gray, with flecks of a darker color in them. He's constantly tapping on things, a constant rhythm, given his passion for percussion instruments. Prince Fitz is a warm and friendly person, and has an energy to him that makes people happier. Very much a people person, he gets along well with the palace staff and his family, though Prince Samuel does his best to counteract that. His favorite color is blue, his favorite comfort food is baked ziti, and his favorite season is summer. He's not all that enthused for the selection. FC: Sam Claffin

Prince Luke-

The middle prince. Luke is forever known as "Almost as nice as Fitz" or "Not quite as obnoxious as Prince Samuel", which might have lead to his penchant for be violent. He spends most of his days outside, playing some sport or climbing trees, anything to get away from the palace and his brothers. He isn't as interested in politics as Fitz is, but will at least attend meetings instead of doing whatever the heck Prince Samuel does. He's the most often ignored, and wishes that he could do something to make everyone notice him for once, something that he can do the best. He sees the selection as a chance for him to actually be in a spotlight for once, to find someone who actually appreciates him. He has blond hair, the only one of the three to do so, and the same brown eyes of his entire family. He and Fitz and both tall, though nearly the same height. FC: Bradley James (But with brown eyes)

Prince Samuel-

The youngest, and wildest out of the three. A prankster and a frequent partygoer, he get's the most media coverage and is a constant subject of controversy for the media. He doesn't care about politics, only fun, and is responsible for the great ventilation disaster that might be why the guard's collection of stink bombs and such have been deemed off-limits for the prince. He also doesn't really have a filter for consequences, and his mother yells at him a lot more than the other boys. He isn't sure what to think of the selection. FC: Tom Daley

Jadie Flores-

The official planner and teacher for the selection. She's strict, and is extremely punctual. Jadie also has a habit of wearing eye-searing neon pantsuits, and bright high heels to match. FC: Corinne Bailey Rae

The RRGS Selected!

Allens- Kira Hewitt, 5, dancer~ Elizabeth Morey, 3, librarian

Angeles- Chiara Garcia, 3, Poet~ Sophea Katerinne Vaughn, 2, Actress

Atlin- Willow Reinhart, 3, novelist ~ Albany Trista Harding, 4, student

Baffin- Neaera Maereid Deveraux, 6, housekeeper~

Bankston- Illonie Ann Everill, 6, tour guide

Belcourt- Evangeline Alice Montgomery, 6, Nanny ~ Cosette Wagner, 5, musician

Bonita- Abrielle Crossdale, 2, fashion designer

Carolina- Maisynn Grace Ingenuim, 3, orthotics and prosthesis~ Sterling America Everett, 5, Violinist


Clermont- Cameron Belle Vienna, 5, Photographer~ Ashla Corden, 2, archer

Columbia- Mae Davina Fleur, 6, Hairstylist~Avriella Ainsley Rhys, 2, Model


Denbeigh- Taylor Aeryn Bray, 6, Student~


Fennley- Jessica Renee Carter, 3, Writer

Hansport- Aurelia Eden Coralie, 7, Gardener

Honduragua- Cila Ljerka Naoumov, 5, Live Theatre Actress

Hudson- Renalie Stark, 3, historian

Kent- Gloria Laney Saylor, 2, weather reporter~ Mazie Brin O'Keeffe, 5, Acrobat

Labrador- Adelacia Moreau, 5, ballerina~

Lakedon- Elia Mike, 5, harpist

Likely- Pandora Sandrine D'Aboville, 5, Graffiti and Urban Artist

Midston- Jillian Amira Oxford, 3, Music Theory Instructor~ Atlantis Rose Washington, 3, Scholar


Paloma- Stella Darling Writer, 3, tutor for piano and algebra

Panama- Dakota Winters, 3, Architect


Sota- Katelin Flores-Lee, 2, Athlete ~ Isa Reece Jonson, 2, famous ballet dancer

St. George- Poppy Leighton O'hare, 6, Waitress

Sumner- Ianthe Zadie Delacroix, 3, Novelist~ Kinsey Meg Crawford , 6, Flight Attendant

Tammins- Scarlet Bronzine,6, stagehand

Waverly-Alexis Kingsley, 4, baker ~ Kayleigh Adalynn Hayes, 2, Fashion Designer

Whites- Flavia Beaufort, 4, fashion designer~ Larkin Thatcher, 7, musher

Yukon- Alette Massi Salem, 2, Race Car driver~ Averian Dunbar, 5, Artist

Zuni- Lisbeth Carolina Stewart, 6, Seamstress

Plans and Current Writing for RRGS:

Coming- (America Singer Performance Edition- Part One!) A Pinterest Board for costumes and other things is in development, but please be aware that I'm not taking requests or even very passionate comments on the costumes that I've chosen. In costumes where a different colored version is given to each girl, the color picked is final and has been chosen because it fits the character best.

What I'm writing- Very behind on my schedule, I planned to have 35 out by today and I'm only in the middle of 34. At this rate, I'll have to move the Hawaii trip questions up so I can get them in before I get started. We want to be starting the trip by 5/17 in real-life time, that's when my first exam is and I want to have us at least landing in the Hawaiian airport by my school's music department field trip on the 27th. Is it weird that I've been reading other selection SYOCs to make sure I'm not copying anything and then getting agitated when they have anything close to my plot? One of them is great, but they also have Kriss as queen, and now I'm panicking because that happened. If I see any triplet selections pop up I'm going to have some words with people. That got off topic.

Characters that I've entered into other SYOCs!

Rosalyn Rivers, 3, Studying to become a Chemist. (Royalty and Love)

Claire Coleman, 3, Novelist (The Pick)

Lisbeth Therese Lucasia, Daughter of a Lord (Toy Soldiers)

Jessamine Vivian Brewer, Noblewoman and Intelligencer, Victorian Era (Across Our Hearts)

Red Roses, Gray Skies (Selection SYOC) reviews
It's time for another Selection. The three triplet princes have turned 19, and a new kind of selection has been announced, with 72 girls taking the palace by storm. Will the triplets find true loves, and get a happily ever after, or will a path of tears and tragedy follow? SYOC is CLOSED!
Selection Trilogy, Kiera Cass - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 67 - Words: 223,204 - Reviews: 515 - Favs: 25 - Follows: 25 - Updated: 2/1/2019 - Published: 12/31/2016