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hi there everyone! i'm here to tell you guys a little about myself...

i am..

..a girl.

..a teenager.

..a student.

..a filipino.

..a bookworm.

..a sporty person.

..and a lot of other things. haha. (as you may have noticed, i'm kinda lazy...)

anime-wise? well, i definitely love watching anime shows! just recently, i read the shaman king manga. and i love reading fan fictions as well. i never thought i'd be one of the writers here but, here i am. i hope you guys enjoy reading my fics as much as i enjoy writing them! and please don't forget to review!

here are some of the anime characters i like/love:

(shaman king) ren tao, pirika usui, hao asakura

(card captor sakura and tsubasa chronicles) syaoran li, sakura kinomoto

(full metal panic) sousuke sagara, kaname chidori

(inu yasha) inu yasha, kagome, sesshoumaru, miroku

(naruto) gaara of the sand, uchiha sasuke, uchiha itachi, hyuuga hinata, hyuuga neji

(hunter x hunter) killua

(yu yu hakusho) hiei, kurama the fox

(honey and clover) ayumi yamada, takemoto yuuta

(paradise kiss) george

(prince of tennis) ryoma echizen, tezuka, fuji

(fruits basket) kyo sohma, hatsuharu sohma, hatori sohma

(full metal alchemist) roy mustang

(alice academy) tsubasa, hotaru, natsume

and many others! (those in bold letters are the charcters i hold closest to my heart :p)

i prefer reading romance/angst stories over adventure/supernatural ones but i have nothing against the latter though. hehe. i enjoy reading stories that are rated T or M. also, i love happy and fluffy endings!!

hmm...i would probably write fics featuring ren and pirika, syaoran and sakura, kaname and sousuke, and inu yasha/sesshoumaru and kagome. probably some featuring sesshoumaru and rin. if you have any request stories/oneshots regarding these pairs or any other paring for that matter you can email me or tell me through a review on any of my fics. i might just have the time and the inspiration to grant your requests. also, if you have comments and/or suggestions on how i write or how my stories go, or anything else, please feel free to contact me through a review, an email or an IM at yahoo messenger (YM username: theacruz22)

thank you very much!

oh, special thanks to smiley's chaos, or gina as i prefer to call her. she's my ever-patient editor/beta reader. please take time to read and review her fics! (but R&R mine first, hahaha!)

Update (05 April 2008)

hey everyone! I know I haven't been active for such a long time and I apologize for that. Another thing, I won't be writing a sequel to my story Almost Perfect. Sorry guys.

Anyway, I'm currently working on a YohxAnna fic and once I finish it, I'll upload it here soon! Okay? For the meantime, read my stories first!! haha. thanks!

Update (27 May 2009)

I haven't been writing at all! But I WILL, I WILL I WILL. I have a lot of scrapped stories in my notebooks...I feel so unorganized. Well, anyway, I plan to make that sequel of almost perfect :) I really miss writing long fics so I'll make it 10 chapters, give or take :p Wish me luck! If you have any suggestions regarding the sequel to almost perfect, feel free to drop me a message :) I appreciate your help :)


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