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Author has written 5 stories for Fruits Basket, Codename: Kids Next Door, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Azumanga Daioh.

Kon'nichiwa and hajimeshite! I'm Akina Hasegawa! I've always loved to read the fanfics on this site, but I've never known how to publish my own until now. Yay! I hope you like my fanfics...They might sound a little cheesy at times...I'm a sucker for romance. Most information you need to know about me is posted below. I'm not too fond of flame...though I'm sure to at least get a few comments I don't like. Sigh...desu. I'll try to always add action in my stories, even the ones that are, quite cheesily, romantic. Please feel free to leave whatever comments you see fit, but if you are displeased with a fanfic of mine, please do not be rude--I will only accept flame to a certain point. I make many grammatical errors usually, sometimes because I forget to use my spellcheck and other times because I'm feeling rushed and don't feel I need to read it through. Sorry, ahead of time, for such errors.

I have taken a long break from fanfic.net because of school and other business that has kept me busy. There is no promise that I will start writing again, but feel free to read my old works. Oh, and I have a deviantART account now. I cannot post art yet, so there is only writing, but I might be able to post soon...Me and a friend of mine are working something out.

Favorite Anime/manga:
Cardcaptor Sakura
Fruits Basket
Fullmetal Alchemist
Azumanga Daioh
Tsubasa: ReSeRVioR CHRoNiCLe
Zodiac PI
FullMoon o Sagashite
Case Closed/Detective Conan
Tokyo Mew Mew
Full Moon O Sagashite
The Mythical Detective LOKI Ragnarok
Chrono Crusade
Galaxy Angel

Least Favorite Anime/Manga:
Realbout Highschool
Sailor Moon
Dragonball Z (though I liked the original Dragonball)
One Piece
Cardcaptors (dub version)
Mew Mew Power (dub version)

Some miscellaneous (sp?) info about me:

Pen name: Help! I've lost my name!
Real name: I'll leave you guessing I think n.n
Gender: female
American Zodiac: Libra
Japanese Zodiac (Juunishi): Sheep/Ram
Writing Specialties: Creative, desciptive, poetic
Most Used Writing Genres: Romance, action, humor, fluff. :3
Hobbies: sleeping, eating, reading, drawing/reading manga, watching anime, reading and writing fanfics (gee, you think?), DDR, video games, Tales of Symphonia, making lame jokes and drawing my friends as weird anime people.
Weaknesses: tears, hugs, grammer.
Likes: chocolate, video games, action, manga, anime, DDR, Japan, cheesecake (actually sweets in general are a favorite of mine), my buds!
Dislikes: sporty popular guys who act like their all that, prissy popular girls who act like they own the world, inconsiderate people, flame.
Quote: "Where IS Waldo?"
Music Genre and song I am currently listening to: J-pop, random video game and anime themes. Gorillaz--Feel Good Inc.

1, 2, 3...WAI~!

Naze Nani Magato--! I mean, Hasegawa-san...

Welcome to the How and Why of Hasegawa-san! Here I will tell you the current status of my fanfics. For example, I have just recently added two new additions to my fanfics--The FMA Ed/Winry stories, Just a Little Crush and Just a Little Lovesick. There have been a few questions regarding these fanfics--1.) How old are Ed and Winry in JaLC? They are in fact around 6 years old at the time the story takes place. Anyone could tell that they were young, I think, but it was nice of someone to ask just how old they were.

Next question: Will I be making a sequal to JaLL? I am really not sure at the moment. I might, someday in the future, but I see no need to right now. -watches carefully for airborn tomatoes- It's not that I'll never write a next addition to the wondefurl, fluffly, little love story, I just feel I need to take a break from FMA for awhile. What shall I be moving on to next? I have absolutely no clue, but you'll know when my next fanfic is out. I hope I have not dissapointed anyone...Sorry if I have.

Also, about Min'na Arigatou--it has been discontinued. I know people might complain that it's unfinished, but I don't care. I got crappy ratings for it, and I just don't wanna write it anymore. I got bored with the storyline and everything. I have NO idea what I'm going to write next, but I'm working on other things besides fanfics and I have school coming up, so PLEASE don't complain to me about what you think I should write, what you think I should do, how much I suck for not continuing both my Ed/Win fanfics and my Azumanga Daioh one, or any of that crap. I really don't feel like hearing it.

Well, that's it for Naze Nani Hasegawa...I'm off to do...stuff...See ya.

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