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About Kitty:

Name: Kitty or Kit
Gender: XX
Age: 19
Location: U.S

A Bit about Kit: I wrote fanfiction when I was in middle school, and a bit freshman year. It was rather silly and awful, I admit. I've moved on to writing more mature, creative things on my own design, which is wonderful to say the least. I brushed the dust off this account to update it, and with mild thoughts of writing parody fics. This was recently inspired by reading excerpts Stepfordy Mayo's "New Moan." What better way, I decided, to try my hand at this in a community where things are... lax? Unprofessional? For funsies? Something along those lines. Stick around, and you might see me post something.


Music (Ska. Indie. J-pop. Anything awesome)
Plushie making
Tree Climbing

Poor writing


Favorite animes: Death Note. Full Metal Alchemist. FLCL. Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu. Galaxy Angel. Martian Sucsessor Nadisco. s-CRY-ed.

Favorite Manga: Angelic Layer. Azumanga Daioh. CardCaptor Sakura. Ceres: Celestial Legend. Chrono Crusade. Clamp School Detectives (Okay-- I admit, I'm a huge CLAMP-head). Demon Diary. D.N Angel. Fruits Basket. Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play. .Hack //Sign: Legend of the Twlight. Galaxy Angel. One Piece. Phsycic Academy. Ranma 1/2. Shaman King. Tokyo Babylon. Whistle!. Yotsuba&!. YuYuHakusho. Yu-gi-oh!.

Friends on fanfiction:

The Chinchillla


Other Favorites:

Favorite Movies: Edward ScissorhandsDonnie Darko. Little Miss Sunshine. Moulin Rouge. Love Me If You Dare. The Princess Bride. Running With Scissors. Most things by Mel Brooks.

Favorite Books: Harry Potter Series. A Great and Terrible Beauty Trilogy.

Favorite TV shows: Adventure Time. Glee. Malcolm in the Middle. The Mighty Boosh. Scrubs.

Story status:

Finished stories:

Realization: s-CRY-ed: oneshot: KazxRyu (I think I may rewrite this. Mainly because I still have a firm belief there is a bizzare sexual tension going on between these two. To quote Kazuma: "Oh, yeah. You turned this switch on inside of me." I mean, come /ON/!) Still up

Love Kills: Yu-gi-oh!: Oneshot: RyouxBakura (I cannot believe I wrote this-- end of story) Deleted

Sorrow is my burden: Yu-gi-oh: multi-chaptered: SetoxJou (I like to pretend this never happened) Deleted

In the process:

Summer Camp: Yu-gi-oh!: multi-chaptered: random comedy (This was funny when I was thirteen. Now, not so much) Deleted

An unposted roamntic-comedy deali-o: Many Pairings (I barely got started on this. Thank god) Never posted

Darkend Truth (re-write): multichaptered: adventure? I think thats what it would be. (This was probably the most canon, likely to happen thing I ever wrote. I still have some of the drafts-- and I must say. This was one big steaming bowl of awful.) Deleted

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