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Hey, thanks for visiting my profile.

Here a lil' somethin' bout me: I was an Ron and Hermione shipper, but I was converted by QueenofSerpents on Mugglenet to Dramione. Since then, I've been a faithful Draco and Hermione shipper. I've seen the Prisoner of Azakaban, the movie, so many times I can say the lines along with them. HBO plays it constantly.

Update: You know how I said HBO played POA constantly? They're playing GOF alot now, too.

Why do you love Dramione: How could you not? It's the ultimate love story. Two people despite their backgrounds and what they grew up in, grow to love each other. What more could you ask for? Besides, Hate/Love relationships are the best.

Will you write more stories: Yup! I definetly plan too!

What are your ships: DM/HG, HP/GW, RW/IDC (I don't care, I guess anyone pretty.), JP/LP, RL/NT.

And I think I've changed. I used to hate Pansy, but now I don't really care for her. I'd like to see a fic where's she's not the bad guy for once. (Ignore the fact that she's a bag guy in mine XP You can say, I sympathize for her SOMETIMES. I think Ron and Pansy would make a good couple, though. She dotes, and spoils and I think Ron would like that kind of attention.

Ships you don't like: Mainly Student/Teacher relationships. It just bothers me.

Name: You can call me "Kiki"

Height: bout 5'3

Eyes: Brown

Background: Jamaican/African

Age Group: Teen

Hair: It's medium-length, black, and curly.

Hobbies: Reading FF, talking on the phone, laughing, (I'm surethats more of a bodily function than a hobby but w/e)

Fav shows: Degrassi, Instant Star, Girls vs. Boys, Family Guy, Futurama, Robot Chicken, Wild N' Out, Samuri Deeper Kyo, 10 Toyko Warriors, and Gokusen. The last three shows are Anime and are played on Starz Action. Anime has sort of grown on me. I'm really into the supernatural, like vampires, ghosts, witches/wizards, werewolves, thus Harry Potter. If I could be any mystical creature, I would be a vampire or witch. The pretty ones. Not the ones that look like old prostitutes on broomsticks.

Ideas for other Fics: Well, I found out that there was a fic inspired by The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon already, and it's called The God of the Lost. I've read it, and even though it's incomplete, I LOVE it. I'm still a little bummed out that idea's taken.

What about Ferret: Currently, Ferret is going through a revision. The plot is relatively going stay the same, just some minor details are going to be tweeked a bit. Hopefully, I'll start updating again. Keep your fingers crossed!

Other stuff: Lately, I've been into Post-Hogwarts stuff. I might write a Post-Hoggys, Dramione fic.

Shout outs: Meg - You rock! Thanks for the banner! Senia - Hey Girl!

Thanks for visiting, plz R&R! Be honest!

Update 4/19/2012: WOW. It's been like six, seven years (?) and I still get emails telling me to update. I honestly didn't think anyone still cared... I'm so touched :)

I started Ferret in the 8th grade and am now currently I'm a junior in college, so I'm definitely going to have to reread and get a sense of where I was going with the story. Now isn't the best time to start writing again as I'm also about to head into finals in two weeks, but after that's all done with it'll be the summer. And summer vacation means ... that's right, updates! I'm aiming to start posting chapters again in mid to late May. I really want to finish it - you guys have been so great and deserve at least that much.

Much love, MB.

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