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I'm VanillaLime, (Not my real name of course) and I'm 17,and well, I dunno, I guess I like drawing and writing fan fics and um, stories. I'm best at art. I think my true calling would be becoming an animator, comic writer or illustrator.

I like the Phantom of the Opera, both book and movie, and Lord of the Rings. Pirates of the Caribbean is kewl too. I don't mind Harry Potter, I watch the movies, but havn't read all the books. I really don't think I'm going to.

Oh yes! Two more new movies I love now! The Sixth Sense and Edward Scissorhands - Well they're not actually new are they : /

( My current obsession is now Red Eye. Jackson Rippner is so evil I love it! Also I love watching Asian dramas. Princess Hours is my favorite series and my favorite Asian star is Vic Zhou. I can't wait for It Started With A Kiss 2!)

Anime is also good too. I recommend you to watch the Studio Ghibli movies even if your not crazy about animation. Grave of the Fireflies is a movie from that production group and it is my favorite movie. It's so sad and depressing :( Azumanga Daioh is a funny anime show. Really cute! Osaka & Setsuko rule!

Oh, and as for books I enjoyed 'Wuthering Heights', 'A Step From Heaven,' and 'First They Killed my Father.' That book is so tragic and also is a true story. I couldn't keep it down. My favorite series is by far A Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels. I have no clue what's the third one is gonna be called. I'll just have to wait for 2007 to find out. Kartik/Gemma all the way! 'Gone With The Wind' has now entered my favorites list. Also the longest book I've ever read. Maybe I'll read 'Jane Eyre' next.

My favorite type of music is alternative/rock. I like Green day- Wake Me Up when September Ends, Fallout Boy- Dance Dance, All-American Rejects- Move Along, The Killers- Mr. Brightside, Five For Fighting- Superman, Vanessa Carlton- White Houses, and Goo Goo Dolls- Better Days etc. etc.

OH AND JAMES BLUNT! in my opinion, he sings like an angel. Hurry and go download his 'Goodbye My Lover' song!You won't regret it. I already got one of my friends hooked on it : P

On Youtube I love watching vids from Smosh and BaratsandBereta. They make me laugh, hehe.

So ya, that's some stuff about me. THE END ( '-') ('-' ) -- cute!

Red Eye fanart: Anime style

(Note: I don't have any fancy image software. If you can't see the image well, please try saving it and looking at it there. If you have something like windows fax veiwer, you can zoom in and out)

http:///albums/h243/VanillaLime/Copy2ofRScans.jpg- Lisa and Jackson in highschool : ) Jackson's harrassing her, taking her book away.

http:///albums/h243/VanillaLime/scan0006-1.jpg- A fallen angel. Not really from Red Eye, but it has to do with chapter 6 of I'll Be Your #1 with a Bullet.

http:///albums/h243/VanillaLime/CopyofRScans001.jpg- Lisa wearing Jackson's shirt and Jackson tired behind her. Goes with chapter 8 of my Red Eye story.

http:///albums/h243/VanillaLime/RScans002.jpg- Goes with chapter 9 of I'll Be Your #1 With a Bullet

http:///albums/h243/VanillaLime/RScanslk.jpg- Jackson and Lisa as little kids:)

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Elevator by NicolinaN reviews
CONTENT BEING REVISED. Chistmas mood won't find its way to Lisa's heart this year. Instead of wrapping up gifts and singing carols with her loved ones, she has just tried to stab a pen into the throat of a certain manager. AU. LxJ. Find me at www dot nicolinamartin dot com
Red Eye - Rated: T - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 12 - Words: 45,965 - Reviews: 469 - Favs: 233 - Follows: 109 - Updated: 8/12/2018 - Published: 12/21/2006 - Lisa R., Jack R. - Complete
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"You're not real," she whispered, her eyes wide. "You're dead." His fingers tightened to the point of pain on her chin. "Oh, I'm really not." Eventual JxL.
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When Kim passes away, she leaves her Granddaughter with one final request. One that concerns going up to the mansion on the hill. Can Kate do it? What will she find once she makes it up there? First fic ever, please R&R.
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What if Jackson got a call telling him the hit was off? What if he was told to stay by Lisa until they needed her again? How would their relationship change? Rating may change later. JxL
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AU. / Lisa Reisert tries to survive the daily cruelties of the senior student Jackson Rippner. But when an unforeseen atrocity rips through the lives of both of them, they have to realize that even hate has limits.
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A prelude to Red Eye from Jackson's perspective, detailing his surveillance of Lisa after six weeks. Part II: movie events...with a twist. Part III: the aftermath of the flight... what really might have happened.
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Tale As Old As Time by Jesscah reviews
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Traveling Mercies by Mira Spiegel reviews
His plan was to break her. Her plan was to survive. But after weeks of being on the run, Jackson and Lisa learn more about themselves and each other than they expected. JxL Complete!
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JxL. Lisa meets an unexpected and unwanted visitor while vacationing in Italy. Suddenly, she is thrown back into a world of terror that she thought she had escaped.
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His & Her Circumstances reviews
What if Lisa and Jackson knew each other before the Red Eye flight? This is a story about two perfectionists at the same high school and what happens as they fall for one another. What causes Jackson to choose another path? Leads up to Red Eye flight.
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It's been over a year now, and Lisa Reisert has returned to a normal life, although the plane incident still haunts her. She keeps convincing herself that Jackson is dead, but is he really?JxL
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