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Hi people gundams forever here. Wow it has been YEARS since I have been here. I have finished college and have entered the amazing world of work. Which sucks lol. SO for those of you who use to read my old stuff good news: I am thinking about rewriting them from scratch. Bad news: I will not do everything, because my time is limited. Stories that are up for rewrite are as follows: Love sick and Witnessed, possibly Battling Castles and What if.

I am going to write new stories. I have a Gajevy in the works right now.

This is my Tumblr link I case anyone is interested in my crappy art or asking me a question.

Tumblr goodness

So about me: I have a degree in Marine Science with a minor in Japanese (Eckerd College)

I have 4 birds (1 parakeet, 1 green checked conure, and 2 cockateils)

I love cephalopods, why? cuz they are awesome.

I love anime and video games, I even cosplay (Riza Hawkeye, Amu Hinamori, and Serah Farron).

Favorite couples: Gajeel Redfox and Levy Mcgarden, Gray Fullbuster and Lucy Heartfillia, Domon Kashu and Rain Mikamura, Athrun Zala and Cagalli Yula Attha, Serah Farron and Snow Villars

Music: K-pop, J-pop, and pop

Favorite manga artist- Yu watse and Arina Tanemura!

I like drawing, watching anime, reading Manga books, listening to music and hanging out with friends. I use to play flute and piccalo and my grandmas piano, but i no longer have the time for music sadly.

Old Stories (horrible summaries and yeah...)

Battling Castles-My friend anime fan from an anime deprived town said it would be cool if Gundam seed took place in earily Japan like inu. So i wrote this. its about two battling castles in earily Japan. they are fighting because of a single persons doing. Cagalli the princess of Orb was taken hostage by the castle of Zaft Prince, Athrun. What is going to happen to her? will the war end? its a Athrun x Cagalli, Lacusx kira, and Mirr x dearka fic its also a action/adventure with comedy in it. Mirr and Dearka are coming in much later!

What If- Cagalli was thinking it was an average day in the Orb mansion untill Zaft attacked. Cagalli and Athrun never met yet and Cagalli and Kira are related. Cagalli and Mirr were kidnaped by Athrun and his crew. whats going to happen? Why is Athrun so nice to Cagalli? its a Athrun x Cagallli, Mirr x Dearka fic and maybe a little Kira and Lacus. its also a action/adventuere with a little comedy.

Wittnessed- Cagalli thought she was an average girl untill she sawa mysterous manmurder another person. Cagalli and Athrun make a deal so Cagalli can stay alive after Athrun spots her. whats the deal? This is just an Cagalli x Athrun fic. its also action/adventurewith a little comedy and horror.what will Cagalli do?

New Girl- My first asked for story Mirr is a new girl in school and she quickly falls in love. There are going to be some problems though that involves a firery red head. Mirrallia and Tolle manily. there might be a little Cagalli Athrun. Action/adventiure comes later in the story. Its really good.

Songs From there Hearts- This idea came from a weird dream i had. Cagalli, Mirr and Lacus are famous singers who work together.They have great lives untill one night Cagalli is taken by some dark figures she was only able to let out one scream. who will save her or will she save herself?Mirr falls unconcous inside her buring house who will save he and what will the problem be if she is saved? Lastly lacus, something hit her knocking her out. her head is bleeding who will save her? what will be the problem if she is saved! read to find out. will they be saved by the men they fall in love with or will they meet on the streets after. or will the girls die! equil amout of Athrun x Cagalli, Mirr x Dearka and Kira x Lacus.

Love Sick- My first Full Metal Alchemist story, my personal favorite and most popular story! Riza Hawkeye isnt fealing the greatest but goes to work like she always does. she last threw the day but Jean Havoc and Roy Mustang notice that she isnt well. she was offered a chance to go home but turned it down. when she left the building to go home she suddenly collapses. whats wrong with her and where is she when she wakes up? Roy x Riza!

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What happens when Gundam seed takes place in early Japan. With two warring castles. Couples AsuCaga, KiraLacus, DearkaMir. T for future chapters. Mostly AsuCaga.
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