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Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting my profile page! I've probably already visited yours if you have my story on alert or fav... LOL, yah, I'm that cool. Anywho, not much to say about myself except that I enjoy writing... haha. But other then that, I have lots of interests and hobbies, I guess. (see list below ;P)

Favourite music - The White Stripes. Beck. No Doubt. Gwen Stefani. Queen. Many, Many, MANY more.

Favourite movie - Lord of the Rings All Three. Pirates of the Carribean. About a boy. Fight Club. X-men 1 and 2. Kill Bill Vol.1. Rain Man. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Favourite Books - Howl's moving castle. Fight Club. Everything is Illuminated. The Know-It-All (Great Book. Highly recommended). Fairy Tales (The Brothers' Grimm).

Favourite anime - Samurai Champloo. Inuyasha. Gakuen Alice. Ouran High School Host Club. Anything of Miyazaki.

Favourite manga - Paradise Kiss. Hot Gimmick. FLCL. Bleach. Nana. Kodocha. Gakuen Alice. Ouran High School Host Club. Kindanchi Case Files. Clover (not the clamp one) :'( Why won't you get licensed!

Here are the fanfics I am writing.

Samurai Champloo's Highschool Days (INActive) : Well, this is the very first fanfic I wrote, and I'm quite proud of it. Although I was on a very long hiatus during a chapter or two, I'm glad i continued it. I do enjoy writing it because this is one of my all time favourite animes. Basically this is about the 15 year old Fuu in a "normal" highschool along with Mugen and Jin. The bumpy road in high school is always causing trouble for Fuu. Although it may be tough at times, it's not like she doesn't have good company with her! Not sure if I'm going to continue this. :(

A Tale of Two Worlds (Inactive) : I don't even know where to start on this fic! I've always been fascinated with The Brothers' Grimm and wanted to make my own fairy tale. Well, that was a bust. After writing this, I felt as if it was at a dead end. Didn't know what to write after that! Haha, sorry for those who liked the first chapter... I'll probably get around writing the rest when I finish my two other fanfics. Well, this fic is about a girl and this boy and this necklace and this other world and... well go read it if you're actually interested!

A Curse is Born (Active) : This is my lastest fanfic and I really enjoy writing it. I love, LOVE the book (the movie was great, but you can't beat descriptive words, althought Miyazaki's illustrations and music is extremely breath taking.) Anyways, this has more of Howl's and Sophie's love which is something I always wanted to extend. This fic is about Howl getting another curse and with the help of Sophie, Michael, Calcifer and other new characters helping Howl lift his curse once again. (Or is he doomed?) Who votes for Diana Wynn Jones to write a second installment of Howl's moving castle?! I DO!

Well not much else to say except, if I don't update any of my stories for more than two weeks, it's either because I'm...

a) ...having writer's block

b) ...getting swamped with homework and exams

c) ...dead

Well, if you've reached this far in reading my profile, I appreciate it with all my heart, haha, but really, thanks, and e-mail me if you want if you have any questions or just want to randomly say something to me. Thanks again! And please enjoy my fanfics!

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