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Present Status General Policy~ I haven't been around or reviewing much lately, and I really am very sorry about that. Thing is, I have decided to take a semi-hiatus from fan fiction. Over the years, I have basically OD'd on fan fiction. Since I created this account I have read somewhere around(according to review stats) 1100-1200+ stories, ranging from drabbles to multi-chaptered 50,000+ word stories. I have worn myself out over it and really need to just take a step back for a bit. I need to turn my focus of reading to source/text/class/"classic" books and novels type stuff, as well as expanding the genres I can read fan fiction in(a bad new scanalation habit). I will still read enough, I just won't be a frequent or rapid(or possibly long-winded)in my reviews. If there a great new story out I'd love to be let know and I will try to get around to checking it out, so keep me in the loop. This isn't goodbye or anything, I still deeply love FF, but alot has happened recently in my life and I just need to re-prioritize a bit. Love to you all and keep up the great writing I know y'all can do! Email me whenever!

-As you may note, my profile is rather long. With minimality of actual fic posted, I must convey myself in someway right. If you want, your even welcome to look at it as a fic in and of itself ;D The actual profile starts now:

~Yo. Okay about me: I'm a rather odd blond southerner with a twisted sense of humor and a bit of an addiction to fan-fiction(ha that rhymed); though presently I'm a bit displaced up in Pennsylvania for college. I love reading fiction all across the board and drift from genre to genre on whim or based on stories catalogued in others favorites lists or whatever is in the Just In categories. I'm a big fan of mystery, action, horror, humor and parody types and love some "angst-fighting" but not so much into large amounts of fluff or the really sappy romances-I really can't handle chick flick-esque material or you cliched basic story formula(show your originality people!). So that's probably enough about me, anymore and it might run the risk of sounding cliche or like a dating service profile, both which are unacceptable.(I realize now that I lost your attention at yo, oh well.)

If you are reading this I'll just go ahead and state that I am NOT a writer, really I practically failed English every year since middle school(really, it was every year in middle school, it has significantly improved since though). Of course, my chronic laziness doesn't really help, since I'm rarely willing to focus and write material that's not required. Over the years I've seemed to find myself spending large amounts of time reading fanfiction and eventually I felt kinda bad for never ever reviewing. I mean I know I like it when someone lets me know how I'm doing so I thought (so as to give my karma a nice boost)I should be nice and review. -- as a side note to those whose stories I have reviewed, I am terribly sorry about the horrible grammar and spelling in said reviews b/c I know it can be painful and illegible(sadly enough my handwriting's just as bad). Short-hand type is a really bad habit of mine that I use all the time when typing, but I'm trying to practice writing out full thoughts and proper grammar, so it seems to be getting better. Although one must be wary of me waxing off on arbitrary tangents or spontaneous thoughts that pop into while reading ones fic, yet has no actual validity to the story in and of itself. Check out my forum to review my reviews if ya want!

I read/have read a rather huge quantity of material, so if your looking for some guidance hit me up. Tell me your story type + ship preference and there's a good chance I can find something you'll love, or at least like a bit. I have excessively strict parameters for the Favorites list, so just because your stories not up there doesn't mean I don't love you. Generally as a rule I only put completed fics in there anyway. But I'd love to share the love, as well as enjoyment that I've gotten from reading many different fics, so drop a line and I'd be happy to assist with a rec. At one point I was even working on a rec list in my forum...

To sum up I(as a user) exist in a reviewing(or if necessary beta'ing) capacity. Congrats to all you authors and authoresses who write. I support you and have the utmost respect for you and- your ability or willingness to do something that I myself am painfully inept at. If, in the strange and unlikely event that I decide to ever actually write down any of the crazy half stories that run through my head, y'all have permission to run in fear, I wouldn't hold it against you. Ciao

It's my policy: review quality over quantity.

-Here's the thing, I know I bitch and moan at just like we all do. They do crazy stuff, mess up stories, arbitrarily delete, and other random things like that. But I(we) have to keep in mind, the mods operate this whole huge server and provide this huge archive of thousands of fics. There really isn't any other database that's this big, and you really can find practically anything you want. So while we(I) complain and gripe, lets just keep in mind what a great service is provided. Sure there are plenty of things that could be fixed, but overall it is a great site. So this is my shout out and thanks to !

Quotes: Okay, so we all know everybody's doing it, and what can I say, I cave to peer pressure. I get rather bored so I'll try to rotate 'em out, best luck with that though.

"We are gathered here today... because this young girl... is obsessive compulsive...and... tucked in a tag..." - Kaiya

Fic Quote: "This is what he got for pledging his soul to a power-hungry madman. There was no retirement plan." A Fox and a Shark Walk into a Bar, GigaBomb

Song: "(Sing like you think no ones listening)Sing me something soft. Sad and delicate. Or loud and out of key, sing me anything." -Straylight Run "Tell me does the world look all insane And do the people all just scare you And did you doubt the curve of the earth And ever word...every word. I bet you would."- Matt Nathanson "There are power lines in our bloodlines" - The Decemberists

"It is a far better thing I do than I have ever done. It is a far better rest I go to than I have ever known"- Sydney Carton(the coolest)

"Do unto others before they do unto you."- "An Overpraised Season"

Ya want ta talk ta me about your fic or w/e I'd be perfectly happy to talk, or even if you just want to chat (what, we all need friends, I'm sure there are plenty of other, more desperate ways I could go about it), just email( [email protected]) me or AIM: baniwigirl, And if you do email me, the first time could you cite that your from in the title or it'll go to the spam section.

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