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November 20, 2014

I cannot believe this. FF actually took down “The Devil’s Contract” back in May this year, the story that My Hopeless Romantic plagiarised from me. I am over the moon, I have actually given up hope on the story ever being removed, but it has been! I cannot describe how happy I am right now that my hard work is all mine once again!

Thank you my amazing readers. Thank you so much all of you who reported the story to FF, who left reviews to point out that disgraceful behaviour, who have spread the word - I have no words to communicate my gratitude to you. The support you have given me has been so humbling, I am so lucky to have you guys :)

Thank you in particular to one reader who has left anonymous reviews on MHR's stories in October after The Devil's Contract has been taken down to explain why exactly that happened (the writer once again lied, saying that it was taken down due to profanity). Please let me know who you are, I want to write you a proper thank you message.

All is well now, I'm ecstatic that FF has actually taken a stand again plagiarism. It is the most demoralising thing a writer could ever face. If anyone ever has problems with plagiarism, feel free to reach out to me, I'll be glad to give advice and help in anyway - we have to look out for one another.

Ta for now my lovely readers, you have absolutely, undoubtedly made my year.


Wanderer x

December 4 2013

Well, I've done it again! I've started a new story called Wild Oats, a Haldir/OC for the Lord of the Rings fandom. I'm really excited about this project, and I hope some of my Harry Potter readers will cross fandoms to read my new work!

Meanwhile on the plagiarism case against My Hopeless Romantic's story "The Devil's Contract", the moderators on the FF Plagiarism Forum are pessimistic about the chances of it being ever taken down. However, many of my lovely readers have left reviews and filed reports against the story, which I greatly appreciate and is frankly enough for me at the moment!

I will leave up this disclaimer and the links to the evidence of plagiarism here as proof.



On a jollier note, very merry seasons greetings to everyone!

Wanderer x

November 12 2013

My lovely readers,

It has been recently brought to my attention (thank you reviewer SharedKisses18) that an author from another fandom has plagiarised my story, “The Devil Wears Prada”. The story is called “The Devil’s Contract” by My Hopeless Romantic. If you skim through it you can see that she has ripped off nearly all my major plot lines, even how I format the beginning of my chapters with a quote.

It is heartbreaking to see that someone has managed to get away with this. I worked very hard to make this story as original as I could, and it makes me so angry to know that there are people out there who so blatantly disregard what FF is about - creating stories, not plagirising them!

Thank you for reading guys. I find it extremely upsetting that I have not managed to escape the less pleasant side of FF, but hopefully with your help we could rectify that.

All my love,
Wanderer xx

September 2 2013

Just wanted to put a short note here in case readers are wondering where I went! I just had eye surgery (it's nothing serious, don't worry!) so I haven't been able to write as my eyes go blurry if I stare at the screen for too long. I'm aiming at getting a new chapter of The Devil Wears Prada up in the next two weeks. Having said that, I'm moving again at the end of the month so things might get hectic. So fingers crossed I'll be able to update soon, otherwise, please bear with me! Hope everyone's having a good start-of-term/end-of-summer!


April 17 2013

As most of you have noticed and are hopefully pleased about, I have picked up The Devil Wears Prada again after a long break. I'm in the last 3 months of my Masters degree now, so I will probably have to wait till summer to properly finish the story, but I am determined that it will be finished! Again, thank you so much for sticking with me my lovely readers! And a very belated happy 2013!


May 26 2012

Oh wow it has been a while. I am nearing the end of my undergraduate career and in nostalgia I have recently started re-reading my stories. I miss writing. I don't know if I have the confidence to say that I will finish Red Earth or the Devil Wears Prada, let alone start any new stories, but I definitely want to. So for now, I will be going over my stories and making edits. Hopefully I'll get back into a creative rhythm this way. These two years have been a crazy journey, so if- or when- I start writing again, I hope that shows.

Thank you so much for the messages and reviews my readers have sent me all this time, it's an amazing feeling to know that after all this time, my stories still entertain.


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