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Author has written 11 stories for X-Men: Evolution, Teen Titans, Winx Club, Totally Spies, and Suite Life series.

Hey,Angel Dark Heart here. FYI, I changed my name.Three times. Well, If you wanna know about me, keep reading!

Name: I'm not giving out my real name but you can call me Stella, Nicole, Faith, Sakura, Miyukior Angel. (Uh-o, Layla will be so mad at me for saying Angel.) What? A girl with a lot of nicknames ain't no big deal.

Ex-usernames: TwinX stellabloom, TwinXstellasolaria, The Ultimate Angel Of Good and Evil, AngelDarkHeart...etc...

Age:Finally 13! Whoot!

Hair: Straight, dark brown and has barely noticable reddidh brown streaks.

Eyes: Really dark brown

Style: Stylish classic. Casual.


Books: The Prophecy Of The Gems ~ A story about three girls. About magic, love, adventure, and a huge battle. If you wanna know more, I'm writing a story based on it later. Maybe.


(Tv shows)

Teen Titans~ Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, Slade

X-Men~Cyclops, Jean, Shadowcat, Kurt, Amara, Bobby.

Winx Club~ Stella (like, duh!), Brandon, Icy

WITCH~ Cornelia, Elyon, Caleb

Lizzie McGuire~ Lizzie, Kate

That's So Raven~ Raven, Chelsea


Perish In the Name Of Love~ Cheong Peng, Sai Hin.

Angels of Mission~Charmaine, Sherryl, Sonija

The White Flame~ Charlie

Into thin Air~ Bernice

Dragon Love~ The Dragon Princess

First Daughter~The president! LOL

The Parent Trap~Annie

Sky High~ Layla

X-Men, X2, X3~ Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Rogue...Kurt is so damn weird.

Sharkboy and Lavagirl~ Sharkboy, Lavagirl, the Ice princess.


Tsubasa~Tomoyo, Sakura, Shaoran, Fai

Ah My Goddess~Belldandy

Yumeria~ Mizuki, Kuyo, Mone

i wish you were here~ Ai

Jigouku Shougo~ Ai Enma!! @@

Midori Days~ Midori, Seiji

Pitchi Pitchi Pitch/Mermaid Melody~ Hanon

Tv Shows

Teen Titans~ It's a really great show and their leader is so.. cute!

X-Men~ Their powers are so cool! Besides that, I love how the team stays together.

winx club~ The girls are so pretty and their adventures are out of this world. Dimension actually. Ah well.

WITCH~ Great adventures,cool powers, cute outfits, scary bad guys...what more can a girl want?

Lizzie McGuire~ I don't know. It's just that I love american school life.

That's So Raven~ It's really funny!



Ah My Goddess!


i wish you were here

Jogoku Shoujo

Midori Days

Pitchi Pitchi Pitch/Mermaid Melody

Movies~ Perish In The Name Of Love~ Love story about how two lovers overcame obstacles to be together.

Angels Of Mission~ Three gorgeous chics become one crime fighting team. It's awesome!

The White Flame~ It's kinda a love story in a nurse's life. Really cool!

Into Thin Air~ It has Romane, Adventure and it's really tensed at some parts.

Dragon Love~ A really cool love story.

First Daughter~ The story about the presidents daughter dealing with college. The movie is really great.

The Parent Trap~ A classic. How could one not like it?

Sky High~ No idea. I haven't watched it yet. But it sounds really cool.

X-Men, X2~ These two movies rock!

Sharkboy and Lavagirl~ It's so cool and it's really funny at times. Especially where Sharkboy gets burnt. Besides their friendship is way strong.

Ten Brothers~ It's funny and sad and has three love triangles. Based on a true story. The ending was so sad... :c ):

Wars of the In-Laws~ Hysterical.

Celebs~Hillary Duff~ No idea why some people hate her. I think she's really talented.

Linsay Lohan~ A born star. I love her superstar life.

Christy Carlson Romano~ She's talented, smart and beautiful. I love her for her effort.

Kelly Clarkson~ An american idol. Talented, beautiful, smart and lucky!

Britney Spears~ A total legend! Her songs are always in!

Jesse McCartney~ A talented hottie!

Whitney Housten~ She is one of a kind!

Pairings~ RobStar, Jott, Kurtty, StellaBrandon, BloomSky,CalebCornelia, HayLinEric, WillMatt, TaraneeNigel,LizzieGordo, RavenDevon~ No comment. I just like them!

I Hate...

School~ Well, school,exams, Tests, Geography.

Pairings~RobRae, RaeCy, RivenDarcy~ It is so wrong! Especially RaeCy

People~ Know-it-alls, show-ofs, think-they're-all-thats~ All have an exact reason. They're total pains! And then, there's Woan Ni. That bitch. Hope you're reading this, BITCH!

Characters~Bloom. Don't sue me! She's just always the centre of attention. The others hardly have a chance.Not fair!...oh...uh... no offence, Bloom. Yes, I mean you, Bee! No, I don't hate you, Bee...sheesh, you know what I mean!!


I like to...

Read stories

Write Stories



Watch Tv

Going online

Making New Friends

Making new stuff out of old stuff...well, coming up with designs...I haven't exactly 'materialized them yet...haha..

Stories...most are for the future.

Teen Titans:

A Doctor's love story~ No powers. No Titans. A few years into the future. Kori and Richard fall in love but Kori has a boyfriend, Roy Harper. Kori is torn between them. She is confused and seeks help. Then, something happens. Something that put the love to the test...

Someone, Somewhere~ Kori has been alone for seventeen years. Though her beauty attracts many, she never accepted any. She soon loses hope of finding Mr Right. And then, he came along. Problem? He's mega rich and she's less than average.(Financially) Will love truly conquer all?

Love Conquers All~ Based on the legendary event of...I'm not telling. A young princess falls for the son of a man of the court. When she is ten, tradgedy strikes...After seven years, the former princess finds her love. What will happen next? Uh...this is an illustration of a chinese show. YOU ARE WARNED!!

Innocent Secrets~ Even the most innocent can have the darkest of secrets. What lies beneath Starfire's innocent green eyes?

Secretly Titans~ The Titans are no longer Titans. They are now adults with normal jobs and kids. Ok, not totally no longer Titans. Now they lead double lives. But what if their kids find out?

Totally Spies:

Major Mission: Body Guards?~ The girls are assigned to a mega important mission. Apparantly, Pronce William in suspected to be in danger. He has to go to LA in disguise as an exchange student and the girls are to be his student advisors and guess who's their senior advisor...Read to find out... What if he falls for one of the girls? PWSam!...uh...this one's already in progress...


Dark Destiny~ The girls finds out Kandrakar is much bigger than they think. It even has a royal family. Their job was to find the long lost Princess. Why? Because she is the only one who can save the world. No, the Universe from a horrible end. But how on earth are they going to find the princess? A mysterious poem is their only clue.

Winx Club:

True Love~ Stella and Brandon love each other very much but what happens if Stella's parents find out? Surely they won't approve...but Stella was willing to give her life for Brandon. Brandon, in turn, would do the same. Buthow far will they go to stay together?

Stella's Story~ Based on Stella's point of view...mostly. Stella tells the story of her life from before Alfea. Before her friends. Before Brandon. About life in Solaria. And the family problems she goes through.

X-Men: Evolution:

The Angel~ The X-Men learns moreabout Xavier when a new mutant comes to town with her single mom. Could it be possible that Proffessor was married twice? That would mean that that new mutant was part of his family...

Lucky Star: What happens if Jean leaves the X-Men and they meet her again after thirteen years? More than that, what if she's married to another guy? And when Jean took the marridge package, she got a free gift...a daughter...OCJott

Like I said, I love making freinds.If you need someone or want to talk to, or just wanna be my friend, e-mail me! Tell me a little about yourself. And I'll reply ASAP! Well, I'll update my profile soon.

Hey, before I go. I have an advice column so if you need advice, just e-mail me. If you dunno who to go to, you can come to me for anything but money... And don't worry. I don't charge anything... So, basically...a free ADVICE column...

Thanx for reading! Byeeee! Boy,That was so perky.

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