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Name: Kayla AKA Flying Green Flamingos

Sex: Do you know any boys named Kayla? I didn't think so. chucks fist in air1 point for Females!

Location: Tell me why you think you have the right to know and maybe just maybe I'll consider telling you.

Age: That is to be UNKNOWN! To people who know: I slap your mouths off, so beware!

Height: Lets just say my height is normal for someone my age (which no one knows!).

Weight: Last time I weighed myself was... a week ago at the Doctor's office and I was 113 lbs. I could have gained a couple more pounds since then...JK(maybe).

Eyes: Green with brown flecks. Ohhhhh how I wish at night for beautiful eyyyeeesss!

Hair: 2 inches below my shoulders. It's layered (what I like to call Baby Layers, squee!). Dark blonde (some may consider this light brown) with Strawberry blonde streaks. I also died the bottom/under layer bright blonde as well, not like anyone notices!

Likes: Where do I begin... My favorite color is GREEN, I love Pink Flamingos (or green ones in this case, hence my Pen Name) I love X-Men both movies, X-Men comic books, and both X-Men cartoon (although I favor X-Men Evolution). My favorite characters from X-Men Comics, Movies, and TV shpws are (From greatest to least): Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat/Areil/Sprite, Logan/Wolverine, Ororo Munroe/Storm, Charles Xaiver/Professer X. I will stop here becuase sooner or later I'll have just about everyone, but here are the villians: Raven Darkholme/Mystique, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver, John Whatever/Pyro.

Now, for Teen Titans! I LOVE Beast Boy and Raven! Funny acutally, I loved them when Teen Titans the show came out, but when cammarcials (spelling?) came for when Terra showed her first apperiance, I was like "Oh boy, Beast Boy's gonna fall for her, but he will remain true to Raven!" and then, when I saw it and hoe Beast Boy swooned over her, I was like "GO TERRA!" Then she left, but I had hope of her return. Then I got bored, and became-once again-a BB/Rae fan. THEN Terra came back and I was BB/Terra fan, AGAIN. Then Terra betrayed them and I cried, then got over it and became a SOLID BB/Rae fan and I shall remain that way until squirrels brain wash my mind! I stand strong. I'm not gonna list my Fav characters becuase I like everyone-BUT TERRA! And Malchior! And I think Slade is Batman! Come on! You know it's true! He was after Robin cuz Robin left him to become a leader, now he's mad! I can see it in his mask-covered face!

I also like W.I.T.C.H. At first I thought it was tupid, now (just recently, like 3 days ago) I like it. And I 100 of the way support Cornelia/Caleb! Also, Greg Cipes, the guy who plays Beast Boy's voice plays CALEBS voice! ULTRA COOL! squeals

I like other stuff too, but oh well, I'll put the shows that i like HERE: X-Men Evolution, Teen Titans, W.I.T.C.H., Avatar:The Last Airbender (my fav is Sokka!), Codename: Kids Next Door (Kuki and Wally), Jimmy Neutron (Jimmy and Cindy), Fairly Odd Parents (Cosmo), Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends (Mac) (Cheese) (Bloo) (Everyone), Will and Grace (Will) (Grace) (Karen) (Jack), Home Improvement (the middle child, he so cute!), Danny Phantom (SAM AND DANNY ALL THE WAY!) (Tucker too), theres more but oh well.

Quotes: "I like ceeeerrrrreeeaaallll."~Cheese from FHIF

"I like chocolate milk!"~Cheese from FHIF

"Mac and Cheese!"~Mrs. Foster and Bloo from FHIF

"Cheese Laweez!"~Bloo and Mac

"When was the last time you cleaned yourself!" "Define 'self'!"~ Aliens from Invader Zim (Other favorite show I forgot to mention! slaps self)

"Pappa gonna rap myself in toilet paper, I'm gonna rap myself. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but so will Charmin Ultra. Cha cha cha, Charmin!"~A song by me and my good friend Emily V. (thats rhymes!)

"Kids, Silly Kids, Crack is for Kids, who like Silly Rabits who dress up as Trix!"~Yet another saying by me and Emily.

"Slapsee!"~Me and emily

"I SNOYED last night!"~Me and emily

"Your grandma took a little spill in the sand dunes today, broke her cockix!"~Unlce Ricco from Napoleon Dynamite (ND)

"Do you think anyone wants a round house kick to the face while I'm wearing these bad boys?"~Rex from ND

"Do you think anyone thinks I'm a failure, becuase I go home to Starla at night? pause FORGET ABOUT IT!"~Rex from ND

"Dance! Theres nothin' else for me to do, just DANCE! All these bad times I'm goin through, just DANCE!"~Song from ND

"Forever young, I want to be forever young. Do you really want to live forever, forever, FOREVER!"~Song from ND

"I'm sick and I'm just trying to run away from Uncle Ricco! I know it's not working the way I planned it too!"A song from ND me and Emily rewrote.

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