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OMG!It's so good to be around technology again!

But that also means that yes,

I am going to be revamping Being a guy isn't all fun and games


Because I owe it to the people who loved it the first time around to finally use spell check

And because I want to finsh the story

Which I can't do in it's current position

Because I keep on looseing my fans to confusion after chappie 5

So there

I promise I'll finish it this time you guys!

Disclaimer: I do not own my mind. That mess of randomness and dividuality belongs to all voices inhabiting said mind.


Okay, so as some of you may have noticed, I have taken down most of the chapters of Being a guy isn't all fun and games, and am busy revising.

I know there were some issues with this fic. Spelling being one, which I am trying really hard to take care, but if you guys do find a mistake please let me know. The other being that as the story progressed I think I lost some of you to confusion. Another thing that I am trying to take care of as I rewrite. And the last and final thing being the terrible ending. I was aware I didn't have long to finish the fic so I really messed up the end, but as I said, I'm taking care of that too.

Other than that I don't have much to say at the moment. I will try and get the story up again as soon as possible.


Still not done with the rewriting of being a guy isn't all fun and games. Not gonna be for a while. I am being temporally displaced from a computational environment, so no writing and posting shall be happening until I return. Which will hopefully be soon.

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