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Author has written 9 stories for Galaxy Rangers, ThunderCats, and Airwolf.

*Am on hiatus from writing and other activities until further notice. Warm Regards, R *




Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
In Progress
Re-Write of my very first fan fiction. Written when I was 16. Total re-write and change of plotline to make for events of today and my more mature version since I'm more than twice the age I was when I first wrote it. This is my way of merging Season 4 with the Original Series. Introduces Rachelle Hawke. I could use a beta - if anyone is interested.

After much internal debate, I have raised the overall rating to this story to M. Most of the chapters fit within a T rating, but since I have a couple of chapters that are definitely closer to M, (chapter 5, sexually descriptive content; 7, adult content and language). I have decided to err on the side of discretion, probably to the point of over-kill, and raise the rating for the entire story. It is too bad, that ff doesn't allow a chapter rating, but these are the constraints in which I will endeavor to operate. For assistance to readers, I will offer chapter ratings with the chapter number to aid in decisions to read chapters or not.

Chapter 8: Consequences (T - mild language): The fallout continues as Rachelle's family and the Airwolf Team deal with the events of her past, putting the entire team at odds with their newest directive. Meanwhile, Ashleigh Francisco's situation deteriorates leaving her in dire straits.


Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers:

Story board formation.

Muse is kicking around a few ideas for the continuing saga of my GR arc.

One-shot. Brief interlude from Niko's point of view following events of Fractured.

Many thanks to LadyNiko for her excellent beta-reading and corrections. With her help, and reader comments,
I can see my writing vastly improving - just compare Tumult with Fractured, I'm sure you'll agree. :)

I hope you enjoyed my first published fanfiction. Extra special thank you to HR for beta reading this for me.
Any mistakes are mine.



One-Shot - Complete

This is quite a bit different from my usual writing in this fandom. For one, it is written in third person. Also, this story heavily features the Warrior Maidens – the ThunderCats are mostly cameos or guest appearances here. Rest assured, my next foray will once again focus on our favorite felines, however.

This story takes place a short time after Mumm-Ra Lives – and approximately 3 months after Storm Surge for those of you that follow a canon-centered/fanon-centered timeline.

I wrote this one-shot not only to give some stronger background on some of the other denizens of Third Earth but also to pay homage to the solstice occurring in the Northern Hemisphere on the 21st of June, 2009. This will also be a story which will eventually set up answers as to why so many Third Earth residents seems to have ties to Plundarr as well as Thundera.

Storm Surge


Sequel to Gaining Perspective. First chapter takes place a week or so after Gaining's Aftermath. Cheetara has to come to terms with her past and her own actions. Too bad the Mutants choose this emotional time to attack the Lair. Both the mutants and the ThunderCats get more than they bargained for when Cheetara makes a life changing decision.

This will once again be a first-person round robin taking differing perspectives as they come. Do read and let me know your thoughts.

Gaining Perspective

I had some difficulty with the last chapter, Aftermath, still not 100 percent thrilled with it. This may be why I am considering revisiting this and adding an epilogue in the future. Or, it may spin off into an entirely different fic in the future. I'll be concentrating on a different fandom for awhile and let it simmer.

Oh and for those of you who may be wondering, I'm a closet Lion-O/Cheetara shipper, just read between the lines.

Happy reading,

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