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Hi I'm Simon but my friends call me Si, I’m a 37 year old guy from Nottingham in the UK, I am also dyslexic, so some of the stories I place here may have wild and wonderful spelling mistakes that have not been picked up by my spell checker. Mind you I try to keep them to a bear minimum ! But I do really on my spell check on office quite a bit which I must point it is set to UK ENGLISH. So if your sitting behind your monitor in the US of A and the spelling like are a bit off for example colour not color you know why. SO please bear with me. REVIEWS always welcome, however flamers, well no thank you.

If you want to know more about the crazy world of Si the large fire breathing swords man, then please head over to flckr to have a look see. Click below to go there.

So now its 2012 almost 2013, where the hell is the time going!

Disney has bought lucas art, is that a bad thing or a good thing. I dont know but only time will tell. After all look what they did with the avengers movie. So I think to be honest it could be a good thing.

Mind you have been watching alot of people having thee say and most of it at the time of writing isn't that good.

Anyway what about me at the moment.

Well I have written some more of the corpse bride fanfiction, but had little feed back on it, so I have put it on hold. After all as a writer you like to know that the stuff you are crafting is good, would you not agree?

Talking about Star Wars, have been watching the clone wars with interest over the last few seasons, and I have to say that once you get past the animation style, its got some very cool stories. And the way the characters are developing and of course Anakin's slide towards the dark side is wonderful. We as an audance know what he will become, but its good to see just how that came about.

So I am looking at doing so fanfiction with that. I just need to find a good beta reader who one can understand that I use Uk English, and two I am dyslexic, which is fun, looking at the spell checker and thinking 'well that looks right' lol

Also being playing dragonage 2 again and find the story line in that good and the game style as playing through a story for want of a better word very inspiring. Although some people hated it after the first game, I tend to think as a role play (pen and paper since 1989)that its good story to fit into the whole story ark of the world going through a crisis.

Also I have been reading alot of the new 52 dc comic titles that have some good story ideas and plot line in, and some not so good, the Gotham Sirens series is good to read through if you get the chance. And of course the suicide squad with Harley quin, and her new outfit. It a major C step away from her old look and to be fair I like it because she is becoming more of an anti hero, and needs to grow up from what she was wearing. All good in the late 90's on the Saturday morning TV shows like Batman etc, but now as the comics take on a more eddier style to them, I feel it is about time her look change. As it did in the batman games.

Although the new batman film was filmed just round the corner from where as sit, as in Wollaton hall in Nottingham, and it was good to see the hall being used for such a good film, I really didn't like the film that much. With the second film with the joker raising the bar so high, I feel this one just didn't come anywhere near it.

However with the new batman film, ( new relaunch, re image call it what you will) coming out 2014 I think, it would be good to see what they do with the stories.

And of course Star Trek, which I have bee watching for donkey's years, love the show all of them, each have a different style to them.

So you read all the way to hear and think boy this guy can waffle on, which I can to be honest lol. But it gives you the ideas of where I draw my inspiration from.

Well I'm off and I see you all soon..

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