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Name: Shannon



Eye/hair color: Blue; brown

pets: Two kitties and a fish

location: Myrtle Beach SC

Other: i'm very pale and I'm called Emo a lot but then i'm called metal head by a few of my good friends other then that I don't label myself at all, I wear all black one day and a frilly skirt the next I have a variety of styles that tends to confuse people. I listen to all kinds of rock Music and I hate Rap with a passion I only listen to one country singer Keith Urban because he's sexy. Hmm I got my first kiss at 14... and yea well now you know me!


Hey! wow I used to have a fanfiction account but I lost it about a year agobecause my computer sucks. I love writting stories and hope you like mine! 3 Shannon

Movie: Harry Potter, Lotr, School of Rock, Potc, WhiteNoise, Saw, Phantom of the Opera andso many more!

Music: The Used, My Chemical Romance, Afi, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Killswitch Engage, Marlyn Manson (at times), underoath, a static lullaby, Loko Phylum, Bensin,Son of Sam, Depeche Mode, AcDc, Alice Cooper, Led Zepplin, Hot Hot Heat, Lola Ray, The Who, VanHalen, Blondie,The White Strips, Billy Idol, BillyTalent,Wow there are way to many more! like NormaJean! OH! Matty B and the Dirty Pickels! and Keith Urban!

Actors: Jack Black,Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom. Thats about it...

Books: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Phantom on theOpera, AmityVille Horror, Hmmm wowI have no idea...

Hmm Well yea thats about it!IM me sometime! (aim) AFireInside4564! I loveyou all enjoy my stories!

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Harry is suffering yet another abusive summer...slash, rape, abuse...
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