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Author has written 4 stories for Bleach, and Hot Gimmick.

Quotes and words to live by

"Im in love with the ordinary" - Jimmy Eat World

"Every human heart, is human." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"Its better to have love and lost, then to have never have loved at all." -Anonymous

"We are all born with promise." Agent Pendergast, Book of the Dead

"Your current safe boundries were once unkown frontiers. Keep pushing forward." -Anonymous

"In order to be walked on, you have to be lying down." -Brian Weir

"Know what's weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change...but pretty soon everything different." Callvin, Callvin and Hobbes.

"Great spirits have encountered violent opposition from medicore minds." Albert Einstein.

"NO CRY WHEN PWN." -Gamestop Family 1955, 2007

The Basics.

I dont write nearly as much as I would like (or as mush as some of readers would like) but life pushes you into different directions, and right now my path isnt quite on the creative writing track. Though, I still enjoy busting out good stories, and characters- they are only far and few between. I ask for your continued patience and support! You never know when I might seriously sit down one night and bust out some final drafts!

I tend to lean toward alot of romance pieces, with a good dash of some angst. I like writing about couples who have the odd against them. Examples being Aizen/Hinamori (Bleach) Sakura/Sasuke (Naruto) Van/Hitomi (Escaflowne) Neil/Felt (Gundam 00) I just feel being able to write stories about couples with impossible obstacles, or tragic endings, give a bigger pay off to readers (and myself!). That doesnt mean I like to do stories on couples that have happy endings and such. Its just theres TONS of fics for couples like that, I gotta support the under-dog!

One of my personal rules is that when I do fanfiction, I want my story to be "timeless." Meaning, I dont want my story to have an outcome on the true story's/show's plot or just doesnt seem to fit or isnt possible because of future events that might happen later on in the season. My stories all take place, or at least try to, be apart of the timeline with probable cause. Things from past events lead up to my story, but from my story characters are still able to move on into the official plot like nothing happened. Get my drift? Or at least I TRY to stick to my rule, there are exceptions every once and a while.

Just a quick rant: I find it AMAZING that people dont review stories anymore! Ive never been the type of writer to beg for reviews or say "if I dont get this many I wont post,"...that is just unclassy and shows poor character in my point of view. Naturally I dont go by the amount of reviews that my story gets but by its traffic. I get plenty of traffic, so much that it bothers me to know that the ratio per people who read my story VS. the people who review is remarkably low. I dont rely on reviews of boost my ego and force me to write, I do it because I LOVE it, but I do use the reviews as critiques! If you point out my flaws, my mistakes, great! I can LEARN from those! If you want to say I did great character development, or had an interesting plot, even better! I want your OPINIONS so I can improve the things Im working on!

Besides my ranting I enjoy crepes, sushi, and ice cream. Naps are great well.


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