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Name: Cas. Just Cas.
Age: 99, possibly 47...maybe 16...could be 33...perhaps 13...

Location: Netherworld

If you think homosexuality is wrong, then you Probably shouldn't read further into my profile.


DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki, Tohoshinki, TVXQ)

Love these guys! Love them so much that I just...wah!? They are so awesome! Especially Micky! Uwa!!

YunJaeHo-- The best couple in the world. So caring, loving, and sexy they are together! May their love live on forever. #1 DBSK OTP

ChunJae (SOULMATE) -- I really got into this pairing when I saw a vid on a And they are always there for each other. So cute!

MinChun-- Youtube creates addictions.

JuChun-- Everyone thinks Junsu is bottom... But not my Chunny.

Micky is a babe. He really is. A total babe magnet. I adore him. I want to have his babies. Thousands of them. XD

Persona 3

PharosxMinato (Main Char.)-- Ya, I know. XD

AkihikoMinato-- Aki really is too pushy for his own good... =P

ShinjiroMinato-- Shinji can be quite pushy as well. Kekeke...

I love Shinji! Love love love him! I cried, I really did. T-T Shinjiro you are so kickass and cool!

NatsukiFuuka-- A really sweet yuri couple. It's sad what happened...

AkihikoMitsuru-- I adore this het pairing! They are so...just...great for each other. It's obvious how Aki feels about her. And the sex is great. >] #1 P3 Het OTP

AkihikoShinjiro-- Aki seme to Shinji, yes! Come on, best friends and all... Wooo. _ #1 P3 Yaoi OTP

Advent Children

Cloud x Kadaj-- So sexy together! My Kadaj-baby needs some luvin'! #1 AC OTP

Vincent x Kadaj-- A friend got me into this. Blame him.

Yazoo x Kadaj-- Incest baby, so sweet!

Seph x Kadaj-- ...Kadaj is always trying to beat Sephy... Kadaj is best though!

Basically... anyone/everyone x Kadaj. XD

Saint Beast

Ruka x Rei-- Omg! They're so freaking CUTE together! And so SEXY! They fit PERFECTLY. I luv them both so MUCH! #1 SB OTP

Gou x Saki-- Childhood friends, what else? XD

Gou x Rei-- Dude, first pairing I ever thought of!

Lucifer x Gabriel/Gabriel x Lucifer-- Banished from Heaven, walk the earth together... WOO BABY YES

Zeus x Pandora-- Mmm. Yum.

YudaRukaRei-- Best friends Ruka's love! Can't get better than that, baby! YES!

GaiMayaKira-- Threesome. 'Nuff said.

Maya x Kira-- THAT'S RIGHT! Kira needs to be taught a lesson! XD He's UKE!

Yuda x Rei-- Like this pairing, it's sexy. Liked this pairing before I found out Rei liked Ruka vice versa. XD

Yuda x Ruka-- They're almost always together. Best friends. So kind towards each other. There's a whole sexy list.

Yuda x Gou-- Rivals! Duh! grin

Cassandra-- Because she has my name! She's note worthy! (Or he?? o_o)

Shiva-- Bcuz he's a poor, jealous angel who needs some luvin'!

Shiva x Pandora-- Cuz that's all I can think of! And Pan's real...y'know. XD

Rei is my favorite, out of them all! He's beautiful, elegant, graceful, and shy (which I usually despise...but him--!)! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! huggles Rei

Yuda is a second fave. He's so flippin' hot. - And smart, to boot! He may make up most pairings, but Rei truly owns my heart!

Kamui x Kira-- Dude, that's some hot shiznit right there.

Lucifer x Yuda-- Whoa. Uke!Yuda...! But it's hot, dude. XD

Zeus x Lucifer-- Was his right hand man...


Bakura x Malik-- Heck yes. Tomb keeper and tomb robber, baby! It just makes sense! #1 YGO OTP

Otogi x Malik-- Cute, sexy, and Otogi doesn't get enough love! And neither does this pairing!


NaruSasu-- Rivals, best friends, lovers! Freakin' Hot. #1 Nartuo OTP!

GaaSasu-- Dudes, angsty emos. Hotness.

ItaSasu-- Itachi obsesses over Sasuke. We all dang well know it.

NejiSasu-- It's just hot.

KakaSasu-- Too fluffy not to love!

OroSasu-- Snakes baby, YES! And Orochimaru with that tongue... evil grin

KotIzu-- Desk jockies, betch.

I'll say it now. Any Male x SasUke I'll read. Tell me and I'm there and yours! XD

Sasuke's the best! I lurve him! He's a total sexy uke! It's in his NAME for goodness sakes.

ShikaIno-- Getting into them. Cute!

KibaIno-- AFF. v.v'

ShikaTemaIno-- Hot threesome if I do say so myself.

TemaIno-- Best yuri pairing out there.

ShikaTem-- Erm, easy enough?

Any Girl x Ino is totally kickass.


Kazuma x Ryuho-- Obvious! Ryuho is such a little uke.


Naraku x Sesshoumaru-- Flippin' hot! EVILNESS RULES, BABY.

InuSess-- Self-explanatory. -_


Durer x Vallewida-- Uh... Durer's OBSESSION with Valli isn't ENOUGH FOR YOU??

Zettai Fukuju Meirei

Werner x Louise-- Awe! Luv this pairing! Fave!

Kia x Louise-- Dur! Obviously there! And so adorable!

Death Note

RaitoL-- Genius love! L is so cuuuuuute!

MattMello-- Best friends. Mello's a flippin' sexy uke when it comes to Matt. What else? o_o LEATHER. CHOCOLATE.

Devil May Cry

Dante x Vergil-- That's right! uke!Vergil! They're so freakin' hot!

Sparda x Vergil-- Father/son, hell yes. XD

SpardaDanteVergil-- Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

Star Ocean

Cliff x Albel-- Hottest pairing, sherm! There ya go!

Lucifer x Albel-- Evilness rules, baby. XD


I'm warning you now, chaos is my favorite character.

Canaan x chaos-- ...The very beginning of XS2. Need I say more? Need I Say More?? o_o #1 Xenosaga OTP

Little Ruby x chaos-- Best friends. They do Everything together... -_

Mary x Shelly-- Hot and cute!

Lil' Ruby x Albedo-- Screw Nigredo! Jr. and Albedo just Fit! And yes. Albedo is the catcher in this pairing.

Albedo x chaos-- Blood! -'s just hot. grin

Wilhelm x chaos-- Uh, doesn't 'We're intimately involved' just SCREAM out at you?

Jin x chaos-- They're just there, man! -

T-elos x KOS-MOS x T-elos-- Mmmm, hot yuri action.

Kingdom Hearts

Anything involving Riku being uke. He's a total uke. Deal with it.

Leon x Riku-- Hell freaking YES! #1 KH OTP

Axiku-- Dude, I don't even hafta say anything about them. grin Also #1 KH OTP

Soriku-- Fluffiness to the MAX.

Sephiku-- SEPH I LOVE YOU! AND RIKU! Together! XD

Demiku-- It's all ChibiFrubaGirl's fault! Her fault I tell you! HER FAULT!

Denzel x Riku-- Once more her doing! See up one! But man, I'm glad she did!

Harry Potter

HarryDraco-- HECK YEAH. Rivals! Draco is just...just Draco. #1 HP OTP Seriously.

SnapeLucius/LuciusSnape-- Dude. Dark Mark. Enough said.

SiriusRemus-- Awe! So cute and FLUFFY!!

RonDraco-- Ya. Just ya. Getting into that.

FredRemusGeorge-- Crack pairing!

SnapeRemus-- Another crack pairing.

Yaoi is my religion. But Jenovaism shall Reign supreme! Mwuhahahaha! Ha!

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Thor has comes to terms with the fact that he enjoys a face full of sheets.
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