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Wow! I really don't have much up here.~

About Moi:

Name: Meranda Bennett

Alias: Yoko Touma

Orientation: Bi

Hair: Originally it was dark brown with natural red highlights, now it's just a mixture between everything. It's auburn with brown highlights, sorta, and dark brownish-blond at the tips. It's crazy!

Eyes: Dark brown, boring I know. Then again, I've never been interesting...I lied! I'm so cool! (LOL)

Location: United States of Fucking America! Damn, it sucks here but I'm grateful to be here, I'd like to be in Japan though, that's be interesting!

Ethnicity: Um...a lot. Black, white, Polish, Irish, Indian (Huskie), slight Italian, just a pinch though.

Favorite Animes w/ Favorite Couples:

- My absolute favorites.

(In alphabetical order, I'm just a freak)

Beyblade: Kai/Hilary, Kai/Mathilda, Kai/OC, Rei/ OC, Rei/Mariah (What can I say? I'm traditional), slight Brooklyn/Julia, anyone with Mystel.

Big O: Dorothy/Roger.

Cowboy Bebop: Faye/Spike, (I hate Julia).

D N Angel: Dark/Riku, Satoshi/Riku, Krad/Riku, (I really hate Daisuke and Risa).

DeathNote: L/Sayu, L/Anyone, Light/Misa. (They're all so HOTT!)

Detective Conan/Case Closed: No specifics.

Dragonball Z/GT: Pan/Vegeta, Pan/17.

Escaflowne: Dilandau/Hitomi.

Excel Saga: Excel/Lord Illpalazzo.

Fruits Basket: Hana/Hatori, Kyo/Kagura, Ayame/Mine.

G Gundam: George/Rain, Domon/Allenby.

His and Her Circumstances/Kare Kano: Maho/Asaba, Shibahime/Kazuma.

Inuyasha: Kagura/Sesshoumaru, Kanna/Shippou.

Pretear: Mawata/Sasame, Mawata/OC.

Princess Tutu: Duck/Fakir.

Rayearth: Lantis/Hikaru, Clef/Umi, Presea/Clef, Zagato/Emeraude.

Rorouni Kenshin: Misao/Aoshi, Misao/Enishi, Misao/Sano.

Utena: Saionji/Wakaba, Ruka/Anyone (He's friggin' HOTT!), Utena/Touga, Utena/Akio, Anthy/Akio, Anthy/Dios.

Wiess Kreuz: Ran/Sakura.

Fanfic Progress:

The Logic of the Heart - ON HIATUS.. Chapter Eight is going to be in revision soon and chapter nine will soon follow.

The Second Twilight - ON HIATUS.

Feelings - ON HIATUS.

Knight in Shining Armor - Chapter two in progress.

Your Curse, My Cure - Chapter Five in progress.

On The Way:

Expect the Unexpected (May be coming in a few months.)

Pairings: Kagura/Sesshoumaru

Summary: A series of unexpected events lead Kagura Nitta into the arms of Sesshoumaru Taiyou. She begins to fall for the enigmatic man and his wonderful, yet mysterious ways. Too bad he has a daughter...and is engaged.

~Now I do

Bai Bai Boo!


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