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Author has written 11 stories for Naruto, Star Wars, Misc. Games, Shadowrun, Dungeons and Dragons, and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

Name: Daishi Prime, for all purposes here-on. My true name is known only to a select few too duplicitous to name.

Age: I work, therefore I’m old.

Description: I’m normal, boring, utterly unremarkable to look at. Sarcastic as all get-out, though. If I’m not being sarcastic, I’m probably seriously contemplating violence.

Facts: I’m an old-fashioned sort of gamer, not one of the now-famous PC-hacks or console-junkies. I prefer pen-and-paper RPGs, and table-top war-games to anything on-line, and a good story to anything on TV. I’m a definite anime-junkie, so my apologies for any references you don’t get.

Writing: What I post here, I write for fun. I have ideas for stories and characters floating about in my mind, and over the last couple years have found that letting them loose here is better for my sanity than trying to ignore them. Thing is, I have a lot of ideas, and they don’t all play nice with each other. So I tend to work on multiple stories at once, shifting between them as inspiration and interesting mesh, with most of my work being on whatever ‘main’ story I’m working on at the time (discernable by frequency of updates).

Updates: Taking into account the above, the only promise I make on updates is ‘they will happen’. Normal course, it appears to be every two to three weeks. Yes, I know, that’s a long wait, but like I said, this is for fun. 06/24/2011 - I'm still alive, and still working on things here, but Real Life has intruded, and it's been an interesting year so far, in the Chinese-curse sense of the word. Not all bad, but busy busy busy.

About Reviews: All I can justifiably say is, ‘feel free’ and ‘thank you’. Reviews are neither required nor requested, but if you have something to say, I’m more than happy to listen. I haven’t been flamed yet (thank you to all readers who have refrained), and any flames will simply be ignored. If you do review, and I am still working on the story, I will post a reply at the tail end of the next chapter (thus encouraging a continued audience!), and ask only that you warn me if you think I’m giving away plot points – I tend to get carried away trying to explain things. If I have finished working on the story you review, and your review is not anonymous, I’ll reply via the official link within a week or so. All review replies are ‘first reviewed, first replied’, nothing personal. As for the wait, again it’s nothing personal, but I’ve found that a lot of reviews tend to ask the same questions, and letting everyone see the replies makes sure I answer all those questions.

About Language: I am fluent in English, more so written than spoken. I am not fluent in any other language. I technically have a couple years of high school French and Spanish, but I was a teenager then, and I’m not good at languages, so I only remember a couple words. I am becoming more and more familiar with Japanese, thanks to my personal preference for sub-titled anime (dub actors never quite get the emotions right, even when the voice fits the character). I will use Japanese words in my stories based on anime series, mostly because I’m that much of a geek, but also because I like the flavor. For convenience, here is a list of the more common terms:

Urusei (you’re annoying), baka / aho (idiot), gaijin (foreigner, barbarian – an insulting term), ji-ji (old man, usually insulting/cheeky), oka-san / ka-san (mother), oto-san / to-san (father), onii-san / nii-san (older brother), onee-san / nee-san (older sister), imouto (younger sister), sensei (teacher, master, doctor), hai (yes), iie (no), senpai (higher level student), kohai (lower level student), shinei! (die!), ne (used at the end of a statement, means roughly the same way Americans use ‘right?’ or ‘isn’t that so’ in the same position), demo (but).

Favorite Quotes:

“Tradition doesn’t make it right. It just means you’ve been a dumb@ss for a long time.” – Kelvin Ng, a true gentleman, and the best painter I’ve ever had the pleasure of envying.

“When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt.

“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave ‘em all over everything you do.” – Elvis Presley.

“Failure is not an option! It comes bundled in the software package!” – any system administrator.

"PEBKAC." - again, any system administrator.

“A high IQ is like a jeep. You’ll still get stuck, you’ll just be further from help when you do.” – found online, 2007.

“Eagles may soar, but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines.” – found online, 2007.

“The First Amendment protects you from the government, not from me.” – found online, 2007.

The Deva Series

I started this series with no intent of making a series. All I was going to do was write myself a little story, work a couple old ideas of mine into a stable story, and then move on. See, thing is, Inspiration showed up with a .45 in one hand and stack of requests in the other, and I’m something of a coward. So it’s ballooned into a full series. Below is a list of stories included, in chronological order, including status.

Star-Crossed (Despite my best efforts, I'm afraid this one will never see the light of day in any form. It's simply not working.)

On the Path of Vengeance (original story, second in series order, now complete.)

Academy Blues (second story written, third in series order, now complete.)

Academy Blues: Side Stories (third story written, not in any particular order. Incidents in the course of Academy Blues and Endless Waltz that would not fit in either story, or constitute ideas I had after passing that chronological point in the story)

Endless Waltz (fourth story written, fourth in series order, Chapter 43 in progress.)

SPOILER WARNING: below is, per reviewer request, both a timeline of the Deva series, and a list of my original characters from the series. Reading the below constitutes acceptance that, if you are not up to date on at least the first four chapters of Endless Waltz, you will be spoiling the parts of the stories you have not yet read. To avoid this fate worse than death, scroll all the way to the bottom to the stories themselves.

Timeline:As I am unfamiliar with the TSAB calendar apparently unveiled in Strikers, I will be using Terran dates for all incidents. Also, as I have yet to see an ‘official’ date for when the series takes place, I simply used the year in which I saw the first series as ‘baseline’. Thus, any errors are mine, and I will contemplate re-calibrating this list if convincing evidence is presented.

02/23/1988: On the Path of Vengeance, as related in Chapter 04. A Class One Lost Logia slays Bureau field mage Shimazu Sara. Her husband and partner, Shimazu Takashi, was presumed lost, though neither his body or his device were recovered.

08/03/1988: On the Path of Vengeance, as related in Chapter 02. An unknown mage attacked and destroyed the Bureau starship, Deva. Subsequently identified as Akira, no other identification available.

09/12/1988: On the Path of Vengeance, as related in Chapter 02. A second Bureau starship, the Harridan, was attacked and destroyed by Akira. Two survivors identified the attacker and his methods.

10/01/1988: On the Path of Vengeance, as related in Chapter 02. Two ships, Vishnu and Excalibur, which had been tasked with bringing Akira in, were attacked and destroyed by Akira. All hands were lost.

10/02/1988: On the Path of Vengeance, as related in Chapter 02. The Bureau dispatched three ships, equipped with the l'Arc en Ciel systems and reinforced combat mage compliments, to destroy Akira, the Jaeger, Broadsword, and Tinian.

10/08/1988: On the Path of Vengeance, as related in Chapter 02. Last transmissions received from Jaeger, Broadsword and Tinian, sighting and pursuit of Akira. No further communication received from any of the three ships. High Command issued Alpha Priority Operational Order to forgo attempts at capture and terminate Akira on sight.

06/??/2005 – 07/??/2005: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, original series. A shipment of Jewel Seeds from an archaeological dig to Bureau HQ were lost in transit. Archaeologist Scrya Yuuno followed the shipment to Earth and attempted to retrieve them. Injured, he gave his intelligent device to Takamichi Nanoha, who managed to capture several Jewel Seeds. Interference by Fate Testarossa, at the directive of Precia Testarossa, resulted in the shipment being captured by Precia. Bureau intervention by the Asura under command of Admiral Lindy Hallaoun prevented outright dimensional dislocation, but Precia Testarossa was lost and presumed dead. Fate Testarossa was arrested and tried for crimes committed in the course of events.

12/25/2005: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s, second series. The Book of Darkness is defeated by Takamichi Nanoha, Fate Testarossa, Scrya Yuuno, Yagami Hayate, and the Book's own defenders, the Wolkenritter.

04/12/2011: On the Path of Vengeance, Chapter 01 & 02 – While securing a gang of thieves, Hayate Yagami woke Akira and disappeared. Bureau warship Asura, under command of Admiral Chrono Hallaoun, was severely damaged but not destroyed in Akira's flight.

04/15/2011: On the Path of Vengeance, Chapter 03 – Asura finally returns to Bureau HQ. Akira's second appearance.

04/19/2011: On the Path of Vengeance, Chapter 04 & 05 – Akira arrives at Stonehenge, battles the Wolkenritter.

04/22/2011: On the Path of Vengeance – Akira attacks T'ai Shan. Wolkenritter injured.

05/01/2011: On the Path of Vengeance, Chapters 00, 06 & 07 – Akira attacks Ankor Watt. Scrya Yuuno critically wounded.

05/03/2011: On the Path of Vengeance, Chapters 07 & 08 – Akira attacks the Time Space Administration Bureau Headquarters. Hayate's return.

04/01/2013: On the Path of Vengeance, Epilogue

01/21/2014: Sentences on Yagami Hayate and her Wolkenritter are commuted, in consideration for years of loyal and exemplary service.

03/08/2014: Admiral Graham dies. His will leaves his entire estate to Yagami Hayate.

03/09/2014: Yagami Hayate formally retires from Bureau service.

03/10/2014: Academy Blues, Chapter 00 – Hayate Yagami acquires deed and title to a small valley in Japan southeast of Kyoto. Construction on her academy begins one month later.

05/~~/2014: Academy Blues, Chapter 01 – events described extend over approximately three weeks of the month of May.

09/01/2014: Academy Blues, Chapter 04 – classes begin.

09/12/2014: Academy Blues, Chapter 06 – Laura acquires prescribed documents, recruits Noriko for the project. Side Stories, Chapter 01 – Allina and Niranjana begin their hunt for a hacker.

09/18/2014: Academy Blues, Chapter 07 – Yussef joins Laura's project.

09/21/2014: Academy Blues, Chapter 08 – Nanoha teaches guest class on magical exercises. Side Stories, Chapter 03 – Megan approaches Lotte about learning to shape-shift.

10/14/2014: Side Stories, Chapter 05 – Natalia and Ichigo are caught researching proscribed materials.

10/18/2014: Side Stories, Chapter 03 – Megan manages her first shift.

10/21/2014: Academy Blues, Chapter 09 & 10 – Kyoto class trip. Side Stories, Chapter 01 – Allina and Niranjana complete their search.

10/25/2014: Academy Blues, Chapter 11 – Adib Al Musab arrives on campus.

10/27/2014: Academy Blues, Chapter 11 – Captin Yedrin Gelcide, Time Space Administration Bureau, Hykon Sector, arrives on campus. Side Stories, Chapter 04 – Allison & Noah begin working on their shielding project.

10/30/2014: Academy Blues, Chapter 12 – South Africa incident. Laura's project moves to physical construction stage.

11/06/2014: Academy Blues, Chapter 13 – Lotte teaches the students to fly.

11/15/2014: Academy Blues, Chapter 14 – Contact from Colonel Hughes, US Army – DARPA.

11/18/2014: Academy Blues, Chapter 15 – Anomaly in America

11/20/2014: Academy Blues, Chapter 15 – Yussef's first class.

12/05/2014: Academy Blues, Chapter 16 – Jadeed Zulfiqar

12/08/2014: Side Stories, Chapter 04 – Noah and Allison's 'big fight'.

12/13/2014: Academy Blues, Chapter 17 – Senbonzakura

12/23/2014: Academy Blues, Chapter 18 – Paradox

12/24/2014: Academy Blues, Chapter 19 – Winter Holidays begin. Side Stories, Chapter 03 – Winter Holidays.

12/28/2014: Side Stories, Chapter 05 – Natalia's experiment fails.

02/13/2015: Academy Blues, Chapters 20, 21 & 22 – Operation Nimrod. Side Stories, Chapter 04 – Operation Nimrod and aftermath.

02/15/2015: Academy Blues, Chapter 23 – Initial recovery & planning of rescues.

02/16/2015: Academy Blues, Chapters 24, 25, 26 & 27 – Rescue operations.

02/17/2015: Academy Blues, Chapter 28, 29 – Aftermath of Operation Nimrod.

02/19/2015: Academy Blues, Chapter 30 – Hughes’ meeting with Hayate, Hayate’s press conference. Beginning of the Yagami Revolution.

02/21/2015: Academy Blues, Chapter 31 – First attempt on Hughes’ life.

02/23/2015: Academy Blues, Chapter 31 – Second attempt on Hughes’ life, Hughes briefs the US Joint Chiefs of Staff on magic and the Circles.

03/22/2015: Academy Blues, Circle agents firebomb Oxford University. First battle of the Circle Civil War.

06/12/2015: Academy Blues, Chapter 31 – Final day of Year One.

06/17/2015: Side Stories, Chapter 12 – Mediapersonnel accost the Sims family at home, Laura handles later reporters in a manner which earns her media hatred and the nickname ‘the Black Mage’.

07/19/2015: Shamal officially adopts Cidela.

08/17/2015: Endless Waltz, Chapter 01 – Arlain arrives at the Black Dogs’ base.

08/29-30/2015: Endless Waltz, Chapter 00 – Second year students return to the school.

08/31/2015: Endless Waltz, Chapter 01 – new students arrive.

09/01/2015: Endless Waltz, Chapter 02 – First day of classes.

09/06/2015: Endless Waltz, Chapter 03 – Laura repays Mercedes’ rudeness.

09/09/2015: Endless Waltz, Chapter 04 – Seed attack north site of effort to repair null space in Egypt.

09/10/2015: Endless Waltz, Chapter 05 – Mercedes' first prank on Laura, Maunders' briefing on the Seed.

09/11/2015: Endless Waltz, Chapter 06 – Tai-yu's 'guest lectures' for the second-years, Hughes briefs Hayate on the Shanghai Operation.

09/12/2015: Endless Waltz, Chapter 07 – Laura's tutoring session on Velka devices, Yussef meets the Black Dogs at Kansai International Airport

09/13/2015: Endless Waltz, Chapters 08, 09, & 10 – The Shanghai assault, Seed attack on the campus, Rhys creates her Zeus Buster spell.

09/18/2015: Endless Waltz, Chapter 11 – Second year Kyoto trip.

09/21/2015: Endless Waltz, Chapter 12 – The second-years are into device construction. Saeryn & Rhys begin device design work.

09/24/2015: Endless Waltz, Chapter 12 – Second ‘construction class’, Yussef has Ichigo, Marcel, & Noah tear-down and rebuild their devices. The Black Dogs attack a Revenant facility in Mexico City.

09/26/10: Endless Waltz, Chapter 13 – Hughes’ post-Mexico City meeting w/ the Black Dogs. Major Hassed receives vague warning of ‘terrible events’ in the near future.

09/27/10: Endless Waltz, Chapter 13 – Didier learns his first healing spell. Endless Waltz, Chapter 14 – Al Hanthis returns to Earth from its banishment in the Void.

Character Notes: Per various requests, here is a list of my OCs, organized by affiliation. The list includes names (in Western order), any nicknames, country of origin, device type (if any), special skills, and theme-songs.

Opening Theme – Academy Blues: either 1000% Sparkling from the Negima! soundtrack (second series), or Innocent Starter from the original Nanoha series.

Opening Theme – Endless Waltz: Zutto Kimi ni Soba de by Masuda Yuki (second opening to Flame of Recca).

Ending Theme: May Cry from Metal Gear Solid 2.

Transformation Sequence for the students: Nirvash from the Eureka 7 soundtrack

The Students as a Whole: The Gang's All Here by the Dropkick Murphys

Yagami Academy

Hayate: Mistress of the Night Sky, Wielder of the Sword of Light, The Witch (derogatory). Beethoven's Third Symphony – Eroica.

Reinforce: Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix

Signum: The Sword Knight. Grieg's In the Hall of the Mountain King.

Shamal: The Knight of the Lake. Vivaldi's Spring.

Vita: The Iron Hammer Knight. Punk It Up from Bubblegum Crisis 2040.

Zafira: The Shielding Guardian Beast. Battle Without Honor or Humanity by Tomoyasu Hotei.

Takashi: The Black Hand, The Black Dragon. Zafuto from the Gundam Seed Symphonic album.

Akira: The Great Traitor (derogatory), Breaker of Ships (derogatory), Monster (derogatory). The Imperial March from Star Wars, and Back in Black by AC/DC.

Second Years (Alpha by surname)

Hector – Mariachi. Mexico. His magic and music interact in unique ways. Arabia, by Jerry Garcia & Al Dimeola. Myrmidon.

Yussef bin Hammad Al Khan – Yu-chan. Qatar. Midchildan device, combat leader. Pompeii by E.S. Posthumous. Leader of the Myrmidons.

Noriko Asegawa – Riko-chan, Emperor of Japan. Japan. Midchildan (Deva as of Endless Waltz Chapter 31), Cascade of Springs Glory. The Song from the Gundam Seed Symphonic album.

Allison Caeghlin – Wilderness Girl. US Navajo Reservation, Ireland. Brawler & wilderness expert. Tobacco by Flogging Molly and Heroes From Our Past by Dropkick Murphys. Twilight Paladin.

Luke Henderson – Australia. Beneath the Southern Cross and Lazy Harry’s by the Buschwackers. Myrmidon.

Niranjana Konoth – The Reborn, ‘Jana-chan, Na-chan (w/ Allina). India, New Delhi. Computer programmer. Halcyon+On+On by Orbital.

Marcel Lafitte – France. Yussef’s lieutenant. Hymn to Red October from The Hunt For Red October soundtrack. Myrmidon.

Allina Maricopa – Black Hat, Na-chan (w/ Niranjana). Brazil. Computer hacker. Seven Deadly Sins by Flogging Molly.

Ichigo McClure – Japan. Combat support. Hero’s Comeback by NobodyKnows. Myrmidon.

Natalia Morisovich – The Dark Witch, Russia, Moscow. Al Hazred language and effects, eye which appears to predict death and children. Witch by Kajiura Yuki & Tomorrow, Wendy by Concrete Blonde.

Noah San Cristobal – Beanpole (semi-derogatory). Philippines. Force effects of any sort, shields expert. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood by Santa Esmeralda, off the Kill Bill soundtrack. Myrmidon.

Toushiro Senizawa – Shiro, Shiro-chan. Japan. Buster spells. Sing, Sing, Sing! by Louie Prima. Myrmidon.

Cidela ni Shamal – Cid-chan. Originally Egypt, now Japan. Deva mage, healer of exceptional strength. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, 4th Movement – Ode to Joy, Praan by Garry Schyman.

Laura Sims – Ditz (derogatory), the Black Mage (derogatory depending on user), The Quantum Knight (self-bestowed). United States, Rhode Island. Melee combat, sensory magics, creative unpredictability. Ready to Go by Republica, Real Wild Child as covered by Everlife, Free by Concrete Blonde and Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Twilight Paladin.

Megan Sommersby – Hengeyokai Queen. England. Shapeshifter. Freedom by Twelve Girls Band. Twilight Paladin.

Juliet Van Saar – South Africa. Close combat. Rock You Like A Hurricane by the Scorpions, Arise by E.S. Posthumous. Twilight Paladin.

First Years (Alpha by surname)

Didier Akalé – le Cote d'Ivoire. Tomoko Tane – Message #9 from the Gasaraki soundtrack.

Mercedes Garibaldi – Rich Witch (derogatory). Italy. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2. Myrmidon

Esmeralda Lecuona – Spain. A dancer, specifically Flamenco. Smooth by Santana.

Chen-chi Mao – Taiwan. Bookie and border-line fixer. A Song of Storm and Fire by Kajiura Yuki. Twilight Paladin.

Rhys Marterosian – Ruin, The Creepy Twin (w/ Saeryn, derogatory). United States, Georgia. The Ballad of the Bounty Hunter by Kajiura Yuki, Unstoppable by E.S. Posthumous. Twilight Paladin.

Saeryn Marterosian – Wrack, The Creepy Twin (w/ Rhys, derogatory). United States, Georgia. Leviathan by Kajiura Yuki, Unstoppable by E.S. Posthumous. Twilight Paladin.

Kaemon Matsuo – K-chan. Japan, Osaka. In Time by Mark Collie. Twilight Paladin.

Verner Metzger – Germany, Nuremberg. Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner. Myrmidon.

Ekavir Naruka – India, Rajput. Ace of Spades by Mötorhead. Twilight Paladin.

Jun Xie – China, Beijing. Earthly Stars by Twelve Girls Band. Myrmidon.

Terran Mage Circles

Garreth Hughes – Colonel, Master Adept, Grand Master of the Circles. United States, Army Colonel. A scientist more than a fighter or politician. Leader of the Modern faction.

Teri Maunders – Sergeant, Journeywoman, Modern faction. Hughes’ right hand. Stars & Stripes Forever by John Philip Sousa.

Edward Schuster – Master Adept, Modern. Commander of the Black Dogs.

Uriel Thorngrave – Adept, American, former US Marine. Field leader of the Black Dogs.

Sasha Bogdanovich – Master, Russian, former Spetznaz. Black Dog.

Kevin Gershaw – Master, American, former US Army Ranger. Black Dog.

Ismael bin Mahmoud – Master, Syrian, former Syrian Army Intelligence. Black Dog.

Roger Taggart – Master, American, former US SEAL. Black Dog.

Miguel Suarez – Master, Columbian, former Columbian Army counter-insurgency. Black Dog.

Jubal Early – Master, French, former DGSE. Black Dog.

Jake Law – Master, Chinese, former PLA Airborne. Black Dog.

Simon Arlain – British, former SAS. Black Dog.

Shiraz Marterosian – Adept, Modern faction, father of Rhys & Saeryn.

Jessica Hargrave – Adept, Revenant faction, mother of Rhys & Saeryn.


Wilhelm Kriegsen – Former Bureau Admiral, Deva Mage, whereabouts unknown.

The Al Hanthis City Guard (by rank)

Note: The Guard maintains two ranks – Guard-rank and traditional mage-rank. While the two generally parallel, they can be advanced independently. Due to this and to its small size, the Guard tends to be very informal by traditional military standards.

Szash – General of the Guard, Master Adept. Cavalaria Ligeira (classical, not sure who composed it).

Losius – Colonel, Master

Gali – Colonel, Adept, Szash's secondary aide, In Caelum Fero by Adiemus.

Eri – Colonel, Adept, Szash's primary aide

Haen – Captain, Master

Wenar – Captain, Adept

Solerin – Lieutenant, Journeywoman

Al Hanthis Protectors (by rank)

Note: The Protectors, like the Guard, maintain two ranks – Protector, and traditional mage-rank. The Protector rank is a tradition, a formality, and only trotted out on special occasions. All Protectors judge each other by traditional mage-rank and seniority therein with the exception of the Lord Protector, who runs the entire organization.

Yosho – Lord Protector, Master Adept, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Bach.

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