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June 11, 2008-Sorry for my recent (and ongoing) absence everyone! I'm working on my novel and that requires quite a lot of work. I'm trying to finish ten chapters at least before November and my NaNoWriMo project take over my life for a month, so please bear wit me a little longer. Much thanks to my wonderful (who knows who she is. I love her very much) who had been making my work much, much better at the same time as destroying it. ) : Nonetheless, I love her. If you would like to read my book (or at least the Prologue of it) please PM me your email...I'll be glad to send it to you!

April 6, 2008-News update! I'm finally shoving myself into working hard on the 100 drabbles-I hope tohave them done before the 1 year anniversary. Thanks for all of your continuing support, and special thanks to Alice001 and ChiChikke, my first real big fan for this story, and my idol and inspiration. Fourty more to go, everyone! Wish me luck!

yay! a profile, finally. Here is some info bout me.

name: I'm commonly known as: Haruka, H-Sama, The Pie that lives in the Sky, Erin, Spiral, Spiralpaw, ilvl, TDJ, Kaliren, Kailey, Kassie, Rebekka, Tayla, Saraiwataru (Sarai), Bob the Three Headed Camel, Ren, Raist, and my real name is Jennie.

Age: you so don't get to know that!

weight: 90lbs

height: 5'2'

favorite movies: Spaceballs, robin hood:Men in tights, the LOTR trilogy, the Star Wars saga.(i'm an expert on vader), all the miyazaki films, V for Vendetta.

Occupation: I am a freelance writer working for no pay for the local newspapers, The Austin American Statesman and the Chronicle, and our school newspaper, as well as writing my book, several plays, the songs for out band, and a compilation of short stories. I also work our house as a motel for the two nuttiest cats on the planet, Abby and Dexter. I technically am a student.

favorite authors: tamora pierce, garth nix, louise renisson, J.R.R.tolkien, nobuhiro watsuki,jim benton, erin hunter.

web sites:

Appearance: I look like Jade with blue eyes, tips of the hair turquoise, and a chest. O.O

List of top hottie guys:

10. Schroedinger

9. Zelos

8. Kenshin/Jizabel

7. Van/Regal/Sephy (He killed Aerith AND is hot. SWEET.)

6. Yggdrasill/Mithos

5. Moth, Ylaine, Karakasu, Kat, Gema, Tiris, etc. (all the guys from my book are hot. TOTALLY HOT.)

4. Reno/Marly/Demmy/Xiggy

3. Nero/Weiss/Keele/Aizen

2.5. Asch

2. Zexion/Saix/Mansex/Alucard/Raistlin

1.1 Yuan

1. Vlad a.k.a. Darth Malazia/Dark! and Young! Walter/Isaak Fernand von Kampher

Vincent pwns them all.


10. Tifa (I don't know why...)

9. Woodstock-chan (Because she runs the world.)

8. Larxene (We are a lot alike. We're both completly sadistic. And she's surrounded by hot guys. LUCKY.)

7. General Cecille, Nephry, Tear, and Anise. (Cecille, because she rocks and has a frickin' big sword, Nephry because she gets Peony. Lucky. Tear because she has a cool song and is just generally cool, and Anise because...she's ANISE goddamit!)

6. Yazoo. (Yes, I count Yazoo as a girl. She's cool.)

5. Shalua/Rosso/Yuffie. (Shalua is awesome. TOTALY AWESOME. And Rosso? I just love Rosso. Don't know why. Yuffie because she steals stuff (Theifs are awesome.) and she gets Vincent. LUCKY!)

4. Sheena. (She is just plain cool.)

3. Raine. (We both like ruins, killing things, and can't cook. What else is there?)

2. Tsunade/Chloe/Norma. (She is totally awesome, and Chloe and Norma are A) Sexy and B) ILU CHLOENORMA. 8DDD)

1. Ren/Nasia (They may be my own characters but they ROCK.)

People who are generally awesome:


Fav stuff:


guinea pigs


lotr/starwars/PotC/Tos/FF1-12&advent children

8-bit theatre/vg cats

Kingdom Hearts



Tales of Symphonia favourite pairings:















Remiel/The Dark Chef

The Dark Chef/The Wonder Chef

Tales of The Abyss favourite pairings:






Jade/Basically anyone else in the entire game










Tales of Phantasia favourite pairings:





Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts: CoM, Kingdom Hearts 2 favourite pairings:















General Final Fantasy favourite pairings:
























Favourite anime/manga pairings:
















Uohana/The thirteenth divison's captain...










Favourite all time pairings:




New: Auron/Rikku

New: Vincent/Yuffie

Fav quotes:

I so totallly knew that..maybe...kinda...sorta...nnnnnnnnot really~Me

I will not drink an opaque white liquid secreted by a cow!~Ed

The first theory states that if any one ever figures out what the universe is for, and why it is here, it shall be destroyed and replaced by an infinetly more inexplicable thing.

There is a second one that states that this has already happened.~Douglas Adams

Ich Bin Ein Berliner(I an a donut/I am a jelly filled donut)~JFK

I hope that someday humans and fish can life peacefully together~George W. Bush

Luke, I am your father~Darth Vader

Only sith deal in absolutes~Obi Wan

The force is strong with this one~Darth Vader

I am an orange. Fear me.~Me

Feed my house hold with this bread. You can do it on your head!~Harad

If you are not with me, I suggest that you stay out of my way~ Eric Lencher/Magneto

I've had eighteen straight wiskies. I think it' a new record!~ Dylan Thomas

The next time you feel like criticising someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.~Unknown

Either that wallpaper goes, or I do.~Oscar Wilde

Oh, I am so bored with it all~ Winston Churchill

Do not Speak ill of the dead~Kratos

Blame your fate~Kratos

And just who the hell are you?~Yuan-Sama

I am Yuan, leader of the renegades~Yuan-Sama

Life is uncertain. Eat desert first.~Jacques ? (don't remember the last name...)

What ever you are, just be good at it~Abraham Lincoln

I, like, chocolate milk~Cheese

Hadoken!~Black Mage

Boatdoken!~Black Mage

I like Swords!~Fighter

Ich haffa svertekern!(i like swords!)~K-Chan

Our choices are: Run away and not get killed, not run away and get killed, and smile like maniacs.~The Vegetable

Maturity is Overrated~The Bagel Molester

Maturity is for chumps!~Me

You no likey? You go findy.~Me

I have now reached an age that if some one tells me to wear socks, I don't have to.~Albert Einstien


Are you completly sure that you are sane?~Cloud(not the one from Final Fantasy, my friend who insists we call her cloud)

There is nothing wrong with this swamp! I'm telling you, we were hungry. I mean, I'm eating a giant bug! -holds up giant fly, eats it-.

~ Sokka

NO! These are Zania's backup dancers, they come on in the third act with the komodo dragon and the snow machine!~Nicole

The Chinese are from China.~Cluseau

I arrest you for the murder of Eve Gluon, Yuri the Trainer who Trains!~Cluseau

Fly, you fools.~Gandalf

Lambas bread. And look! More Lambas bread.~Sam

All foes quiver at the sight of Fenris Ulf, captain of the Queen's secret police!~Me as Fenris Ulf a.k.a. Maugrim in a play

Five fearful, awful, horrible, atrocity ridden nights!~Me as Gimli in a play

Yes! FIVE NIGHTS!~Friend as Legolas in a play

Me: Yaaaay! Legolas x Gimli!

Dad: What?

Surely you would not part an old man with his walking stick?~Gandalf

Three hundred lifetimes of men I have walked this Earth and now I have no time!~Gandalf

Wher's the thump thump?~Jack Sparrow

I've got a jar of diiirt, I've got a jar of diiirt!~Jack Sparrow

Give it to us, raw and wrigling. You keep nasty chips.~Smeagol

All right, no body panic. It was dileberate, it was dileberate!~Gimli

They are immortal. Until you hit them in the back of the head with a hatchet.~Me

Shall I describe it for you? Or would like me to get you a box?~Legolas

Gimli: Two already!

Legolas: I'm at seventeen!

Sorry, Saruman, but you're getting assulted by giant talking and walking trees.~Me

American Jewish History is quite interesting! Look, I mean they had a riot on Rosh Hashana!~The Bagel Molester

A fool he may be, but an honest fool he remains.~Gandalf

Three days later Aragorn died of cancer of the big toe and left Arwen to raise their twenty kids as a widow. Several weeks later Legolas was found murdered inside her house, killed by Gimli because Legolas had used up her credit cards without asking.~My acting class.

Help me! I'm getting stalked by a giant marshmallow!~Me

He's so awesome! He can even predict the future! Oooooooooooh!~Me

Kitsu: Don't forget, the pudding is for me!

Me: -quietly- I want pudding too...

He's getting stalked by a giant eye inside a rock!~Me

Gandalf: Stand your ground no matter what comes through those gates!

Me: Unless of course, it's giant battle trolls...okay, maybe even if it is giant battle trolls.

I made a little origami man and then I called him Jesus. He lives in my underwear drawer and calls me Mama.~Me and Kiki

Mom (The Bagel Molester): When you have a cold, it makes your voice sound deeper and stronger.

Me: Ith ought it made me sound like I had a stick up my nose.

Mom: Well, that too.

I'm just doing my part to piss off the radical right!~Unemployed Democrats/Me

Me: Why are you eating my bagel?

Mom: Because. I have to keep up my reputation.

Bluuuuueberry pie!~Me/K-Chan

...Let me make it officially known that I am now scared to death.~Vlad

Me: That guy over there is trying to rape me!

Vlad: Which one?

Me: That one!

Vlad: The one in the creepy hat?

Me: YES!

Vlad: ...he's scary looking...

Why did you just stab me?~Ren


Saix: Hey, Xemmy, have you seen my-

Xemnas: SHUT UP!!

Saix: Okay.

Honestly occiffer, I'm not under the alchafluence of incahol as some thinkll peep, but the drinker I stand here, the longer I get. I've only had tii martoonies, and I've got al day sober until Sunday up in! So siss on my pister, your not so muckin futch! Now really, what makes you think your so smuckin fart?~ Axel from the Stupid Files

Me: Vlad...

Vlad: What?

Me: Your being stupid.

Vlad: How?

Me: Shut up.

Vlad: But what did I do?

Me: YAOI!!


The dragon is illegal and it came from Mexico!!~Me

Some random kid: Your that buthead that rides our bus!

Vlad: Uhh...

Me: -twitch, hugs Vlad- Leave him aloooone, he's nice.

Vlad: -uninteligible noise that sounded slightly like a Yak dying-

Kid: Okay...-runs off-

Vlad: Uh...thanks...

Me: Don' mention it.

Nice one. Where did ya get such a giant christmas ornament?~The Bagel Molester

Vlad: You know what...MONKEY!!

Me: -crash-

You know what Ema?(hebrew for mom) I just realized that the stove is hot!~Me

Azul is blue in Hebrew, right?~Me

Is Cephiro butterfly in Spanish?~Me

I saw a squirrel and it was like 'graaargh!!'~Gir

Gir, your waffles have sickened me! FETCH ME THE BUCKET!!~Zim

Zim: What do these have in them?

Gir: These got waffle in 'em!

Zim: You're lying!!

You know what? This is two years in a row I've been all alone on New Years Eve, so I'm just gonna go drink myself under the table now...~Me

Me: I have a letter opener.

Vlad: What idiot gave you a letter opener?

Hey, Jennie, come and look! I MADE A CHEESE LOAF AND NOW I'M GONNA FORCE FEED IT TO EVERYONE I KNOW!!~The Bagel Molester

If you don't like the weather in Texas, wait five minutes, it'll change.~Texan saying

You see, we speak different native tongues. You speak 'English' and I speak 'Stupid'.~Me

It's snowing! In Texas! In Janurary!!WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!~Me

Do not make fun of my mouse nose or I will hurt you.~Me

Me: I wanna pet moose!

Bagel Molester: If you go to Austrailia where the meese are you can have one.

Me: ...Austrailia? Meese don't come from Aultrailia.

Bagel Molester: Alaska, I mean. I meant Alaska.


Remember remember the fifth of Noevmber~V

It's always the square root of three, isn't it?~Kiki

Is anyone here a homophobe? -silence- We have knives!~Kiki

Those are shome biiiiiiiiiiiiig tunips.~Me

Silence, inferior fools!~Me

Xemnas: I'm invincible!

Sora: You're a loony.

Cogito ergo woodle-I think therefore I woodle.~Lloyd Alexander

Speak softly and carry a big stick.~Teddy Roosevelt

Damn! No! Come back, squiggle!~Me

Bagel Molester: Do you want a Bartlt pear?

Me: A barbeque pear?

Bagel Molester: A BARTLET pear.

Me: Oh...

I do NOT need the marracas in the kitchen!~Bagel Molester

Pick the head up off the floor, will you?~Bagel Molester

Woodstock-Chan: My kayak is bigger than your kayak!

Edaba-chan: My kayak is orange!

Woodstock-Chan: My kayak is NEON orange!

Geeg: My kaak doesn't exist.

Me: I have a MYSTIC CHAI kayak.

Woodstock-Chan: DAMN YOU!

Yuske has a peg leg.~Woodstock-chan

Woodstock-Chan: It tasted like love, the meaning of life, and gingerbread.

Lyndon: So, by assosciation, gingebread is the meaning of life?

Woodstock-Chan: Yes, Lydon.

Lyndon: ...I knew it!

cackle FINALLY!! I control the world! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!~Me

My nickname is Raistlin, my fish is Dalamer, and my friend is Kitiara...doesn't that mean that my friend is married to my fish who is my apprentice?

I am NOT stupid!~Me

Sud...o...wood...o?~Ed in the Conneticon Musical

I'm gonna! I'm gonna! Uh...-holds up rock, throws rock METEOR!!-~Sephy in the Conneticon Musical

Brian a.k.a. Rufus a.k.a. Xemmy a.k.a. Vincent: You made us break even.

Me: I did?

Brian: I love you.

Me: Do I get a hug?

Brian: hugs


Oh my god...I was so scared I have been eating a toadstool!~Renee Artois

It was smuggled in under the skirt of a nun and great personal inconvince~Helga

Me: -Random garbage-

Sharran: ...HOLY SHIT.

I saw Spykids thwee! There were lost of -random stuff~Kitsu

Kitsu: I wanna see an electric eel!

Bagel Molester: Not right now.

Kitsu: Why not?

Bagel Molester: Not in our kitchen.

Good moaning~Officer Crabtree

And about as useful in high stress medical situations as an un-potty trained labradoodle. Together, the two of you make one barely passable doctor...slash labradoodle.~Dr. Cox

We want Tales of Symphonia Sequel!

Tales of Symphonia is too good to be left alone. We want a sequel to quell the storm of questions in our heads. What happens to

Kratos? We NEED a second Tales of Symphonia game, and we need it NOW! Copy and paste this if you want a

Tales of Symphonia Sequel!

Stop the Pairing Wars!

By copying and pasting this in your profile, you vow to respect other pairings and the people whom like them.

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You shalt keep an open mind about stories even if you despise the pairing.

You shalt paste this in your profile.

Stop the Pairing Wars!

Ninety-eight percent of teenagers do or have tried smoking pot. If you're part of the two percent who hasn't, copy this, and paste it in your profile.

92 percent of the teen population would be dead if Abercrombie and Fitch said it wasn't cool to breathe anymore. Repost this if you are one of the 8 who would be laughing your rear off

Weird is good, strange is bad, and odd is when you don't know which to call someone. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, than weird is good. If you are weird and proud of it, copy this onto your profile!

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