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Well... Gotta keep this at least somewhat relevant, right?

Anyway, I've loved reading pretty much my whole life; read so much that it was starting to get too expensive; buying something like 2 new books a week. So I moved on to webcomics, like Homestuck. They got me interested in the idea of creating my own stories and webcomics, but then I realized I wasn't so good at drawing.

Writing, though? That came naturally. Once I discovered fan fiction, and it's... questionable standards (No offense, but... let's be honest folks.), my thoughts were something along the lines of "Shit; I could write better than some of this stuff!". After that, I thought "Shit, why don't I!?"

And then I did.

Thus, I finally decided to try my hand at writing my own story. The rest, as they say, is history, but I've grown a lot in the few years since I published my first chapter, and I truly appreciate each and every one of you guys for your support along the way.

I also publish everything new I write to the Space Battles forum, and that's pretty much where I tend to lurk; this profile is more of an archive of my older and newer work at this point. I also tend to be a bit more responsive to reviews over there, because the forum style means I can answer multiple people asking the same question at once. I still read all the messages and reviews I get over here though, so don't be afraid to send me a PM or leave a review, especially on my older works, but for Cazador in particular, if you want a timely response, SB is where to go.

(Also, I've gotten messages about it twice now, but that's twice more than I really ever expected, so if you're interested in translating any of my stuff into another language, you've got my support! Just, y'know, don't go claiming that it's your story. Also, give me a heads up if you do; I'm curious to know that kind of stuff, and it gives me the warm-and-fuzzies to know that I've inspired someone else to put the kind of effort it takes into translating something I've written.)

-Story Status

As you can see, I've got more than a couple of unfinished stories, so here's a quick rundown of each story's status, if you were curious:

- Cazador

Status: Indefinitely Hiatus'd

In all honesty, my interest in Worm was always pretty superficial; to this day, I've never actually read any significant amount of the source material. The 'realistic superheroes' setting was a neat premise that I liked, and the mechanics of powers are neat, but Worm itself wasn't really my cup of tea. The shine finally came off that rose a while back, so I've just been spinning my gears ever since, trying to muster up the inspiration or desire to really continue the story, but it's just not there.

- Pixy

Status: Inactive

This is the story I would call my "backup" if I had one. If I ever stopped working on Cazador for any reason, I'd most likely switch focus to this story. It's got some early growing pains, just like any story that's not obsessively planned out from conception, but I think that's more an inherent trait to being originally written as a one-off that I ended up putting even more work into, and it's still at a length where it could be realistically rewritten without too much trouble into something up to standard. I don't want to split my focus between multiple fics if I don't have to, so as it is, I'm not actively working on it, but I'd bet good money that it sees continuation someday.

- Symbiosis

Status: Receiving Some Shifty Looks From Doctor Frankenstein

I hesitate to call this particular story dead or abandoned, because I'd say it's absolutely within the realm of possibility that it sees continuation in the future. I still like the premise I began it with, and I personally support any RWBY fic that isn't shipping-focused or OC-focused on principle, if nothing else. Basically; don't expect updates soon, but don't assume that it's dead and gone.

(3/2022 Update: I've tossed around the idea of re-writing/re-booting this particular story, and while I won't make any definite statements, It's not out of the realm of possibility.)

- Synthetic Souls

Status: Dormant

Much like Symbiosis, this isn't a story I want to call entirely abandoned because the premise still has merit and I still have ideas for it that I'd like to see explored. What I have written for it was... rough, admittedly, and it'd need a pretty significant facelift before I did anything further, but again, that's not out of the realm of possibility.

- Roobleck

Status: Comatose

Ough... This story...

The idea started off good; I wanted to write a character analysis of sorts for the Xiao-Long family; how would they have developed without the presence of Summer Rose?

Tai never would have gotten someone to help him recover after Raven's disappearance and so he would have been in even worse place than he was in Canon when Summer's death happened. The man ends up basically dissociating from everything out of grief, and when he does eventually recover, it's much later than in canon. Too late, depending on who you ask.

Likewise, Yang never would have had a mother figure in Summer. Nor would she have ever had to step up and take responsibility as an older sister, because there is no Ruby Rose. As her father was basically absentee for most of her life, Yang grew up more or less entirely self reliant, with Qrow being more of a father figure to her, in her own opinion, than Tai ever was. She ends up choosing to take after her Branwen heritage more than her Xiao-Long heritage; changing her last name to Branwen, dyeing her hair to match Raven's, and taking on the role of Qrow's protege that Ruby held, pre-canon in a particularly rebellious phase.

Thus, you get a Taiyang Xiao-Long that subscribes to the "Danny Hebert School of Depressed, Ineffectual Fatherhood", for people who get that reference, and a Yang Xiao-Long who's more or less a feral child. Their relationship does eventually improve, once Taiyang gets his ass kicked into gear enough by Qrow, but it's still frosty at best.

I didn't want to get too crazy with the extra AU elements, so I just sort of shuffled Summer off with a side character (Oobleck, why not? He's speedy, just like Ruby!) in the opening to explain how things had changed from canon succinctly, while still having an explanation for why Ruby (even if she is Ruby-In-Name-Only) still existed, and then things would fast forward from there to Canon. Except I never wrote anything more about it. As a result, it looks a lot more ship-y than it was ever meant to be, even though Summer and Oobleck's relationship would have really only been a matter of plot convenience to get to the meat potatoes of the true story.

Ultimately, I doubt it'll ever be continued, and frankly I've got half a mind to just delete it, but again; the ideas just have too much potential for me to just forget about them entirely. It's just such an intriguing premise...

- Remnants of the Payday Crew

Status: He's dead, Jim.

I'll be frank with you guys, it's dead. I know what I said, but there's 'I'm not going to lose interest and stop writing', which I didn't (not at the time, at least,) and there's 'I realized that this story has massive holes in the plot and one wrong look could bring the whole thing crashing down'. Which I did. Honestly, fixing it would require essentially rewriting the entire thing, and that's just not happening for what was, at its core, my first ever story. It was a learning experience, but now that's all it is. Sorry.

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