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Hmm, how exactly do you go about writing a profile about yourself?

My name's Emily and I'm 17. I live in England, in a suburb of London, to be precise, but am actually half Scottish. I am just taking my AS levels and then I am travelling around Vietnam for a month in the summer, so excuse erratic posting (cough my abandoned WIP - Every Step She Takes - it will get finished eventually!) but I am right now updating my fic 'Treehouse' and I am also working on another CSI fic 'Black Tears'. I was hoping to get 'Treehouse' finished before I leave for Vietnam but with 6 days to go and more than 10 planned chapters that is looking increasingly unlikely so I'm afraid you'll have to wait, folks. Sorry.

Aside from watching a lot of television, one of my favourite hobbies is writing, which is what led me to fanfiction.net! I used to make a point of watching only British drama shows but I soon got frustrated by the short series so I tried CSI to fill the gap and ended up getting totally hooked. I then got started on House, Lost, Grey's Anatomy and even (blame my sister for this) The OC. So now I watch far too much television because I still haven't given up on Britain - I love Waking the Dead, Wire in the Blood, Silent Witness, Dalziel and Pascoe, New Tricks...but before you judge me, do bear in mind each British show has a series of more like 6 episodes than 20 something! My favourite show ever is Spooks, but only really the first 2 series because then the three lead characters left, which kind of killed the show for me. It did introduce me to Matthew MacFadyen, however, (you may remember him as Darcy in last years 'Pride and Prejudice' remake - I was so proud!) Right now my obsession is Doctor Who. I am madly in love with David Tennant and I cannot get enough of this show - me and my sister have mini-Doctor Who-athons on Saturday nights -who said we're sad?

Anyway, as you may have noticed, I mainly post CSI fics on here, although after trying to get the courage up to write Doctor Who fictionI eventuallydid post one story. I have in the past written for Wire in the Blood and Spooks but these are not currently online - they were on the BBC messageboards before they got shut down! I'm sure no one does, but if anyone wants to read them, just drop me an e-mail.

I am hopelessly hooked by the most obvious pairings in each show. In Wire in the Blood it was obviously Tony and Carol, in Spooks Tom and Zoe, and in CSI I am a GSR shipper.

The only problem I have when writing about CSI is that I feel slightly disadvantaged by having little to no experience of American life aside from one week in New York last year and 10 days in California this summer (which I absolutely loved!). Therefore in my fic I tend to dwell on the characters and their emotions rather than their surroundings! I also attempt to avoid any technical CSI detail - I'd rather have none at all than for it all to be technically inaccurate! I do feel much more at home writing about London, which I know pretty much street by street, but I don't think relocating CSI is an option!

My likes, other than TV/writing: London, travelling, playing the violin (particularly in concerts - the Albert Hall was amazing!), sunbathing in the school grounds with takeaway pizza (don't ask), history (it's what I'm going to study at uni), Ben Folds, Nerina Pallot, reading (particularly crime novels and Jane Austen), the tube during off-peak times, English weather (yes, really, well, most of the time - you never know what you're going to get!), eating (particularly pasta),my friends, family and dog...and so on...

My dislikes: exams, anticipating my driving test (I fully expect to fail), the tube during rush hour, clearing up after drunk friends (mentioning no names, Louise), the word 'lol' (what does that mean anyway?), trying to make decisions about my future, really long boring profiles...whoops, sorry folks.

Anyway, if anyone's reading, I hope you enjoy my stories, and please review, good or bad!

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