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Author has written 8 stories for Power Rangers, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

I'm updating this since well... It is a couple of years old. Some of it doesn't apply anymore. (2012)

About my avatar:
I was thinking of actually placing in a picture of myself...but this will have to do until I replace the camera I lost in the Grand Canyon. Funny story that one.

A long time ago a girl requested that I posted this info just for refs? Well she had some reason.


Name(s): I go by many names. But you can call me Aeros. If you want to find me in the writing world though... Im under the name V.
Eyes: They are my best feature (my opinion) because they are my favorite color: Blue. Dark enough to attract attention so I wear contacts most of the time. Think grayish brown.
Height: I'm 6 feet and wish I was a bit more than that, but doesn't everyone wish they were taller unless they were Paul Bunyan?
Weight: 190? Who cares about this? Apparently I do...
Hair: Dark brown and quite shaggy these days.
Markings: I don't know what markings are so I'm just guessing they are scars that are easily seen and define me...I have this scar over my eyebrow, that is the only one that can always be seen. Let me tell you something from personal experience: Chicks don't dig scars. They cringe at them and make faces.

Likes: Good food, rainy days, good music and games that have an good storyline. I'm a sucker for good story lines. I now love alcohol. A dangerous substance but excellent in moderation.

Dislikes: Bad food, overly sunny days, sore losers, especially exams. I just abhor them so. 20 page papers however are purely the bane of my existence.

How old are you: I'm in my twenties.

Favorite Color: Basically all shades of Grey. I like white too but I can't wear it. I believe I'm too messy to wear white.

Hobbies: I fly planes in my spare time. I love the thrill of soaring high above the world. I want to own a plane one day but I will never be a millionaire so who am I kidding?

Music tastes: I like Sufjan Stevens, Faded Paper Figures, Snow Patrol and Death cabs. My days of screaming out death metal lyrics are long since gone... I miss metal but I can't listen to it anymore. I also like Carla Bruni, Radwimps, Aqua Times, and Shugo Takumaru if you are asking about foreign artists.

Shows: My tv died over 7 years ago... That should sum up this part. I rarely watch any new animes since they are alien to me. Naruto I still try to watch. Bleach is...completely alien to me now. If you have good animes to share, feel free to message me.

Choice of Transportation: Walking. I hate how I look when biking so I don't bike. I have a motorcycle but... I got into a bad accident once with a semi so I seldom use it.

Personal quote: Shut up, sit down or else I'll shove my foot so far up your @ss that the sweat from my knee will quench your thirst.

Favorite Quote: "I’m sorry, I don’t speak incompetent bastard. You’ll have to explain your fascinating, bizarre language to me. I’m not familiar with your culture. Tell me of your rich heritage of incompetence and dastardliness, sing to me your native F-ing idiot songs. PAINT ME A TAPESTRY SO THAT I MIGHT EXPERIENCE THE BEAUTIFUL ART OF THE INCOMPETENT BASTARD PEOPLE.” - Robert to an innocent XBox 360 rep after his experienced the red ring of death.

Affiliations: I am in the women's association club (yes, I am a male in a women's club. So what?), I am in the LGBT club, I am a part of the science squad, and journalism daily. Anyways, I am mostly a full-time university student in Seattle.

Hopefully I can work in Boeing one day.

Everything I post is 'hot-off the press' this meaning I just throw down what I have without even using a spell check so things will be written wrong. English is not my second language, it is my third. Funny how that is.

Rightfully Mine: Complete...for now.

Of The Lost And Unobtainable:
This is a stand alone, just so you know. I have finished written it but lost heart in putting it here. I have a stack of journals that complete this story but...every time I start it I end up walking away. I'll put it down one day.

Endure One More Hindrance
Is now the sequel of 'Rightfully Mine'. I'm going to try to make it a romance and I know I haven't been much of a romantic. It's hard to try your hand at love when you aren't in love and doing quite the opposite. It's a Kaiba/Tea thing. I know they don't really work but let's see what happens? I don't really even have a pairing preference so I'm just being weird. (Complete).

All of my entries became old so I've decided to delete them... (2010)

Thursday April 8

Worst idea of my life. I should never have opted to go to Sin city at least not with an idiot like Vamp, a daredevil like Captain, heck even Wolf got hectic and crazy when we got there. I should have ran but they would have tied me up and dragged me along anyways since I'm their "designated driver".

Going to Vegas was worse than those times I jumped off cliffs with just a glider, worse than that time I thought walking the streets of LA at night wasn't too bad, so yes overall worse decision of my life.

It was just barely two weeks and in the end I only remember one week. I have no clue how much liquor we all drank and I despise drinking. I now have a tattoo on my back that isn't leaving anytime soon, lost my cell phone, my keys and that's just me not counting the others. Four drunken guys can only take so many actually clear pictures that I'm really hoping I either remember what happened or forget everything entirely.

In the end after those awful two weeks we got back in the party van that smelled oddly of cigs (none of us smoke) and was filled with empty beer cups, guitar shaped beer cups, shoe shaped beer cups, and other miscellaneous items that held beer at one point or another and I must've drove 1800 miles all over the place. Lost the camera in the Grand Canyon, lost Wolf's belt at Monument Valley somewhere from being chased by wild dogs, Vamp lost Wolf's pants in Phoenix, and in the end we ended up with $200 that we didn't have before.

In the end, I think overall the road trip wasn't the worse by far but it's far from being the best (Vegas not included).

Friday, April 23

I've been isolated at home for the longest time. Note to Self: Punch Damien next time you see him. He deserves it.

I've been forced to lay on the couch all day because of my stupid ribs and lame leg. I have observed that some things happen in this house for a reason. The turtles do not escape because of Vamp or anyone leaving them out. At noon everyday Tristan shoves the heating rock aside and climbs on it to get out and Isolde follows him. It's not Wolf that leaves the parrot cage unlocked but Amir gets out himself. He is more clever than expected. I've noticed that even though he cannot say words himself he can mimic sounds he hears. His favorite phrase is: What are you thinking about? Another great plan like Soloman's temple?
He mimics Malik's voice perfectly. Everything else he mimics are door slams, car alarms, and other obnoxious sounds. He does not mimic any other voices, just Malik's phrases from ACI.
I've noticed that most of the missing food and how clean the carpet is is not because of Vamp eating all of it or because Wolf agreed to vacuum but because that overgrown five foot lizard eats everything he finds including carpet lint. I've been blaming this mess on the wrong people.

I'll apologize when they come back. It's nearly midnight.

Wednesday, April 28 2010

I have been questioning my boss as of late. The last man was a complete innocent he did not deserve what happened to him. I know I am not supposed to question Seipher's ways however I cannot help but question. If I ask him directly I might as well be asking for a fight so perhaps I'll hold my tongue and do my job. Great, I made myself feel like another drone, another brick in the great wall that is the company I work for.

Note: It has been rainy yet at the same time sunny. It was hailing earlier and it was cheerfully bright out even the weather has a severe case of bi-polar disorder. Every time it hailed I have to duck underneath building overhangs and every time the sun glares I have to turn my back to it since the water reflects the glare ten-fold. Assignments have been hard to complete today.

Wolf came by with a case of Red Bull. I wonder what they are, I've heard they 'give you wings' but that's absurd they can no longer put drugs in drinks. I downed the first six cans out of thirst, is that really so absurd? I finished the two that he left. To be honest the drinks taste awful but it was free who am I to snub them? He said that they were like Monster but that can't be right. Monster gives you energy Red Bull just tastes like...it tastes bad I can't find a word for the taste. If it is an energy hopefully it'll have enough pep so that I can finish my work. I have to get something to a Mister Nagy or is it Najy? I don't understand why I have to act like a mail courier during the time of E-Mails. Maybe I will ask Seipher next time we meet.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just re-read my journal entries from two years back. Time and experience has surely changed me. Seems as if my life is no longer that fast paced reckless lifestyle. Makes me feel undoubtedly bland. Best thing that's happened all week was that my partner and I decided not to marry and that we were both set on cohabitation. Worse thing that's happened all month was getting laid off. I no longer break my bones over disputes, but I no longer have adventures... What the hell happened? ...maybe I should plan that trip to Bangkok like everyone wanted. Have one last venture before life straps us all down.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Catnip by Rukazaya reviews
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